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0:00:00 - Scott Peterson's birthday just happened. (10-26-04) 0:00:30 - The verdict and fetus rights. (11-15-04) 0:05:22 - Laci's mom yells at Scott in court saying divorce was an option but Anthony goes into details on why divorce is not a good option because of the legal system. (12-1-04) 0:28:41 - Anthony impersonates what a convo between Scott and his mom must sound like. (12-7-04) 0:29:48 - The guys are making fun of Tony Danza giving a shout out to prisoners who watch his TV show. Anthony does an impression of a special inmate. They also read comments from the pests on the Tony Danza Show message board that reference Lil Conner Peterson. (12-8-04) 0:34:41 - The guys go through the worst Christmas songs. Anthony and Jimmy chime in with their own lyrics. They also talk about outrageous baby tees and several callers come up with suggestions. (12-9-04) 0:43:19 - The guys listen to a terrible Laci Peterson song called "Remembering Laci". (12-10-04) 0:52:46 - The first Conner Peterson reference of the day is made and the guys sing some Peterson Christmas songs. (12-13-04) 0:59:14 - The crew kicks off the show with some Peterson references. They discuss some fan made photo-shops, the Scott Peterson trial, jurors and listen to another song about Laci called "SpongeBob Peterson". (12-14-04) 1:32:21 - The guys listen to some new songs that fans sent in that are supposed to be about the Peterson victims. (12-16-04) 1:51:21 - Anthony reads a review of a book that references Conner Peterson. After that a woman, who is bothered by the jokes, calls in. (12-23-04)
20 Mar 2019
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