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Welcome to KnifeSeeker. In KnifeSeeker, you will get all types of knife review such as best survival knife, best kitchen knives, best hunting knives, etc. which will help you to make a right buying decision. Website: Tactical Knife The Tactical Knife site was created for people to get honest reviews on all different types of tactical knives. We offer reviews on all the best tactical knife brands such as.
Donna a knife crazy the man you have non true truth a little joke....
18 Feb 2007
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David Kallaway stops by to visit with RealTVfilms**** and his current projects are - "Knife to a Gunfight", "Chain Link"
2 Mar 2008
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Greg Gillespie and his new 2008 video presentation of the World's Fastest Belt Buckle Knife! Greg has his new website at *******www.bucklehead**** Check It Out! 530-335-2450
17 Oct 2008
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Chip Carving 108 - How to sharpen your knife and clean your sharpening stone. Having a sharp knife is crucial to successful chip carving. Learn how to get a razor sharp edge in this lesson. www.MyChipCarving****
19 May 2009
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Sniper & Knife playing by [HEAT]Chris-gd
1 May 2008
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A Knife for All Seasons! The knife in the kitchen is the most used utensil, that's why we've created the Blue Key World Chef’s Knife. Enjoy effortless food preparation with this finely balanced, versatile, super sharp knife with ergonomic handle designed for everyday use. Perfect for slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, julienne cuts, butchering cuts of meat and much more! Featuring an ergonomic handle and razor sharp cutting blade for lasting use. Anti-corrosion and tapered grinding make it superior wear resistant and sharper than ever! - 197 CHEFS, HOUSEWIVES AND OCCASIONAL COOKS CAN'T BE WRONG. We've conducted a blind survey and 94% of close to 200 users rated our knife's quality and value for money with 5 out of 5 when compared with other known brands! - EDGE RETAINS RAZOR SHARPNESS. Our cutting edge is designed to retain lasting razor sharpness so that you don't have to spend all your time sharpening and food prep is effortless. - EASY AND FAST CLEAN. Dishwasher safe, for best results hand wash with
This is me going to town using a butterfly knife. Pretty fast: Please comment.
22 May 2008
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Super Fast Speeds using a Butterfly knife. Check it out // Leave a comment // Thanks.
9 Nov 2008
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juggling juggler tokyo street performer performance shinjuku knifes apple skill show entertainer crowd japan ........ please rate and comment my videos!!!
3 Jul 2008
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Guy of Gisborne - Mack the Knife This was previously mislabeled. Download: ********tork-it.dyndns****/public/xena_videos/ Accept certificate File name: macktheknife.wmv
31 Aug 2009
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28 knife swiss made the best from greece
9 Feb 2009
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Slow motion video of knife throwing. Testing new camera Casio EXF1 at 300 fps.
1 Oct 2008
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Throwing a Cold Steel T-Lite pocket knife. This is an awesome knife, very strong, and great to practice with, since it can take alot of abuse.
2 Oct 2008
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