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Cheap, Affordable Exotic Cars Is there really such a thing? Most people think it must be some kind of joke when the words Affordable and Exotic Car are used in the same sentence. So is it possible to find a Ferrari Enzo, or Bugatti Veyron in an Affordable price range? Sorry, but thats a definite NO, but the truth is, there are many exotic cars out there that can be found for as little as $10,000 up to about $30, 000 and maybe a little more. But the maintenance is too expensive and parts are too much money when they break. Unfortunately, most people assume the worst when they think of Exotic Cars. Well, the statement above IS NOT TRUE. First off, remember, Exotic Cars are race inspired cars. They are built from the same platform, engines and components as actual race cars. These are not Oldsmobiles or KIAs. These cars are built like race cars because thats what they were built for. Exotic Cars do not spend time in the service shop, like typical cars on the road. Another reason Exotic Cars are not as expensive with repairs and maintenance, like some people assume, is because you dont drive it as much. The less you drive a car, obviously, less things will go wrong. More of this is covered throughout the website and in the free ebook Buying an Exotic Car on a Budget. www.cashcarryout****
11 Dec 2008
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