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Share, Repost, Spread the word! It's voting season. Lets make a difference! Free The Weed! www.munchieminute**** Try and smoke a bowl The government says no But buds will always grow Legalize marijuana. Medicinal or not It's fun to smoke pot So legalize it now Vote yes marijuana. Do do do do do.... It's time to free weed Do do do do do.... Legalize marijuana
21 Oct 2011
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31 Mar 2017
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International Oddities is the originator of the alternative smoking industry. For over 30 years we have influenced the way people think about smoking, affected both pop and alternative culture, and our influence has even trickled down into the music scene and a multitude of Hollywood movie productions. Get more detail on: *******www.internationaloddities****/legal-weed.asp
16 Jan 2013
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Should We Legalize Marijuana by Comedian Garrett Morris The show begins with several reflective moments speaking with Garrett Morris plus Jeffrey Peterson interviews Garrett on the issue of the hypocrisy of keeping marijuana an illegal substance while alcohol and cigarette smoking kill thousands of human beings every year as legal substances, our thanks to Downtown Comedy Club partner, Mr. Kevin Gagne The word is out that the Downtown Comedy Club will return to downtown Los Angeles The Exchange 114 S 5th Street between Main and Spring Streets I strongly recommend this venue to everyone who enjoys a good healthy laugh at affordable prices. Blaze-Out
7 Nov 2009
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*******medicalmarijuanabootcamp****/ Chubbs and Tang talk about the best thing to do if you want to legalization marijuana. In a word: NORML.
3 Feb 2010
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Dispensary will be needed to grow and also grow their very own marijuana. At first the Policies mentioned 100%, yet the most up to date states 70% so Legal Marijuana Dispensaries will certainly have the ability to buy 30% from accepted farmers, patients, caregivers, or other dispensaries. The 70% being grown have to be on-site in an enclosed location as well as there will specify provisions pertaining to the safety and security in place at the medical dispensary near me. My Profile: More Videos:
8 Jan 2018
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Not only was Jesus a dark skinned man, and not the blue-eyed blond he was portrayed as by classic Hollywood, he most certainly smoked the herbs that grew from the soil of mother earth. After all, God promotes pot in Genesis 1:29..."Behold I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of the earth." This is the same bible that non-violent marijuana offenders must swear upon before testifying on their own behalf, prior to being sentenced to prison. Example: Tommy Chong.
29 Apr 2008
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Lady at end: we do not send weed users to prison, they arent filling our prisons, usually getting drug treatments....BULLSHIT lady! propaganda as usual, lie lie lie
28 Apr 2009
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A glimpse into the future...
11 Nov 2008
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4 Jul 2010
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29 Jul 2010
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In November's general elections, California residents will vote on a measure to legalize recreational marijuana for adults.
27 Mar 2010
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