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This module is based on the class 9 Physics curriculum under the I.C.S.E Board, India. The featured topic is Newton’'s Laws of Motion. The module focuses on laws of gravitation and the three laws of motion that form the basis of Classical or Newtonian Mechanism.
21 Jul 2011
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Laws of Motion: Introduction (for more content of IIT and CBSE visit www.topchalks****)
20 Jun 2009
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Laws of Motion: Wedge Constraint (for more content of IIT visit www.topchalks****)
3 Aug 2010
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Newton's Third Law of Motion by Beyza
28 Feb 2010
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Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest influential scientists of all time. He formulated the Three Laws Of Motion. 1st Law Of Motion:- An object will continue to remain at rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force 2nd Law of Motion:- The rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the force applied, and this change in momentum takes place in the direction of the applied force. 3rd Law of Motion:- When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
20 Nov 2019
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A video informing about the law of inertia
5 Nov 2009
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Using a car to uproot a stump isn’t the best idea. Because when it does, it can break off the shields of your car too!
19 Dec 2018
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Guy with a cement dispensing hose is standing and suddenly there's a huge pressure in the hose, making the guy fly and fall like a rocket!
28 Jun 2019
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Physics, Science and Math have always caught my interest Generally, we have a divide between Science and Entrepreneurship. Well, that will change today. Let’s understand how Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion can apply in the entrepreneurial world.
26 Feb 2019
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Newton's third law of motion. That one pop set off a chain of reactions and what started out normal is now a mess.
4 Sep 2019
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It's just the same as the law of motion. Back scratches get transferred from human to cat and ultimately up to the dog.
20 Oct 2019
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Rock In The Classroom goes into orbit to explore various aspects of astrophysics. Thanks to physics instructor Susan Romano for co-writing the lyrics, Robert Holmes for his cosmic guitar parts, Molly Melloan for her beautiful vocal on the chorus, Julia Taylor for her soaring violin, and to Steve Whitman for his plaintive lead vocal as well as his last minute decision to bring in the mellotron and eight string guitar. Learn more at *******www.rockintheclassroom**** Visit us on Facebook at ********www.facebook****/pages/Rock-In-The-Classroom/310765469597 Follow Us on Twitter ********twitter****/jappell61
26 Oct 2013
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