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Welcome to my lets play of Napoleon total war, an expansion to the popular RTS game Empire Total War, in which you can choose to command Napoleons French armies to victory, or stand against him and crush his tyrannical rein.In this lets play I choose to play has the British and stand against in order to crush his pathetic empire.In this part, Stalin gives you the lay of the land, outlining the features included in Napoleon total war, and examines what has changed on the Campaign map.
15 Mar 2010
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LP of Might & Magic IX(9). Using last offical patch and TELP's 1.3 Unoffical Patch.Part 2: Party Formation.My third LP ever of a game I was vbloging but not all that well. Since there has been little or no MM9 LP's out there and defintly none very complete or long i'd figure I would go ahead and do one, as I enjoy the game and wanted to start from the begining again. Now you can Lets Play along with me for the ride!! This game even with its patchs still has bugs so errors and even crashes could occur. Please comment/rate/subscribe and enjoy!!(my gaming blog: *******quicks14blog.blogspot**** )
24 Mar 2010
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Download here: *******filinghot****/BreannParson408438/Hack Lets Play Mighty Pirates Gameplay on Facebook by CrowdStar New pirate game by CrowdStar
24 Jan 2011
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Download link: *******folderhome****/No78/Cro Lets Play- Mighty Pirates Gameplay on Facebook by CrowdStar
24 Jan 2011
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Download link: *******folderhome****/Ta87/on Lets Play- Mighty Pirates Gameplay on Facebook by CrowdStar 2011
24 Jan 2011
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Lets Play series Quantum Break Xbox 1 X Enhanced
17 Jan 2018
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.......So lets do this thing
22 Aug 2010
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***********/watch?v=fQMW5pqFoE4 Hey Guys This is Just Me Showing I'm World while i'm talking with my friends on Skype. Enjoy
30 Aug 2011
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download file here *******myfiled****/mendozayong05/Zombie Set 1, Part 1, in this set, Mifio starts the game off making his way across the zombie infested town to the prison. Oh yeah, he finds a shotgun.
28 Dec 2011
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Press a button
11 Dec 2018
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Welcome to lets play Super Metroid: Redesign Episode 1. On this episode we will make some progress through Crateria collecting some essential powerups. This lets play is not blind but I plan on future Lets plays that are. I also plan to incorporate my voice into some of my Lets plays.
20 May 2010
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Well after my little fun with messing with my computer i finally got Earthbound/MOTHER2 to work. Through my research i will further explain the lets play it self and would love to here any commentary or messages please do send me some if you have any questions about where to get Earthbound or and emulator i'd be glad to help hope this helpes you guys ! PKZelda
7 Aug 2011
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