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The big “aha” moment I’d been hoping for came almost immediately – even while the whole Internet was still buzzing about Mobile Monopoly and the mobile website craze making newbie affiliates thousands… … and it hit me like a 12-pound sledgehammer to the gut... ... because what I saw was so powerful (and so SIMPLE) it instantly sent me scrambling to build an entirely NEW business to capture just a tiny slice of it… … (an income stream that’s already paid me $252,821 this year, and an easy $1,392,302 into my students’ bank accounts, just by flat-out copying me). Because while every “guru” was busy trying to re-brand themselves as a “mobile expert”… and knockoff products were popping up left and right… The … they overlooked the BIGGEST mobile market (bigger than Clickbank and every CPA network combined). Until now only Fortune 500’s with bottomless budgets had cracked the code on the ONE crucial piece of the puzzle that turns mobile marketing into an almost effortless customer-getting powerhouse for any “brick and mortar” Main Street biz. (and it’s so drop-dead basic it makes mobile websites and email marketing look like rocket science in comparison). But, there was one more obstacle to overcome... Internet markets had to be able to collect big paychecks WITHOUT going door-to-door and talking face-to-face with business owners. 8 months and $120,000 In programming later I turned that one white-hot “aha” moment into a system so unique… And AUTOMATIC… Try it here: *******tinyurl****/3ubt3ug
5 May 2011
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