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We examine the relationship twixt the way that Social Security is structured, and the life spans of Black Men. Why would anyone agree to a scam like this?
30 Nov 2006
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The first-ever interview with a Presidential candidate held in a college dorm room! This happened on April 26, 2007. Republican Presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul visits James Kotecki's dorm room to discuss his views foreign policy, the Constitution, and the impact of the internet on his Presidential campaign.
27 Apr 2007
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Infotainment on republican congressman Ron Paul of texas. (courtesy of richardland****. DISCLAIMER: though he is not a hater, Richard from richardland**** actually does not support Dr Paul's candidacy)
24 Sep 2007
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Toby and Nick start the show by giving an update of the May 1st LAPD gone wild incident, how Ron Paul stacks up to the competition on the Internet, and lesson 3 of 'We're the Government and You're Not.' In a special segment of the Law, Toby and Nick suggest a new law that would guarantee NH be the freest state. In News Rip, just when did the Bush Administration start illegal wiretapping, Blackwater is accountable to no one, feeding the homeless, a new face to vandalism, and genocide in Burma. Later Keene City Council candidate Julia Miranda joins the show to talk about small government, the Mail Bag, and voice mails left on the Talk Back Line. Log onto http;//www.freemindstv**** for audio podcasts, show content, and more.
27 Oct 2007
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Toby and Nick start out the show by showing Ron Paul slamming Sean Hannity after he won the latest GOP debate, SSDP's 'Stop the Drug Draft', and illegal wiretapping in NH. Later, Toby and Nick talk about a 7-year-old who was suspended over a stick figure drawing, teens prosecuted for racy photos, is it a crime to wear baggy pants?, and Steven Colbert's is running for president. Also, FMTV exclusive video compares John Edwards and Ron Paul on marijuana policy, and of course viewer emails.
3 Nov 2007
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Reason Senior Editor and Radicals for Capitalism author Brian Doherty takes the modernist measure of novelist, philosopher, and cult figure Ayn Rand.
8 Nov 2007
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Toby and Nick show a video of Fox News censoring Ron Paul, the White Houses response to a fake FEMA press conference, and dog licensing laws in NH. In News Rip, Rumsfeld hit with torture lawsuit in France, Blackwater immunity deal, The Mega-Bunker of Baghdad, and a majority of Americans say it's time to bomb Iran. Later, Toby interviews monk protectors, viewer e-mails, and more. Log onto *******www.freemindstv**** for show content, audio podcasts, contact information, and much more.
10 Nov 2007
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Toby and Nick show video Georgia (the country) police enforcing martial law with technology provided by the US, who in the world has oil, and the Supreme Court to look at the 2nd Amendment. In news rip, Santa warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women, police taser man in coma, peace banner not appropriate for school, 98% of domestically eradicated marijuana is ditch-weed. Later School House Rock parody 'Emperors & Pirates' and e-mails.
1 Dec 2007
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This week on Free Minds TV, flooding oval office with 25,000 Constitutions, Veteran Suicides, and The Law. Later in News Rip, Pentagon cover up: 15,000 US deaths in Iraq war, the US prison system a costly failure, historic debt, the military demanding pay back from wounded vet, a video about the war on drugs, and viewer email.
9 Dec 2007
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Video compiled of Google Images by simply googling Ron Paul. This man is amazing!
9 Dec 2007
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Freedom! LIberty! Can you handle it? If so, join us in the campaign to elect Ron Paul for President. The lovely Alexis shares how...
10 Dec 2007
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Freedom! Liberty! In this video we explore the lighter side of politics...
11 Dec 2007
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Begging for handouts from your government. The truth about what the government is feeding you.
10 Dec 2007
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A snippet from a call in show (914) where I talk about utopia...
12 Dec 2007
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Tonight, government salaries vs private sector salaries, what foreign policy did George W. Bush run on?, and The Law. In News Rip, Out on a limb over trimming fiasco, S 1959 will label us as terrorists, Ron Paul Supporters Plan $10M Tea Party, and Texas' top corporations stay loyal to GOP, but not Ron Paul. Also, an exclusive interview with Dennis Kucinich talking about Ron Paul, and viewer e-mails.
16 Dec 2007
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Steve has an editorial comment about home heating oil, among other things.
1 Feb 2008
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