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*******combatfitness**** Fighters who see the value of the Muay Thai clinch and application of knee strikes are encouraged to take a look at a knee technique that seems to be over-looked if not under-worked in many fights I have seen
20 Jul 2010
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For More On Perfect Punch visit : ******* MMA Training is not just for professional fighters anymore. MMA training routines are becoming popular for fitness enthusiasts as well. Watch this clip from Jay Glazer's Total Body Workout DVD, which comes with the Perfect Punch System, and learn to knee strike
3 Feb 2011
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Front leg switching and knee strikes
10 Jan 2019
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Military and mercenary hand-to-hand combat training with knee strikes Filmed in 2019
8 Apr 2019
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Multiple knee strikes I'm Jef Koelewijn, 28 years old and around 120 kilograms
19 Apr 2019
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Left and right diagonal knee strikes training
18 Jul 2019
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*******www.CloseQuartersCombat**** - Muay Thai knee strike for self defense in close quarters combat can be a big mistake! Mixed martial arts uses Muay Thai knee strikes a lot, but in a real street fight, this technique works better...
25 Sep 2009
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this is our team in Pasacao, Camarines Sur 4417 PHILIPPINES
9 Dec 2009
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Self-Defense Workout: Knees - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Lets take a look at a very effective strike for self-defense, or for sport fighting, and that is the knee. A knee is extremely effective, especially from a short range, obviously, for self-defense. A knee to the groin will stop your assailant in his tracks immediately. So, if Nicole will face me. She is in her fighting stance. Her hands are up, her left foot is in front. In this case, she is going to come and strike me with her right knee. So as she comes up with her right knee she is going to strike. Go, and boom. So, the knee does not just come up, but it comes out and up towards the target, thrusting toward the target. It is very important that you stay off your heel so you are really thrusting into your target with that knee. And again she comes up, and strike. The knee can hit anywhere. It can hit me in the abs, it can hit the groin, it can hit a little bit higher. You can do jump knees, you can do skip knees, several different sorts of knees. You can do a knee from the clinch, which means Nicole is going to reach out with one hand, grab the back of my neck here. She puts her other hand over that hand, keeping her elbows nice and tight, pulling me in, and from there throwing knees. One, two. Good. So you can use both knees alternating. You never want to come up too many times with the same knee because your assailant can actually catch your knee and maybe throw you to the ground. Knees can be very effective. You can even add something like a medicine ball, holding the medicine ball, coming up to throw the knees from there. Or do them advancing. So, Nicole, if you will take half a step back here. And moving forward with a couple of knees there, right and the left. So, the right knee comes up, and down, and left knee. Good. So, if you do that… Let me step back, do that moving down the mat, obviously a great workout for your lower body, your hips as well. Knees, very effective for self-defense and great for fitness.
12 Jul 2011
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Training front kicks and knees in the Dutch outdoors
9 Apr 2019
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Left diagonal knees and right diagonal knees part 2
24 Jul 2019
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Basic methods of defending yourself against knee strikes. See more at www.oldstylemuaythai.blogspot****
10 Jul 2009
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