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Get rid of unwanted Hair with VLCC. Watch the video and learn all about the laser treatment for hair reduction available at the centres.
18 Apr 2021
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This man really knows what's he doing! None of his movements are out of sync. Looks so cool!
15 Apr 2021
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What is LASER treatment for Varicose Veins? EVLA stands for Endovenous Laser Ablation. It may also be referred to as EVLT or endovenous laser treatment. This procedure uses laser energy to treat varicose veins under local anesthesia. This method has many advantages over the traditional vein stripping method. EVLA is usually a day-care procedure, which means you get discharged on the same day. The patient also does not have any visible cuts, stitches, or scars after the procedure.
18 Apr 2021
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If you want any type of machine related service, then come to Machine Shops In Colorado. The technicians are reliable and give you authentic service. They understand the problem to the core and offer solution that is long lasting, reliable, genuine. Hire them for proper machine service at an affordable rate. Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. provides vibration analysis, predictive maintenance, dynamic balancing, preventive maintenance, lighting upgrades, electric motor repair, laser shaft alignment, condition monitoring, electric testing and diagnostic services in more than 12 states, including North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, California, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Kansas and more. We also provide 24 hour emergency services that include lighting, transformers, diagnostics, fuse replacement, phase loss, panel troubleshooting, electric motor evaluation, power loss or restoration, Baker Hipot & Surge Testing, and other mechanical as well as electrical services. Visit us today for more information.
19 Apr 2021
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a funny video of a cat trying to catch a laser. please dont call the cops the cats alright
19 Dec 2006
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My cats love nothing more than to chase the laser pinter around the house, watch the black and white one attack the dot on the door!
8 Dec 2006
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Dr. Lam tours his new Luminaire Laser Center. For more information, please visit www.luminairelaser****
26 Dec 2006
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Cat loves chasing the laser light but can't seem to catch it.
9 Jan 2007
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Simple laser show...
11 Jan 2007
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Watch as I light a match using ONLY a high powered laser pointer and a lens! these lasers are amazing!
12 Jan 2007
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This is a video of my 55mW Laser being used to point at stars. The green laser is so powerful you can see it in the air!
12 Jan 2007
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This new technology keyboard is just awesome. A Laser is projected onto a flat surface and forms a keyboard that really amazes everyone that is around you. I got talked to in a restaurant by a woman sitting near by while using it. This keyboard just rocks.
21 Jan 2007
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