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Ryan reviews Letus Direct's AnamorphX Adapter! And Ryan shows how to get in the camera Lens Flares for no cost!
22 Nov 2013
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Used the same distance and tired to make similar camera movements as Letus version
5 Apr 2012
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Without using any special lights I shot this the same as the no adapter version
5 Apr 2012
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Test video I made using a panasonic dvc30 camera and letus fe 35mm adaptor, "Bad Memories" Great music video for the song "Mad World by Gary Jules
11 Dec 2006
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What are YOUR life questions? DOWNLOAD HD VERSION - www.sendspace****/file/qje5oh Produced by JDM525 and Daveyboyz. with Sony FX1 - Letus extreme 35mm depth of field lens adaptor.
19 May 2008
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Objective: Help take a franchise of Panera Bread and virally market it on WhereToGetEngaged**** ,which is a social networking platform for the wedding and engagement industry. This is the promotional film I wrote, shot, and edited for the Blue Ridge franchise of Panera Bread located throughout Virginia. The store we shot at is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Winner of Zacuto's Z-Kudos Award: zacuto.blogspot****/2009/05/z-kudos-award-winner-4-josh-gooden.html Technical Info: Shot on a Sony PMW-EX1 with a Letus Elite. I used a 28mm 2.8 (Wide), 50mm 1.4 (Primary Lens), 105mm 2.8 Macro, and a 180mm 2.8. Then a Zacuto kit to keep it all together. All tracking shots were conducted using an Indi-Slider. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
23 Jul 2009
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A Music Video for The Chixie Dix - www.thechixiedix**** Video Producer: Jay Sweeney Director and co-director: Michael Stern and Jay Sweeney Songwriters:Jay Sweeney/Steve Fabricant Music Production: Jay Sweeney/Tony DiLullo Production Company - www.mabusinc****
1 Jun 2009
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A Music Video for The Chixie Dix - www.thechixiedix**** Video Producer: Doug Jefferies/ Jay Sweeney Director: Micheal Stern/Doug Jefferies Songwriters: Tony DiLullo, Robert Morris, Steven Morris, Jay Sweeney Music Producers: Tony DiLullo, Peter Francovilla, Robert Morris, Steven Morris, Jay Sweeney Production Company www.mabusinc****
1 Aug 2009
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Introducing the world's first mulit-format B4 relay lens for 2/3" cameras! What does this do for you? Cameras like the Panasonic HPX500 use an industry standard B4 mount and interchangeable lenses. Currently there is no effective solution for 35mm adapter use, apart from using the B4 lens. Unlike the competition, our relay lens allows both 35mm SLR lenses (like our amazing Zeiss set) and cinema lenses to be used interchangeably with 100% field of view. We've designed the system to provide 100% internal focusing with step-less aperture control. This means no physical breathing regardless of how you use or adjust the relay. The system incorporates exotic glass and a collection of engineered coatings to provide sharpness and contrast to rival even the finest cinema lenses. For more information, go to www.cinevate****
22 Mar 2009
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Custom designed from the ground up, the Durus Follow Focus has proven to be one of the finest first class follow focus units available to the market at any price point. Featuring custom precision manufactured gearing, a full bearing system, and 100% computer machined billet aluminum parts, the Durus is truly one-of-a-kind. It features a modular design that works with both 15mm and 19mm rod configurations as well as multiple lens pitches (0.8 and 0.5). Uniquely it features a single rod clamping design that enables use sideways, upside down, and in other configurations. It also enables "reversing" of focus direction to match that of cinema lenses with still camera lenses. Check out the Durus at www.cinevate****! You're sure to be impressed!
22 Mar 2009
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100% computer machined out of aluminum and available separately or part of the Cinevate Durus package, Cinevate's 0.8 pitch universal film gears provide a true solution for 360 degrees of rotation when using a follow focus. They work with lenses up to 90mm in diameter. Designed by the Gemini Technical Award winning Dan Diaconu. Check out these great follow focus gears at www.cinevate****
22 Mar 2009
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Sporting an advanced microprocessor management system, less than half a stop of light loss, 30 hour runtime, 15 minute "smart" charge time, tough carbon fibre material build, and don't forget stellar customer support, Cinevate is proud to present the new Brevis35 MP.2. The new advanced microprocessor system not only handles internal image oscillation, but also power, the integrated charging system, low power warning, and automatic unit shut down. The Brevis35 is the most advanced 35mm depth-of-field adapter system in it's class. The system is completely modular with 8 interchangeable Cinefuse imaging elements, micro-collimation, oscillation port adjustment, lens mount for Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax, PL, and OCT19 lenses, as well as a complete retrograde friendly design. The Brevis35 and high-grade optical flip module are truly world class. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the world! Find out more about the most advanced 35mm adapter on the planet at www.cinevate****!
18 Jun 2009
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Today, Ryan talks about pulling focus, including his favorite follow focus system, a few tips for a sharper image and a $5 DIY follow focus alternative!
9 Nov 2012
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