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Uric acid kidney stones occur when people eat foods that increase the uric acid levels of their urine.
21 Mar 2009
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*******www.passkidneystones**** Struvite kidney stones occur when bacteria from chronic kidney or urinary tract infections (UTI) secrete enzymes (called urease) that elevate urinary ammonia levels and produce crystals that combine to form struvite stones.
23 Mar 2009
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*******www.passkidneystones**** Kidney stones cause some of the most excrutiating pain and agony a person will ever feel, but these hard masses can also cause more severe complications.
9 Jan 2010
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*******www.passkidneystones**** Cystine kidney stones occur most often in children and young adults with a rare, hereditary disorder known as cystinuria.
27 Jan 2008
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*******www.passkidneystones**** Kidney stones are stone-like masses that form when minerals and other substances in the urine accumulate to form crystals on the inner surfaces of the kidneys, and sometimes on portions of the urinary tract.
31 Jan 2008
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Treat Kidney Without Any Side-Effects, Find Experts Online. Avoid Dialysis Reduce Urea and Creatinine Levels
*******www.passkidneystones**** Where to find over one-hundred of the best pictures of kidney stones in various formations such as calcium oxalate, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, uric acid, struvite, cystine, ammonium acid urate, and tricalcium phosphate.
29 Jan 2008
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*******www.passkidneystones**** Discover the most common symptoms of kidney stones.
23 Aug 2009
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*******www.passkidneystones**** Kidney Stones Treatment - Discover the natural, medical, and surgical treatments for kidney stones.
3 Jun 2009
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*******www.passkidneystones**** About 85% of kidney stones (five millimeters or less in size) pass naturally through the urinary tract in two to three days. Although, some stone can take weeks, months, and even a year or more to pass from the body.
5 Sep 2008
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*******www.passkidneystones**** In open surgery for kidney stones, an incision is made through the patient's side (between the last rib and the hip) and the kidney to directly remove the stone.
5 Feb 2008
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1 Oct 2008
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Kidney stone surgery in India can cure you of all kidney stones that have created trouble in your urinary system. Now medically advanced urosurgery hospitals of Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are providing medically safe and less cost kidney stone surgery in India with a successful outcome. Kidney stones are one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. Kidney stones are hard masses that develop from crystals that separate from the urine and build up on the inner surfaces of the kidney. During kidney stone surgery an (IV) line will be started so that patient can receive fluids and medication. Depending on the procedure of kidney stone surgery regional or general anesthesia will be used. Previously the only way to access the kidney was through a long (five-inch) abdominal incision but now rigid and flexible instruments called endoscopes can be passed through tubes placed in the kidney through a very tiny “keyhole” incision. The method and procedure of kidney stone surgery depends on where the stone is lodged. The cost of medical treatment in India is affordable and quality is of international level. Uninsured kidney stone patients can be assisted by medical tourism in India for planning a successful medical travel and kidney stone surgery in India. Know more about kidney stone surgery at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
10 Sep 2008
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