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3 Oct 2013
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A controversial Federal Communications Commission official recently lashed out at what he called a, “right-wing smear campaign” that is distorting his views. Learn2Discern! Go to *******www***ralridge****/equip and find out how you can be equipped to learn2discern media lies and deceptions. Support this ministry and help impact lives: give online or call 1-800-229-9673. Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Feb 2010
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BY KRISTEN BRODY You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Sex and the City’s Samatha: aka, Kim Cattrall- is in a new Indie flick about a washed up porn star. So what’s behind the accusation that the Sex in the City Star is now, a rude prude? ABC News sums it up. “It seemed as if Kim Cattrall and Samantha Jones were one and the same, until recently...she reportedly went on a red carpet tirade, lashing out at several female reporters at New York's Landmark Theater...The media has gone into a frenzy, questioning whether the actress, who once channeled the easygoing and sex-driven Samantha Jones, had gone prude on everyone.” The reporter at the end of Cattrall’s wrath works for The New York Post. She complains- the actress was rude- and unwilling to discuss her go-to subject: sex. “When we tried to break the ice with Cattrall, mentioning a ridiculous tip we'd gotten earlier in the day about her getting a bikini wax she snapped, ‘That's a stupid question. How could you want to write that?’ ...Adding that being a gossip reporter just isn't a ‘respectable job’.” But a blogger for Lime Life points out- the New York Post reporter skipped Cattrall’s premiere, so the Sex and the City star had a right to be angry. “How could anyone brand Kim Cattrall whiny after she called a New York Post reporter out for not doing her job...Talk about underpreparing. Kim Cattrall was at an after-party...and the Post tried to get an interview out of her. Their warm-up question was one about a bikini wax. Miss.” HULIQ reports Cattrall was sensitive to another subject on the Red Carpet: her age. But that’s one hot-button issue Kathie Lee and Hoda ventured to talk about with the star. Kim: “They’re so marginalized. But I think women are marginalized the older they get.” Hoda: “And you talk about that, there was some stuff in the paper today, that women over 50, there aren’t a lot of roles. But women that go to movies are over 50 and don’t mind seeing people that are like them.” Kim: “All us baby-boomers what are we gonna watch, ya know?” 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** Amy Winehouse heads to the newsagents after visiting her husband in Prison. A photographer bumps into a passer by causing Amy to shout at him and hit his camera. She heads into the newsagents and can be seen inside. Police then turn up to escort her back to her car from the shop.
7 Apr 2008
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Former President asks front runners to stop evoking his name.
29 Jan 2008
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Check this video out
3 Jun 2009
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Check this video out
3 Jun 2009
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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi supported the agitation by the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. He said that no farmers are against the development. But they should not be looted in the name of development. They should get the proper price for their land said Rahul Gandhi while addressing a gathering in U.P. Rahul Gandhi was on a padyatra to personally experience the problems of the farmers at various places. U.P. Government are not doing any development but they are looting the poor people said Rahul Gandhi. There were a lot of reported police atrocities against the striking farmers in many places of Uttar Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi undertook his mission to protect the interest of the farmers. The villagers thanked Rahul Gandhi for his fight for their rights.
12 Sep 2011
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While shopping for baby Willow Sage in NYC, artist Pink gets really angry with photographers who were waiting outside the store. The pop diva eventually comes outside and confronts them and says "Can't we be done now? Just go away for once, for one minute? Five minutes!"
12 Oct 2011
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Jennifer Lopez certainly doesn’t think so when her crew locked the doors of her fiat which she needed to use for her live show. Understandably the singer was furious as once source added “She was in a fit of rage. There was a lot of yelling as she tried to find out who was responsible.”
5 Dec 2011
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Even though it has been quite a while since Pooja Bedi left the controversial show Bigg boss 5, but it seems that hasn’t stopped her from bashing and talking about it on through her twitter account..
30 Dec 2011
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Sometimes things can go to far when it comes to the paparazzi harassing a celebrity. Even someone as camera friendly as Paris Hilton can be pushed to her limit.
2 Feb 2012
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