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The best and topmost ICSE Science Coaching Institute in Pune, India. With 15+ years of coaching experience, we proudly boast of being the ONLY online ICSE coaching institute dedicated to complete preparation in ICSE Physics. Our success is primarily based on word of mouth marketing by experienced students who know that our high content quality has genuinely helped them.
Physics How To Easy Way Shortcut Physics School High School Science Mathematics Teacher hard problem solved easily
17 Feb 2008
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If this don't impress you nothing will. Link to OE cake in Chinese: Chinese one has more features then the English one
23 Feb 2009
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The video helps grasp how to apply the concept of Resultant Forces, Resultant Velocity, and calculate Horizontal distance
7 Mar 2017
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m-learning is a online learning platform for those students who are preparing for 10th, 12th (State Board and CBSE), NTSE, IIT-JEE, AIPMT. We provide all type of study metarial (Video and Text) for students who are preparing for above examinations. m-learning also set study plans for regular and dropers students. m-learning provides "Free Monthly Test Series" for students.
24 Mar 2017
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Hello, in this video with a bit of animation, I have explained the basic concept of Illuminance , symbol 'E', it is the Luminous flux from a Torch or light source falling per unit Area of a surface. The area gets "illuminated" , hence the term. Here, the light beam is shown as particles, but it can be waves as well.
2 May 2017
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How the water from the top of a dam, is released through sluice gates, gets its high Potential Energy converted into Kinetic Energy as it falls down on a turbine wheel at the bottom. The water has maximum Kinetic energy at the point where it impacts the various buckets in the turbine wheel. The wheel starts to rotate, and the shaft is connected to a Generator. Inside the Generator (AC or DC type), the shaft of the wheel is connected to a electrical conductor rotating inside a magnetic field. Then, Fleming's Right Hand Rule is applied to find the direction of Induced Current created inside the conductor. This output current is the whole purpose of putting a turbine wheel and Generator, and the current is transmitted through "high voltage wires" to homes and factories.
17 May 2017
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Black holes have the highest density of any matter known and actually abide by unknown physics. Find out how one is formed in this video! More on YouTube Support Sci-Wise on Patreon References (APA): Jones, A. Z.. (2016) Stars Die? What Happens Next?. ThoughtCo. Nakazato, K. (2014) Supernova Explosion and Black Hole Formation with Hadron-Quark Phase Transition. Tokyo University of Science. Preskill, J. (2013) What's inside a Black Hole?. Quantum Frontiers. Sample, I. (2008) “What's inside a Black Hole?” Guardian News and Media Music: 'Perspectives' -Kevin Macleod
16 Jan 2019
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*******live.pirillo**** - Brian emailed me to ask my advice on getting into a Technology career. He states that he doesn't have the capacity to learn physics and math in order to get a degree in Computer Science. He is wondering about possibly programming, networking, or even system building.
23 Nov 2007
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*******learntelepathy****/ One can learn telepathy from the comfort of your own home.One can also learn physic and mental telepathy from the latest technology available.
15 May 2010
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27 May 2010
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This is what happens when you don't learn physics at a young age.
13 Jan 2011
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Learn Physics Mathematics at links *******zookeepersblog.wordpress****/iit-jee-ipho-apho-physics-mathematics-videos-for-std-9-to-12/ for IIT JEE Solutions India IPhO APhO IMO RMO INMO through lectures problems numericals Zookeeper Subhashish Chattopadhyay Projectile Laten Heat Thermodynamics std 11 12 ISc Calculus BE BTech Differentiation Integration Mechanics Surface Tension Viscosity Accelerating Frame velocity wedge mass pulley Moment Inertia Roorkey Joint Entrance Exam CET AIEEE Irodov HCV Verma Bangalore Intermediate Algebra Trigonometry Sexy Free Coaching study material preparation Olympiad Friction sin Modelling cos Potential tan cot Gravitation Electrostatics sec Field cosec Ellipse Parabola Hyperbola inverse string Tuition Kinetic Theory Gases Isothermal Adiabatic Isochoric Isobaric Processes Root Mean Square Differential Equation Soomrit Specific Cp Cv PV Diagram Bending Stress Strain Geostationary Satellite Entropy Coefficient Linear Expansion Alpha Beta Gamma Pendulum Conductivity Latent ice water Hydrometer Glass tube series Parallel travelling standing wave Sound Radiation stefan Boltzmann law Newton cooling cylinder Harmonic Overtone Resonance Sonometer Kunds Beat Frequency vibration tuning Fork Swimmer Young Bulk Modulus welded chamber not similar dissimilar MIT Caltech Yale pipe Magnetic Tesla Lenz LvB Buoyant Buoyancy Rho efflux Bernoullis rare Poiseuilles Torricellis critical Terminal Reynolds Poise coalescing Laplace Ventury Hoop orifice Siphon Foucault stretched compression ball scale constant length shear poisson Ratio clock loosing time tvanausdal1 vkiledj Density Partial Pressure Humidity Leak SmartlearnwebTV Space Puncture Photon RC RLC LR Circuit Electrical Capacitor Inductance Linked Flux Wheatstone Bridge Freelanceteach Projected Area PET Kerala MPPET Delta Star conversion Internal Resistance Battery Trick Questions Infinite Ladder Quadratic Cubic Quartic Quintic Orissa NSEP ckt eqn mesh Folding Lenzs J&K Karnataka RMS instantaneous BCECE Maharastra MHCET RPET stepup stepdown transformer UPSEAT shunt galvanometer susceptibility oscillating magnetometer pole strength Bihar Rajasthan Uttarpradesh Punjab Hariana TN Tamilnadu Andhra WB west Bengal
12 Mar 2011
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