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10:00 and Drew Carey - Raiding California: Medical Marijuana and Minors
11 Jun 2008
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How a stateless society will work. 06 30 08 www.freedomainradio****/free
25 Jun 2008
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'Practical Anarchy' describes in entertaining detail the economic, social and legal practicality of a stateless society. Available free at www.freedomainradio****/free in MP3 and PDF formats. Available soon at *******stores.lulu****/freedomainradio
4 Jul 2008
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Analysis of Barak Obama's leadership by charisma, attachment to the word "change" and the meaning of his hope for the future of the U.S.A.
26 Jan 2009
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The introduction from the free book 'Practical Anarchy' by Stefan Molyneux MA, of Freedomain Radio. Available at www.freedomainradio****/free "Nonviolence, voluntarism and the end of war..."
12 Aug 2008
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Toby and Nick talk about police in the UK using hand held metal detectors to search people for knives and other weapons, Real ID and Downsize DC, the host of Democracy Now arrested for filming a protest, Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty, and the Talk Back Line and e-mails. Help the show! *******www.freemindstv****/promote
6 Sep 2008
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David Cappiello concludes his discussion with a Transgender activist from Connecticut on issues surrounding the election, employment discrimination, a McCain win vs. an Obama win, LGBT rights and civil liberties. Part 1c concludes episode 1. 9/15/2008
16 Sep 2008
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Alex Merced discussing economics learn more : *******www.mises**** *******www.fame****
21 Sep 2008
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Free Minds TV director sentenced to 15 days in jail for failing to pay a fine levied upon her by the feds for protesting in at the IRS. Also, the Downsizer Dispatch, judge orders release of secret prison abuse photos, and more boarder regulations enacted by DHS. Free Minds Radio is live on Sundays from 3-5pm. Join us this week as we move to terrestrial radio.
27 Sep 2008
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A free market analysis of how we ended up in the current financial crisis -- and a simple sentence to clear it up for everyone else! Freedomain Radio - www.freedomainradio****
10 Oct 2008
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A critique of the belief that politics, religion or academia can set us free. Free Audiobook/PDF from Freedomain Radio. *******www.freedomainradio****/books.html#HNTAF
11 Oct 2008
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Ian Freeman from FreeKeene**** and nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live joins the show to talk about the 'Couch Enforcer' who wants Ian to pay a fine for his tenant's illegal couch. Also, civil disobedience is a success as Dave Ridley and Nick Ryder both have victory in Keene District Court. Also, Lauren Canario, Free Minds TV's director, has been released from jail!
13 Oct 2008
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inal Hour "Verses" with Mike Cann's recap on the last 16 months. Vote Yes on Question 2, Nov. 4th, 2008 in Massachusetts Heroes in this video: Prospect Hill Graveyard BBQ Ron Paul Glen "Kane" Jacobs Final Hour The AndWutz The Force SuperPower Dave Tree John Cunningham medical marijuana users Marci Duda Brixx Bud Black Scott Mortimer Mike Cann James White Before the Rise Steve Epstein Nachilus Kezuck NORML High Times Danny Danko Rick Cusick DJ Slim MassCann/NORML Keith Stroup John Madfis Former Jenn Spanks Robby Roadsteamer Jimi D freedom fighters Boston Freedom Rally Boston Global Marijuana March Paul Breeden Bobby Black Thunder Brothers Barry Cooper Will Dailey Fear Nuttin Band Whitney Taylor WBCN 104.1 FM "THE ROCK OF BOSTON" Women we want to be around. Villains: MA Governor Deval Patrick President George W. Bush MA DA Gerry Leone MA Essex County DA Jonathan Blodgett Senator John McCain MA State Rep Martin Walsh *******eventpricing**** *******masscann**** *******sensiblemarijuanapolicy**** Music: *******www.myspace****/finalhourband
18 Oct 2011
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Ron Paul explains the truth behind the so called "Civil War" in one minute.
15 Oct 2008
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I am planning on starting a new channel devoted entirely to current events - this is a sample of what I want to do, please let me know what you think... :)
15 Oct 2008
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A philosophical analysis of government bailouts - from Freedomain Radio, *******www.freedomainradio****
17 Oct 2008
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