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16 Jan 2008
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26 Oct 2007
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14 Jul 2012
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This happens when you lose before the race starts. If you want to be a biker, remember to learn driving first.
17 Feb 2019
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Fourth in the series of driver education, this video emphasises the fact that at red lights there is no FREE Left turn. This short video hopefully will educate and irradicate such mis-conceptions from the minds of the Indian driver's. This is vital as the idea of a free left turn puts pedestrian lives at risk.
9 May 2007
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learning tiger woods driving range
6 Sep 2007
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In this episode Becky visits Kentucky and we learn about driving draft horses. www.Beckyshomestead**** Email: beckyshomesteadgmail****
13 Jan 2008
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Only Jason Falls would create a "car cam" to shoot this episode of the Daily Idea. He discusses, argues and gets a little feisty explaining why people need to learn how to merge. Don't worry he was wearing his seat belt and had the child locks on.
10 Jan 2011
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Stop Driving Us Crazy! is a strange animated film, sponsored by the General Board of Temperence of the Methodist Church, that equates reckless driving with sin in a rather unique storyline. The Christian video introduces Rusty, an alien from Mars (who looks somewhat like a cross between an insect and a car) who comes down to spy on Earthlings. The little Martian is shocked to find how disrespectfully drivers treat each other on the road (and the viewer is treated to great 1940's vintage and classic cars). After showing many driving errors, the film gives safe driving tips and techniques. The animation is quintessentially 1950’s and the soundtrack to this funny and dated film, which seems to be a jazz combo of some sort, only adds to its quirkiness. Of all the car and driving educational videos, Stop Driving Us Crazy! is one of the strangest. But the lessons on vehicle safety are fun and the 1950's cartoon characters are precious. Lessons on safe driving have never been more entertaining.
24 Feb 2010
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This film is from the safe driving genre (some fun educational videos), but it has many extras in it that make it a cut above average. Famous actor Jimmy Stewart narrates, introducing four unrelated people who are going to be filmed for one day. Stewart informs the audience that by the end one of them will die in a car accident. They each drive different cars or have different car safety features, any of which could lead to bad car accidents: one drives a hotrod, one has faulty brakes. The suspense is heightened effectively by knowing ahead of time that only one group will die, and guessing at which one. A fine example of 1940's melodrama, And Then There Were Four explores safe driving topics as well as the risk factors of driving. Of the many Jimmy Stewart narrations, this film about unsafe car dangers is highly entertaining.
16 Jul 2008
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Borrowed Power is a typical driver’s education film meant to scare kids into being cautious and responsible drivers. Jerry Thomas, quarterback of his high school football team and all-around great guy (the classic 1950's perfect young man), turns into a different person when he gets behind the wheel of a car. He drives aggressively, speeds, and generally abuses the “borrowed power” of the car. When he and two friends get hauled into court on suspicion of a hit-and-run in their (now) vintage cars, Jerry gets a lesson in the responsibilities of safe driving from the judge. In a touching showing of loyalty, a parade of friends and family come in to testify about how Jerry is such a great guy. The judge comments to Jerry’s father that Jerry received enough training to be a good pedestrian and bicyclist, but that he needed some more guidance when it came to being a good driver and vehicle safety. Life lessons abound by the end of the film as Jerry begins to understand what a serious matter safe driving is. One of many educational videos to employ scare tactics, Borrowed Power effectively contrasts reckless driving with defensive driving, car safety, and safe driving habits.
12 Apr 2012
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Party's Over is a fun melodramatic fright video about the importance of seat belts, made in the 1970s. When a group of friends get together for a wild party, everyone is having a good time and not worrying about boring things like "safety." The more important topics at hand are 1970's fashion. One hipster flips on the television to see a commercial, which equates telling someone to buckle up with saying, “I love you.” The stylish party goers laugh this goofiness off. Over the groovy seventies' music, everyone begins explaining why they don't wear seatbelts. Some just don't think anything bad is going to happen. But this carefree attitude gets dampened when two of the guests are late in arriving... .When word gets around that they were killed in a bad car accident, the party goers begin to understand why everyone should wear seatbelts. Party's Over is one of those hokey safety films that is just too much fun. It's much easier to listen to classic lines about seat belt safety and the importance of wearing a seat belt while also learning what to wear to a 70's party. Seatbelt use has never been more entertaining.
15 Sep 2009
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