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8 Apr 2008
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The Tangible Kingdom: Creating Incarnational Community. *******www.tangiblekingdom**** The Tangible Kingdom helps open a window into that uneasiness many feel when what we’ve read in scripture verses does not line up with our experiences with religion or church. Jesus’ news about his kingdom was a wild, life-reorienting message. It changed people, cities, and the social fabric. It was nothing like the heart-shriveling religion common in our present-day church experience. Watch as a normal God-searching man finds hope, as he sees a glimpse of the kingdom in a community of friends, around a table, and everywhere he goes. Go to *******www.thetangiblekingdom**** to order the book and find friends.
9 Apr 2008
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Softball Kingdom's Jennifer Bowling interviews Rick Robertson, the head umpire for the Conference USSSA.
10 Apr 2008
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You can see this trailer in the final mix version(It has only comout in Japan) The first part of the triler it's on the kingdom hearts 2
29 Apr 2008
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The Forrbiden Kingdom (Trailer) (Jackie Chan and Jet Lee)
17 Apr 2008
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Video of a talking parrot at Disney's Animal Kingdom
3 Nov 2008
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Tiger at Animal Kingdom Disney
14 Aug 2008
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Spill**** lets you know whether The Forbidden Kingdom is worth your money - Spill reviews the movie The Forbidden Kingdom. Also see the trailer of the movie The Forbidden Kingdom and listen to the The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Review from Spill - Spill reviews the movie The Forbidden Kingdom. Also see the trailer of the movie The Forbidden Kingdom, make sure to watch Spill s funny review. Look for clips of the movie The Forbidden Kingdom from Spill. If It s Crap... We ll Tell You! Talk movies and watch more reviews at Spill****
22 Jan 2009
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Your Box Office Report Brought To You By Getthedaily**** - Your Online Source for News. It’s our weekly box office results update, coming up next. Hey movie watchers! I’m Dana Ward with Get-the-Daily-dot-com. Straight from the theatres near you, we’ve the weekend’s box office results. Barely hanging on at number 5 is Nim’s Island. The adventures of a kid, her pops and an interesting writer stranded on a mysterious island are documented like a children’s storybook in this one. The film barely survived its third week out with 5-point-6-million. Number 4 goes to a newbie criminal drama called 88 Minutes. It’s pretty straight-forward with an FBI forensics psychologist receiving a legit death threat and exactly 88 minutes to discover the identity of the psycho-killer before it’s too late. Perhaps it’s one of many ladies he’s womanized, a problematic student or a serial killer he put on death row. The thriller checked in at 6-point-8-million. And dropping from the hot spot last weekend, it’s Prom Night bringing in just under 10-mllion at number 3. The pretty prom princess is forced to deal with some serious high-school drama… it’s a little more than normal, when a crazed-killer from her past escapes his psycho-ward to crash the prom party. This weekend’s revenue was slashed back to 9-point-1-million. The next funny flick debuted at numero-2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a laugh-out-loud-comedy from some of the peeps bringing us Blades of Glory and Knocked Up. It follows a heartbroken dude who just got dumped by his hot TV-star girlfriend. He takes a vacation to get away, only to realize he’s booked a trip to the same exact resort as his ex and her new man. It grossed out at over 17-million-dollars. And karate-chopping its way to number one, it’s The Forbidden Kingdom. In this action-fantasy, an American teen makes an amazing discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop that sends him back in time. Featuring hot-shot martial artists such as Jet Li and Jackie Chan, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the amazing choreographed fight scenes in a freedom quest through historical China. This one championed the weekend with almost 21-million-dollars. Thanks for watching the weekend box office update at Get-the-Daily. I’m Dana Ward. Be sure to check back next week for the latest movie theatre results.
15 Sep 2008
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Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer my mix is our mix of this awsome trailer hope you more to come show some love
9 Oct 2008
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Brian And Chelsea Check Out The Trailer To "The Forbidden Kingdom" Starring Jackie Chan And Jet Li. For The Latest In Movie Trailer And Movie Reviews - Check Out www.trailerhits****
1 May 2008
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Brian And Chelsea Check Out The Trailer To "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" Starring Harrison Ford & Shia LaBeouf. For More Trailers And The Latest Movie News And Reviews Check Out Trailerhits****
9 Mar 2009
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