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Today DFI has stretched the boundaries with their executive LANParty DKX58 Nehalem Motherboard which supports LGA1366 socket CPUs from Intel's all-new Core-i7 processor range. This LANParty DKX58 motherboard has plenty of features that will allow you to tweak and fiddle until you have your system purring to your satisfaction. Like the Audio Realtech ALC889 chip and the LAN Chip, which is a Marvel 8053 and gives 15% better LAN speeds than other integrated chips. The Debug LED helps when things go wrong and 33 different codes to tell you exactly where the problem lies. The Power and rest buttons are also very convenient. The X58 chipset allows three graphic cards PCI 2.0 slots, for three-way SLI or CrossFireX setups, supporting a 16x, 16x, for 2 cards in tandem, or 16x 8x 8x for three-way SLI or CrossFireX DFI leave the MOSFET cooler exactly where it is needed, so it cannot be detached, but for the enthusiasts, they allow the Northbridge heatsink part to be removed, but not completely. There still remains a protective copper plate which can accept any kind of cooling device as needed. The copper plate conducts the very cold cooling from LN2 or dry ice directly to the MOSFETs through the specially sintered heatpipe, or alternatively offloads heat as needed. What should also be noted is that the Sintered heatpipe is very unique and not found on other brands of motherboard. It has much more liquid inside the pipe and with a thicker porous rim, it transfers heat in a very effective way, the same way that a sponge works when absorbing water. This allows the heatpipe to be oriented in any position and still work effectively. Next is the number of fan connectors to be found throughout the motherboard. In total 6 headers are available and each can be monitored directly through software in the BIOS. The digital PWM can be monitored and controlled to some degree via a GUI called Smart PWM in a windows. The motherboard automatically senses work load and activates 2 phases for idle load, and 6 phases under full load. ABS or Automatic BIOS Settings, DFI have preprogrammed the BIOS in this DKX58 motherboard to accept an automatic overclock. Just press F1 when you start up and the BIOS will do the rest. The CPU, memory and other components are automatically boosted, and in some cases can give 20% performance boost. Perfect for enhancing your PCs performance without having to know too much about overclocking. When you want to reset your bios, most modern high end motherboards have some kind of switch or jumper to do this. Some are inside the case, some are outside on the back panel. DFI have taken this a step further. If you press the reset and Power on button simultaneously, then your BIOS is essentially cleared. No need to reach around the back of your PC, just press together and you clear your BIOS. Similarly on the DKX58 motherboard DFI have utilized two buttons which are pressed together to clear the CMOS if you are benching without a case. This adds to safety. This motherboard is packed with features, most of them are based inside the BIOS, and going through them briefly you can see some of the new settings and what they are for. Essentially there are two levels of BIOS, one is called Genie BIOS and is for you guys who know what you are doing. The other standard interface is for those who prefer standard settings or automatic OC without too much hands on tweaking. Here you can see a very quick overclock via the Genie BIOS, and the bus speeds before and after so you can judge the boards capabilities for yourself. Without a doubt DFI stand alone when it comes to BIOS settings and tweaking options since there are over 100 unique settings available. This motherboard really is a work of art. Having met the guys at DFI, seen their commitment and attention to detail as well as witnessed their passion at creating the ultimate motherboard with the most tweak ability This is Amanda Roveda Reporting for directly from Taipei
22 May 2009
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Der MiniPirat hat das Core i7 Mini-ITX Mainboard von DFI LanParty für Euch ausgepackt. Reingucken und Spaß haben, wie immer halt. *******
14 Jan 2010
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A experiencie of sound....
21 Jan 2007
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Filme da 7.5 MG-LanParty realizado nas Sede das Figueiras nos dias 3,4 e 5 de Novembro de 2006. Site Oficial:****
24 Jan 2007
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1º Filme da MG-LanParty
15 May 2007
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2º Filme da MG-LanParty
15 May 2007
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A lanparty on my school (organized by me :P)
13 Feb 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - I asked my "son" Wicket if he wanted to go to a LAN party. That's where a group of Geeks pack up their computers, get together, and game... for hours or days on end. Have you ever been to a LAN party, or been curious as to what goes on? Here are some tips sent in by Brian to help you out.
14 Dec 2008
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Weltweit erste LAN-Party in der nur Netbooks eingesetzt wurden. ******* Asus Eee PC, Acer Aspire One, Medion Akoya Mini, Alb S1, One Mini, Dell Mini, FSC Amilo Mini, datacask Jupiter, Hercules eCaf
3 Oct 2009
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El dia de hoy hablaremos de lo nuevo en México para los videojuegos, lanzamientos, Los Beatles en Rock Band, que futuro espera para la XBOX primera generacion , Microsoft y Master Chief, y en la secion de gadgets hablaremos del Nokia 5800, no se vallan
31 Mar 2009
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El día de hoy hablaremos de Microsoft y sus planes para Bungie, y su apoyo a desarrolladores , Los números de Nintendo DS, un par de videos interesantes, y la aplicación de la semana.
1 Apr 2009
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El día de hoy hablaremos de Max Paine 3, Error 74 del 360, Bungie no deja el dearrollo, un súper video y la aplicación de la semana.
1 Apr 2009
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El día de hoy hablaremos de lo que tiene planeado EA para Iphone , un aditamento para el PSP por parte de brando, Las cronicas de Ridick, un súper video y el gadget de la semana
4 Apr 2009
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El día de hoy hablaremos de lo que tiene planeado y sucedido en Ubisoft, Lionhead Studios , Konami, Sega, Microsoft y una invitacion que creemos les va a interesar.
15 Apr 2009
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Hoy les platicaremos de Wii Motion Plus, Lanzamiento de InFamus, el retiro de Madden.
20 May 2009
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Hoy les platicaremos de Music Maker Rock Star, Halo regresa para el 2010, Leaft 4 Dead 2 y les presentaremos nuestra nueva seccion Bits, que contara con breves noticias de lo que sucede en el mundo de la tecnologia y videojuegos.
17 Jun 2009
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