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These guys went out to rip some mad wheelies out in the street but ended up failing and crashing into someone's backyard.
13 Jul 2019
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Typical Tuesday night out with my friends to the Ale House and then we landed up and none other than the strip club lol! MUST SEE super funny!
4 Jul 2007
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a really nice prank that is played with several people that pose off for a pic and land up in a mess
26 Jul 2007
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a deadly football kick lands up on referee's head
10 Sep 2007
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From childbirth to marriage, nothing is really complete without her raunchy moves and silly but effusive wishes. (easily identifiable by anybody who has shelled out money to the groups of transvestites that land up on every auspicious occasion in India).
17 Nov 2007
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From childbirth to marriage, nothing is really complete without her raunchy moves and silly but effusive wishes. (easily identifiable by anybody who has shelled out money to the groups of transvestites that land up on every auspicious occasion in India).
4 Dec 2007
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It seems Salman Khan will never say ‘Good-Bye’ to controversies.Just when Salman is out from a controversy, he lands up in another. Recently, Salman was seen riding a cycle during the busy hours at Pedder road, Mumbai. Apparently, a photo-journalist spotted him and clicked his snaps immediately. Salman went furious over the journalist and took away his camera in anger. Catch the H-E-A-T-E-D incident only in this video, exclusively!
29 Apr 2009
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Katrina Kaif recently visited Dargah Sharif Ajmer, Rajasthan. It seems Katrina was there to seek the blessings of god for her upcoming film “New York” which is releasing this week on 26 June. This time the sultry actress was seen wearing Burkha covering her face too. She was there with the few team members of her flick. Some times before Katrina had landed up in trouble for her film, ‘Nameste London’ when she first visited the Dargah wearing a skirt at the holy place which created lots of hungama. So this time it seems the actress didn’t wanted to be in news for the wrong reasons. Thus she followed the holy norm so that the concern authority of the Ajmer Sharif.
27 May 2010
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What happens when celebrities living a high-end luxury life land up in a Jungle filled with wild danger & at every step lies a deadly task to SURVIVE...Sony Entertainment Television presents Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao...
14 Jul 2009
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Shahid running bare-bodied with horses; his ‘F’ accent; his stammering speech is already popular just with trailers of ‘Kaminey’. Shahid is of course on the cloud ninth since the young crowd connects to him so easily. Shahid is happy about it. He feels honored and believes so far Kaminey is the best thing to happen in his life. Shahid likes to look at things realistically and practically. He believes there are enough of roles being written where an actor can play his age. Also working with Vishal Bharadwaj has been amazing for him. Also Shahid feels that playing characters older than your real age can fall flat on screen at times and he does not want to land up doing anything stupid. In his recent interview with ZoOm Shahid Kapoor spoke about his role, experience and lot more about his upcoming movie ‘Kaminey’. Shahid’s totally different role in Kaminey is sure to give him a top billing among other actors. Kaminey will change Shahid’s entire image. It is going to put him being a hot contender amongst the others…take a look! Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Aug 2009
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16 Oct 2009
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Deepsikha Cancer Care Foundation is an organization which has been working exclusively for the care of cancer patients of North Eastern region. From finding a proper place to stay to the process of registration in the hospital to undergoing the process of meeting respective doctors and procuring treatment to acquiring blood in case of an operation to getting financial assistance are various aspects through which a patient needs to go through. A small group of dedicated workers and volunteers of Deepsikha started offering a helping hand to the patients landing up in Mumbai for treatment and over time became motivated enough to kick start the beginnings of what has over the last couple of years become a pretty strong and concerted effort to take care of them. Gradually it was noticed that the responsibilities taken up by this small group of volunteers grew by leaps and bounds. It was realized that the root cause of many patients who come to Mumbai for treatment was lack of proper awareness about the disease. Besides this, there were many patients who did not have the money or the required back up support to come to mumbai for their treatment. The time had come to reorganize this small group into a more efficiently managed organizational structure, in order to shoulder a much higher responsibility. With this aim in mind Deepsikha Cancer Care Foundation was formed in order to lend a hand towards cancer care in the North Eastern states as well as in Mumbai.
20 May 2010
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