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Every once in a while you have to clean your office. This is the Knooble way. Work should be fun!
25 Apr 2010
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his is the one everyone's been talking about. The patent pending FORCE by Billy Goat offers the best of both worlds -- unmatched blowing power and the lightest weight of any leading blower. As improvements to backpack blowers narrowed the performance gap to their wheeled cousins, manufacturers of wheel blowers did little to improve performance and operation of their products. That's all now changed. Conceived through market research and hours of exhaustive computer optimization, the FORCE blower represents a truly revolutionary design. Steel had to go—it is too heavy. Plastic is in—it's light and it's plenty durable. The FORCE weighs up to 17 pounds less than comparably powered steel competitors, it remains the quietest wheel blower, and it is tuned to produce unmatched blowing power (see Product Showcase). What more could you ask for? Billy Goat has successfully made the wheel blower once again an indispensable tool for the landscape contractor and large property owner. So quit gawking and check out the FORCE at a Billy Goat dealer near you today!
28 Aug 2008
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6 Dec 2009
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You might have these two items at home but you never thought the combo of these can provide you this much fun as it seen on the video.
11 Jan 2018
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home made leaf blower boat on canal
27 Jan 2009
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It is so adorable to watch when this kid picks up the leaf blower and suddenly becomes the super villain. The 'evil laugh' is the cutest part.
26 Jun 2017
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But all good things must come to an end. When Hess’ granddad picks up the leaf blower, he’s given a taste of his own medicine.
6 Aug 2017
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When the leaf blower and the barking dog face each other it kinda reminds me the movie Resident Evil where almost everything opens a big mouth full of teeth.
7 Mar 2018
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*******www.freedompetpass****/ The consequences of installing a pet door that drafts air is significant. Your energy bill will skyrocket, unless you live in Hawaii. Give your pet a portal to the backyard the earth friendly way by installing the only energy efficient pet door recommended by Energy Star Partners. What makes this pet door different is the thermal flap. Do you think your pet would like his freedom? We offer cat doors and dog doors for doors and walls.
5 Mar 2010
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22 Mar 2010
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You guys think that he farted the whole night?
16 Aug 2013
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Mont Marte- Best … Read more. Categories OutdoorLeave a comment ... Vacmaster Professional – Best for Outdoors
1 May 2019
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