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Televangelist Pat Robertson (who tried unsuccesfully to be the Republican Parrt nominee for president in 1988) showing us he can press 2000 lbs. (910 kg) with his legs - he's 70. I'm not so sure I believe that. Do you?
20 Jun 2006
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Shakespeare 54 LBS Elektrikli Motor ile 3,5 m lik polyester teknenin performans testi!
20 Jul 2008
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Wanna lose some weight? How about 100 lbs in 12 months. You can do it by having fun!
16 Mar 2009
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Highlights of LB Dorian Bell, #28 on Takkle/Sports Illustrated's Top 200. Bell has verbally committed to play for Ohio State next year. Bell is an active and aggressive player. He has very good timing on blitzes and is a sure tackler.
15 Oct 2008
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Highlights of S-LB, #29 on Takkle/Sports Illustrated's Top 200. Jeffery has verbally committed to the University of South Carolina. DJ has very good instincts when attacking the football. He's really effective around the line of scrimmage and may be an exceptional linebacker.
15 Oct 2008
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Thousands of people have been watching 46 yr old Joe lose weight over the past 4 weeks. He started at 227lbs and his first goal was to reach 210lbs, then 200 lbs and hopefully someday 185lbs. Through Joe's vlog we've seen pictures of him when he 147lbs (even seen the old boxing trunks), you could have called Joe the "the Fast and Furious". We've seen how he looked when he started (28 days ago) this RIZE RESIZE ENERGIZE campaign complete with his shirt pulled up and all - not a pretty sight, we should have called him "the Slow and Melancholy". This has not has been an easy path for Joe (my Dad), he stutters and doing these videos has been the hardest thing he says he done, much harder than climbing in the ring or losing weight! You see each week as he gets a little skinner and his belly shrinks a little more he is able to do the videos a little better. I think this is giving him back some hope, promise and belief again that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. I want to thank my Dad's partner Howie Panes from How-Fit, he used to train Joe before I was born. It's the two of them that have come together again after many years to develop the formula that Joe is taking daily to lose all this weight. Their formula has many ingredients that help stimulate metabolism and burn fat. Joe is exercising as well to lose all this weight but not very much, he either jumps rope or talks a fast walk for about 15 minutes a day now up from 10 minutes - that's it!!! His diet hasn't changed either, Joe just eats a couple less slices of pizza, a little smaller bowl of pasta and one meatball instead of 3. Joe doesn't eat health food, watch his cholesterol intake, munch on salad and thinks that Super Sized movie is bias and just meant as a personal attack on McDonalds. My father is a no nonsense guy who doesn't follow trends or fads he does what he likes to do and eats what he likes to eat - it's that simple! "When I started this videoing of our weight loss drink, I did it for one reason, if it works on me it will work on anyone. I was not behind this 100% as I think most of this is hype and the results are all fake but if it works you have 150% of me. I had no idea that in 4 weeks I'd be worldwide and getting letters from people like myself who have tried gimmicks, meal replacement drinks, etc with not much success. I'm a realist, I know at 46 yr old I'm not going to be in fighting shape again and I don't want to be. I don't want to have ripped or pumped or bulked up anything, I just want to bend over and tie my shoes without spreading my legs open first or having to sigh about doing it. I'm so excited about this product that Howie and I met with someone from a nutrition chain store about carrying our product. The answer we got was not what I expected "Show us your marketing plan and how many $'s you have allocated for advertising and how many of those dollars we you use to drive people to our stores, if you have enough in your advertising budget we'll might consider it at some point". No one even cared whether or not the product worked, what is that all about??? I thought if I could show people I could lose weight that they would want to carry our product. Big stores they don't care, it's all about the money nothing else!!! Their denial has done nothing but push me that much harder, we're going to get this product out to all of you and we're going to show people they too can lose weight and take control back of their lives. This has been a great 4 weeks and I'm going to keep going until I reach 185lbs. Right now we're getting ready to make product that will be for sale after the New Year and thinking about all the different strategies on how to get this market. Thank you and you can always email me direct at jgeretraxsion**** and those who write know that I answer you myself, Joe Gere" Thanks for watching our videos and remember "Winners get more than losers..."
24 Aug 2009
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*******JohnSifferman**** The 45 lb clubbell, known as the Bruiser, is one of the most difficult strength training tools to wield. Clubbell training is excellent because it trains the body in 3 dimensions, and in 6 degrees of movement freedom.
21 Feb 2009
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I wanted to see myself doing burpees, since I've been doing them for a few months now even since I was 300+ lbs. I love the burning pain that they cause. I love how they make me sweat and breathe hard even after doing only 5. In this video I was able to pinpoint some weaknesses in my technique. Now I can improve. More at *******www.fatmanunleashed****
27 Dec 2010
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This demonstration video goes over the features of the Scuba 12.5 lbs OutBack Roller Backpack Bag. Features 2 padded adjustable backpack straps. 75% more capacity. 600 x 600 Ballistic Denier construction. 4 large external pockets. More than large enough to carry a complete set of cold water gear or 2 to 3 sets of tropical gear. Designed to accommodate a pair of fins and more in each side pocket. Diver-tough wheels.
2 Sep 2009
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Lose 20 lbs with diet (works good!)
6 Sep 2009
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Losing 20 lbs in 7 days (interesting)
7 Sep 2009
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*******www.thebestdietguide****/fatloss4idiots.htm You need to Lose 10 lbs Fast so start with these tips and then follow a regular diet plan...
23 Sep 2009
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