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Lakota Cove Lakota Cove offer top quality rustic furniture pieces that are fit for our own homes. From log furniture to antler accessories, we have it all and it is all unique. We also offer a wide selection of leather and cowhide items to complete any room. Call us at 770-893-3495!
Sponsor: FreeStateProject****/LibertyForum - Semi-exclusive report (appears I was beaten to the punch only by NHFree**** and the Sioux press release itself). The Lakota Sioux just hours ago announced the launch of a non-fiat bank and appear to be accepting loan apps as we speak... to commission an ad like the one in this video, the cost as of 10/08 is three cents per video view. But views... beyond the 1st week are free, and your link in the video descrip is free. Give me... a shout through this site, or e-mail me: RidleyReport at... live period com Keyword source: dave ridley report ron paul ridleyreport revolution ridleyreport politics free state project new hampshire libertarian party freedom secession independence united states u.s. constitution constitutionalist market anarchist anarchism anarchy talk live ed brown elaine brown marketeer liberty republican democrat mary ruwart bob barr michael badnarik staters don't tase me bro taser tazer gun rights guns alex jones facism communism secede civil disobedience law federal reserve department of homeland security feds fed sovereign tyranny tyrrany irs john lynch taxation taxes tax real id rebellion police abuse independent indie media new gonzo journalism campaign for liberty live free or die nh open carry joe the plumber sarah palin bailout barack obama john mccain John Stossel ronald reagan ben bernake fannie mae freddie mac depression recession economy wall street stock market ayn rand clint eastwood penn and teller taze hunter s. thompson freestater freestaters government paulville gold and silver penn platinum precious metals federal reserve fiat money lakota sioux indian tribes reservation bureau of indian affairs jillette gillette bullshit kane glenn jacobs glen liberty dollar bernard von nothaus .... Please thank our sponsor by visiting ... FREESTATEPROJECT.ORG/LIBERTYFORUM
21 Jun 2009
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2008 Highlights
8 Jul 2009
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2008 Highlight Films
8 Jul 2009
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Lakota the coy dog, half husky, half Coyote. Playing in the snow.
19 Jan 2018
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30 Nov 2009
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I dedicate this to my son, Aidan "Little-bo" Hunter O'Donnell. This recording is from a young boy on the Big Island of Hawaii. The footage is from Southcentral, Alaska. Here is what Girdwood Television Channel 6 director had to say about it... "Here is a child's vast wisdom capturing with eloquence beyond age the essence of our very existence." - Chris Flynn Credits: The Music to this piece was done by Ray Lynch. The Words are from The Book called, "What to Remember to be Happy," by Da Free John. The boy narrating is named Jonah whose audio was recorded more then 20 years ago. The words were written first by The Ruchira Buddha. Footage and editing by David Lakota from the ARTwork Company as part of Spritual Warrior Training with the Alaska Airborne Rangers.
10 Jun 2007
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Siting on thin ice, deep, cold water, glacier stream flowing swiftly... Apache Shaman David Lakota sitting on a remote river in Alaska playing the flute and chanting to the Earth Mother, Nature, Spirit, Self and All. He knows he's in danger. One slip and he plunges into the deep, cold, glacier water. It's easy to die in a situation like this. He can be swept downstream under the ice and be drowned or die of hypothermia. The water is cold enough to kill someone in less than fifteen minutes. Trusting he is, though, and not prone to take risks beyond those inherent with travel and exploration into known and unknown regions of Alaska's wilderness.
11 Jun 2007
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Some c-roll footage from the upcoming Lakota/Pine Ridge documentary.
29 May 2009
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Trailer of the feature film starring Lance White Magpie ("Dances with wolves" : Award of Excellence winner at the Accolade Awards 2010 (C.A. Official Selections : the Trailer Festival L.A , Rutger Hauer's I've seen films festival, Firstglance Philadelphia, Hollyshorts Monthly screenings (L.A), The Beverly Hills Film Festival (SCP), Nicholls Fellowships (SCP), Marbella Filmfest (Spain).Mila, a young twelve year-old girl with French and Native American ancestry (her father is from the Lakota Sioux tribe), returns to live with her parents in South Dakota. She meets her grandfather, Sam Blackrain who is a holy clown and a “thunder dreamer”, but also a fugitive from Leavenworth, the toughest prison in the US.
24 May 2010
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B-roll of the Ark. Army National Guard deploying a LUH-72 Lakota helicopter just after midnight on May 2, 2011, in an effort to assist in the search and rescue of six boy scouts and two adults stranded in the vicinity of Albert Pike as a result of recent flooding in the are. The Guardsmen successfully located the campers and flew them to safety at approximately 7am, May 3rd. Includes interviews with helicopter pilot Chief Warrant Officer David Specht and Chief Warrant Officer Todd Adams both of the Arkansas Army National Guard Video by Capt. Chris Heathscott
4 May 2011
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Use the ABC's as a way to create anything imaginable. More importantly, use it as a tool to BE HERE NOW. Use this as a way to enjoy the Present. Use it for survival and emergency situations. This simple technique is a blend of many disciplines from Eastern and Western philosophies field tested in remote Alaska, proven effective and honed to excellence over the course of more than a decade. The ABC's have proven themselves time and again during wild wilderness adventure, survival experiences and spiritual warrior training. One major aspect of the profound ways that this works is employed by the FAA. They too have their ABC's of survival during an in-flight emergency. Pilots are required to know and to be able to perform the ABC's learned in flight school: Airspeed, Best place to land, and Checklist. "You have less than seven seconds from the time you realize there is an emergency in flight," my flight instructor warned me, "to go through the ABCs and ameliorate the danger. Otherwise you have to make an emergency or crash landing." So I practiced and I practiced. And one day I had to use them and they saved my brothers and my life after the engine quit and we fell out of the sky. The ABC's are presented to you here as an unconditional gift and as an invitation to explore, discover and share the beauty of Nature and wilderness of Alaska ~ Hawaii and paradise locations around the world. Mostly, the ABC's are a way for you and your Source to more fully communicate and cooperate for mutual benefit Visit dakinetv**** or send an email: makemoviesdakinetv****
25 Jun 2007
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These photos were shot above the Kalalau Valley and put to music. The sun was setting in the western sky and our shadows were cast with a rainbow halo on the clouds hundreds of feet below. When visiting places like this or any others, please leave them better than you found them.
11 Jun 2007
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