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15 May 2009
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Episode Summary: In the aftermath of Clark’s disappearance, Green Arrow gathers a team of heroes to find their missing comrade. Meanwhile, a secret group kidnaps Chloe upon learning she has superpowers, and a new CEO takes over LuthorCorp in Lex Luthor’s absence.
15 May 2009
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My new better edited version!
30 Jul 2009
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12 Aug 2011
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All you need to become a superhero is extensive plastic surgery. At least that's the theory for Herbert Chavez who has turned himself into a real-life superman.
7 Nov 2011
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This is it! The ultimate answer to the ultimate question! Two alien saviors battle to the death! One will win. One will die.
1 Feb 2013
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Spa Francorchamps, Minibike, Pocketbike, Kryptonite
10 Apr 2007
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n this episode 6 (Lara) in the process of trying to get the crystal back, Kara is captured and sedated with a kryptonite serum; Clark follows and tries to release her
11 Jan 2008
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Action Figures: Benwolf saves Superman when he has a piece of Kryptonite stuck in his rib.
28 Dec 2008
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This is the 4th part of the KWSDs story line. If you haven’t been in on the earlier issues, don’t worry about it. I wasn’t either and it wasn’t hard at all to jump in. Basically Superman and Batman have been scouring the earth searching for the last bits of Kryptonite to destroy and make the earth safe for our favorite Boy Scout. I know that sounds kind of funny doesn’t it, safe for superman. They find a huge deposit of it in an asteroid and discover that someone has been mining it. The trail leads back to a secret government base and a trained team of K powered fighters. Guess who’s behind it, that’s right our favorite meta hater, Amanda Waller. Needless to say our boy in blue is a little pissed to discover that the government he has fought so hard to protect has been stockpiling an arsenal of K weapons to take him down there is a fight and a great cliff hanger stands at the end of the book. We all remember Doomsday, the big ugly dude who killed superman, well the government has a Kryptonite infused clone who steps out ready to do battle while batman watches in shackles with Waller. Next issue looks like it’s going to be a great throw down. If you are an action junkie go a head and wait till next month but this is a good issue just to get you psyched up.
30 Apr 2008
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All about Supergirl, the Movie! Piper goes old school and takes flight with the 1984 Helen Slater movie about Kal-El's cute cousin, Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl). Kryptonian-safe (no kryptonite was used in the making of this Pick).
27 Jun 2009
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Kryptonite - 3 doors down
9 Jan 2009
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The 2009 NBA All-Star weekend was full of entertainment. Shaq dancing with Jabbawockeez, Kobe and Shaq back together, Nate Robinson sporting the kryptonite joints while slamming over Superman Dwight Howard
3 Dec 2011
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"Hypercaine" by DJ Fresh ft. Stamina MC & Koko. (Official video HD) straight from the album "Kryptonite", out in February 2010. (Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV). Directed by B.J. Madoff. Production by Madoff Productions, NYC. Choreography by Jermaine Brown. More information *******www.breakbeatkaos****. *******www.myspace****/freshbadcompany. *******www.twitter****/djfreshdnb
19 Jul 2012
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BY STEVEN SPARKMAN ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource science video news analysis from Newsy. This story might make your skin crawl. Fire ants are known to group up and float when their nests get flooded. Now engineers are studying exactly how these ant-rafts are made. PopSci reports. “Nobody has really bothered to study fire ants before, having been generally more interested in cursing at them and running quickly away from them... Turns out fire ants, when in groups, grasp onto each other using their mandibles, forming an intricate and precise pattern something like a Gore-Tex fabric.” The ants’ clumping behavior lets them ooze like a thick liquid and also explains their watertight behavior. The researchers started with a giant ball of ants, and dumped them in water. Within two minutes the ball flattened out into a raft. The researchers found the ants’ rough skin and tiny hairs were able to hold air pockets, making the raft impenetrable to water -- even when shoved down by a researcher’s tweezers. (Video source: Wired / Seattle PI) At first glance, you might think the ants are sacrificing those on the bottom for the sake of those on the top, and that they could only float so long before they all drowned. Not so. These rafts can float for weeks, and Nature News says the arrangement works for everybody. “Although the raft is porous and its base is below the water level, none of the ants are submerged, or even get wet. Instead, the ants at the base of the raft push against the water's surface and shape it around them into a bowl without breaking the surface tension.” Even though the rafts are resilient, they aren’t entirely unsinkable. Just in case you ever need to defend yourself from a fire ant flotilla, Live Science quotes one researcher who lets us in on the rafts’ weakness. “The ant rafts have their own kryptonite, however: soap. It and other... substances that break up surface tension of the water -- wreak havoc with the rafts. ‘If you introduce just a small amount of soap to the surface of the water to lower surface tension then the raft will begin to immediately sink.’” The researchers say studying the way ants swarm can help engineers develop swarming robots. A bunch of simple robots working together could do complex tasks beyond the reach of a single, smart robot. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Transcript by Newsy.
30 Apr 2011
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*******www.worldofmma**** World of MMA lead reporter Tyler Lawrence crossed paths with current UFC #1 Lightweight contender Diego Sanchez at the 2009 Grapplers Quest in Long Beach, California. Sanchez can be quoted saying, Im BJs Kryptonite
1 Jan 2012
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