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Don't leave the kid all alone at home otherwise they will try adult habits
28 May 2021
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These mantises look exactly like leaves! That's a whole new level of camouflage! Nature is incredible.
1 Jun 2021
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The Trojans (60s, Tampa - Florida, US) - Mike Regar - lead vocals, keyboards - James Spoto - bass, vocals - David Lasswell - lead guitar, vocals - John Trujillo - drums - Tom Saussy - rhythm guitar, vocals Single: - "The Kids Are Allright" (cover, P. Townshend - The Who) - "Leave Me Be" (cover, Ch. White - The Zombies) (1966, Boss, BOS 006)
24 May 2021
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When you are relocating to a new place, your need and requirements also changes according to the new environment. So you can leave behind things that you no longer need during your move! Here are 7 things you can leave behind the next time you move.
8 Jun 2021
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The X-Men (60s, Sioux Falls - South Dakota, US) - Mike Connor - vocals, guitar - Gary Johnson - vocals, bass (both later in Thes Of Us) - other musicians unknown Single: - "Untill Leave" (Connor, Johnson) - "Believe Me" (Connor, Johnson) (1966, IGL, 45 - 115)
9 Jun 2021
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i hope you all will love it since YouTube wont let me post my ffs so I will being uploaded them on
27 May 2021
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30 May 2021
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Rain in the wild Raindrops falling on the leaves of a plant with the background blurred in slow motion.
18 May 2021
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Let's face it. This cat got exact what an alarm clock gets everyday in the morning! That was one big bonk from the dog!
16 May 2021
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17 May 2021
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Leaking pipes, burst sewer lines, and natural disasters can often leave your home severely water damaged. If your property is suffering from water damage, it’s critical to spot the cause and act quickly to avoid further destruction. Let’s check out what to consider before water damage restoration Westminster CO.
17 May 2021
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Trem de todo o mundo lugares surpreendentes Ajudem o canal a encontrar os países e cidades de cada vídeo de trem os mesmos estão numerados futuramente vou fazer a correção quando encontrar todos os países e cidades dos vídeos de trem, locomotiva, trem antigo, estrada de ferro, viagem de trem aqui teremos vários vídeos de todos os tipos de trem será uma viagem no túnel do tempo desde trem maria fumaça até o trem bala, comentem se vocês viajantes conhecem esses lugares queremos colocar todos os nomes de país e cidade corretos nos vídeos colabore deixe nos comentários alguma informação. Se inscreva no canal e dê um Like para ajudar manter o mesmo funcionando Compartilhe esse vídeo: Train from all over the world Help the channel find the countries and cities of each train video they are numbered in the future I will make the correction when I find all the countries and cities of the train, locomotive, old train, railroad, train travel videos here we will have several videos of all types of train will be a trip in the time tunnel from maria smoke train to bullet train, comment if you travelers know these places we want to put all the correct country and city names in the videos collaborate leave some comments in the comments. Subscribe to the channel and give a Like to help keep it working Share this video: colocar link aqui #trem #linhadeferro #ferrovia #trembala #viagemdetrem
17 May 2021
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