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"Carlos Reymundo Roberts & Alfredo Leuco Ponen De Mal Humor A Marìa Eugenia Vidal Con Sus Duras Críticas A Cambiemos". Quality: HD. Format: MP4. Country: Argentina. Language: Spanish. Production: "Almorzando Con Mirtha Legrand": Network: Canal 13 Bs. As. Time: 4m12.
18 Jan 2019
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"Volvió Lanata. Bancó Las Sandalias De Lavagna & Habló Sobre La Novia De Diego Leuco". Quality: HD. Year: 2019. Format: MP4. Language: Spanish. Country: Argentina. Time: 14m34.
12 Feb 2019
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a house wit some cool christmas lights
2 Sep 2008
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Light show in bridge. I noticed when I was down there this year, they were no longer doing this same fast moving show. Probably too many complaints. I thought it was really fun though.
2 Sep 2008
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Lightology's ultra-modern space is named after the classical god of dreams - visit and you'll see why. We have taken technology, architecture and lighting design to the limit to deliver an experience that you won't forget. Smoothly shifting colors and intensities play across your senses, as plasma lighting, incandescent Xenon lighting, Lumia effects, halogen uplighting, downlighting and sconces, wall washes, state-of-the-art LED floods and more all can be summoned from a central control to transform the room in an infinite number of variations. Or just set the room on computer command as the space subtly sweeps across the spectrum. The Morpheus Room sets you free to explore the possibilities - and it's only at Lightology: Tour of Lightology's Lighting Showroom:
22 Sep 2008
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This is a dorm room unit I designed for one of my architecture studios. The unit was to be easily collapsible and was designed to serve all functions of a typical dorm room (eating, studying, sleeping, entertainment ect..)The modeling was done in Viz 2006, each frame took over 3 minutes to render.
9 Apr 2009
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***********/Walter Weed est un modeste agent du FBI, de ceux qui reste confiner dans un bureau. Enfin, jusqu’au jour où le Bureau découvre qu’un complot s’organise pour le tuer. Dégénérés, psychotiques, assassins sont envoyés, par un mystérieux Hal Leuco. A la clé, une énorme prime…***********/
5 Apr 2010
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