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After what has been the greatest year yet in big wave surfing, nominees for the 2008 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards have been decided in California. Considered the Oscars of big wave riding, the XXL Awards take place April 11 in Anaheim, California and feature over $130,000 in cash and prizes. In contention for the XXL Ride of the Year Award are three amazing tube rides at Tahiti's legendary break of Teahupoo ("cho-poo") by local MANOA DROLLET ("Droll-lay") and two Hawaiian surfers, IAN WALSH of Maui and SHANE DORIAN of the Big Island. Brazilian CARLOS BURLE ("Boor-lay") was nominated for his tense moment in the curl at Ghost Tree off Pebble Beach, California while young Australian BRENNAN was acknowledged for his airborne entry into a huge barrel at Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania. To see all the nominee's check out www.billabongxxl****
22 Mar 2008
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Hako means box in Japanese, a fact that is somewhat obvious when you first lay eyes on the Hako Coupe concept, but this is a new approach to the box-car that Scion has become famous for.
23 Mar 2008
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a old video about a year ago i made just found on a hard drive i had laying around XD if you know where to get the blow off valve sound again +1 plz post link to it :)
2 Nov 2008
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"The Circle Dance", was performed February 2008 in Puerto Montt, Chile, by a native-American group from Ecuador called Sisaryñan". As you can see, they are quite adept at it. The group traveled from Ecuador, making their way gradually down South, across Peru and into Chile. They hope to reach Punta Arenas, Chile before turning around for the return journey to Ecuador. The group (five people) supports itself solely by performing and singing for locals and tourists, as you can see in this video. Filming was done by my wife, Gaby, on the spur of the moment. The music is "Sacred Spirit" - Ly o Lay Ale Loya (a beautiful mix of music and native American chant). I have added some additional native American photos and some of the beautiful scenery from Southern Chile, "The Lake Region" (Lago Llanquihue). It is truly magnificent scenery in the South of Chile. We were fortunate to be visiting with relatives, John and Linda Peck, when we literally "bumped" into this group while out taking a family walk one evening after dinner. We enjoyed the performance of this travelling group, SISARYÑAN, and recommend them highly to you as they make their return journey to Ecuador supporting themselves in this adventuresome fashion! "Sacred Spirit" is a musical project by German musician Claus Zundel, who is also known for another successful project, B-Tribe. The music is of electronic, new age, world, ambient, house, jazz and blues genres. Sacred Spirit (in some regions known as Sacred Spirits) is Zundel's most successful project, with total worldwide album sales estimated to be over 15 million copies. For each Sacred Spirit album sold, a donation is made to the Native American Rights Fund, the non-profit American Indian organization devoting all its time to restoring the legal rights of the native American people. We would like to dedicate this photo/video/blog to the group itself, SISARYÑAN, and to our relatives who live in the South of Chile. Vive Ecuador! Vive Chile!
25 May 2009
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"Cynthia Witthoft" Song: "Arachnophilia" Album: "Drunken Orgy In Hell - 2004" - It is a common belief that male spiders, which usually are significantly smaller than the females, are likely to be killed after or during mating, or sometimes even before mating can occur. Even in some species of widow spiders, which are named exactly for this belief, the male may live in the female's web for some time without being harmed. However, in over 60% of cases the female of one species, the Australian redback spider, kills and eats the male after it inserts its second palpus into the female genital opening Males that 'sacrifice' themselves gain the benefit of increasing their paternity relative to males who do not get cannibalized since they feed the female that will lay and tend the resulting fertilized eggs. In many other species, males are sometimes killed by females. In at least some of these cases it's likely that the males are simply mistaken as prey. The risk of this happening is greater if the female is hungry. To counter this, some male spiders offer a "bribe" to the female, in form of a fly or other prey, prior to the mating. Many spiders will attempt to protect themselves by biting, especially if they are unable to flee. Some tarantulas have a second kind of defense, a patch of urticating hairs, or urticating setae, on their abdomens, which is generally absent on modern spiders and Mesothelae. These ultra-fine hairs causes irritation and sometimes even allergic reactions in the attacker. Certain other species have specialized defense tactics. For example, the golden wheeling spider (Carparachne aureoflava) of the desert of Namibia escapes tarantula hawks (a species of wasp that lays its eggs in a paralyzed spider so the larvae have enough food when they hatch) by flipping onto its side and cartwheeling away. Spiders, especially larger sorts, are eaten routinely or as a delicacy in various parts of the world, including Cambodia, where fried spider is considered a delicacy, Thailand, the Solomon Islands, and parts of South America, where living wrapped tarantulas are also sometimes taken on trips by certain indigenous tribes.
11 Jan 2010
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McCain's Achilles Heel Your Daily Politics Video Blog: 100 years? 1,000 years? 10,000 years!?! Think what you want about who's being unfair, who should drop and the like in the primary race. The Democrats are missing a big opportunity to strike early at John McCain's Achilles heel -- his lockstep support for an extremely unpopular war. We lay out the key points in today's episode of TPMtv.
27 Mar 2008
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Tha Door Ta Tha Weed Hideout Is Being Opened Ta Tha Public Watch N See What Lays Behind Tha Door
31 Mar 2008
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Hip Hop legend Biz Markie lays it down on the new Becks Vier clip. The musician who said no to instruments... Biz Markie, Different By Choice
8 Apr 2008
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Hip Hop legend Biz Markie lays it down on the new Becks Vier clip. The musician who said no to instruments... Biz Markie, Different By Choice
3 Apr 2008
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Amazing apartments in San Antonio, in creating The Enclave at Buckhorn Crossing, we have created the finest residential experience available today. Spacious residence interiors are appointed with a full assortment of modern amenities. A natural wooded setting plays host to southern colonial architecture, tastefully complimented by native tree and plant species. In the center of it all lays a haven of the perfect setting in which to unwind and relax. The resort-style pool beckons with its waterfall, and cabana with T.V., heated spa and wading pool, sand volleyball and play area. Barbeque grills and tables have thoughtfully been provided for dining al fresco or taking in a good novel. Wireless Internet at Poolside and Clubroom. Caresteam on-site and other Resident activities. View these apartments for rent online at ForRent****: *******www.forrent****/apartment-community-profile/987488722.php
3 Apr 2008
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This is an example of how you can easily transfer a patient out of car with Rino 450 lift from RoMedic. You can do this with a Rino 600 lb capable lift as well. The exciting thing is both of these lifts can be used for regular patient transfers too. This is not a lift built specifically for car transfers anly for car transfers. You don't have to modify the car or lay the persons seat back or anything. It also has worked with every type of car we've tried on so far. Please go to www.romedic**** to see more.
4 Apr 2008
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In order to sell a patent to a corporation or individual you must first have a solid foundation as well as a patent attorney to walk you through the process. This short video will lay some basic ground work on how to sell a patent.
2 May 2008
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Starring the sexy silent film sensation Madge Bellamy, Police Patrol is a sleek and sophisticated drama with love, crime, and fatally beautiful women. Bellamy plays a bad girl – a gangster’s girlfriend. Used as a tool in his evil plots, Bellamy is put up to seduce a good looking young detective, played perfectly by Pat O’Malley, and get him back to an apartment where the fiend lays in wait. O’Malley thwarts the plot, but ends up developing feelings for Bellamy. The immoral coquette is also being pursued by another detective, and as the two fight for her they both risk their careers and eventually their lives striving for her affection. Rife with unrequited and impure love, Police Patrol is a gripping struggle through depravity and perilous beauty.
7 Apr 2009
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Amanda Watlington, the Owner of Searching for Profit, talks with Mike McDonald at SES New York and lays out a road map for universal search. A few tips she gives are: evaluate your own SEO and be ruthless; take inventory of the assets you have; examine how good you are now and how good you should be; and, what will it take to get what you need. She also points out to look toward the future and improve, instead of dwelling on past mistakes. Catch Amanda Watlington’s full explanation, only on WebProNews.
11 Apr 2008
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a cat in Gran caneria was siting by the side of the river hungry and soo desolate, i walked to a nearby shop and bought a fishing rod, then i ran down the road a waled into the restrant and bought some bread then later on i went back to the place where the cat lay and set my fishing gear up, in less than no time there was a croud of people watching the cat eating the fish one by it goes to show than in less than ten euros a hungry animal can eat again and the gready bugger ate 8 fish including the bones.
10 Apr 2008
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In the heart of the legendary Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, among its antique-dealers, galleries, and designer boutiques lays this former mansion of Duc de Rohan. Tastefully restored, it shares the neighborhood with the Louvre & Orsay Museums, famous cafes including " Le Flore " and " Les Deux Magots ", and offers a cozy atmosphere complete with old beams and stonework. Harmoniously decorated, most of our rooms have kept their period charm as well as the latest modern comforts: Air conditioning, satellite television, mini-bar, safe, telephone and hair dryer. The Junior Suites offer marble bath with Jacuzzi. Guests will relish the period pieces and original fabrics offset by a warm, intimate space.
3 May 2008
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