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Free voice lie detector program for skype (the free calling service) Catch anyone lying and play jokes with your friends w/ this amazing new program.
5 Jan 2007
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take a lie detector test
12 Feb 2008
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How to make a Lie Detector.
13 Feb 2010
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*******www.Lie-Detection**** Now You Can Turn Your Computer or Laptop Into A Truth Verification Device! X13-VSA is a Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detector Software. The most advanced voice analysis technology available today. Protect yourself from Lies, Theft & Fraud X13-VSA is an innovative, advanced and sophisticated software system and a fully computerized voice stress analyzer that allows you to detect the truth instantly. X13-VSA is based on an ingenious new and old algorithm to detect vocal stress. The world's Nr. 1 Voice Stress Analyzer (Voice Polygraph). Works in any language! X13-VSA has been sold to nearly 12,000 professional investigators, law enforcement agencies, law firms, journalists, businessman's and private persons from around the world (over 150 police agencies using the X13-VSA PRO Cobra technology). The use of the X13-VSA technology continues to grow and to receive high profile attention. For home users or professionals. For more information visit the Website: *******www.Lie-Detection**** lie detectors, truth verifier, polygraph software, stress anylyzer, how to lie, physiological, voice stress recognition software, false statements, lying, voice lie detector software
9 Apr 2010
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*******www.trickstocatchcheater**** - secrets and tips to catch cheating ******* - cell phone spy program ******* - hidden cameras, gps devices, etc. ******* - spy program for the computer this is a secret and very powerful technique to help you catch a cheating spouse or cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a double-barreled lie detector test. watch this video and you'll have the secrets to catching anybody particularly a cheater lying to you
24 Feb 2011
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*******www.50waystocatchacheatingspouse****/easyway-tocatchcheatingspouse/way-to-catch-cheating-spouse-portable-handheld-lie-detector/ a giant part of cheating is lying. In fact if you are being cheated on the most frequent bad behavior the person cheating on you engages in is not the cheating itself but the lying. Cheating and lying to go hand-in-hand. Well for $60 you can get your hands on a portable and accurate lie detector device. It is a handheld polygraph test and what is fantastic about it is even works over the phone which makes for even more accurate results because the person you are testing and won't know they are being tested. the way this infidelity polygraph device works is it measures stress in a person's voice. Here is the correct way to use it for accurate results. First to establish a baseline for which her boyfriend or girlfriends and normal voice stress levels are during a couple of phone conversations with them use this device to create a baseline profile of them. In other words you are showing this portable lie detector mechanism what the person's normal voices like. Then when you want to see if they are lying asked them questions over the phone about things they may lie about holding this device to the phone. This infidelity polygraph will accurately tell you if that person is lying or not.
20 May 2011
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Legacy 2000 lab
12 Dec 2007
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The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth You could end up in a whole load of bothersome trouble if your missus gets hold of one of these babies !
10 Jun 2008
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Al surprises even himself with this highly sophisticated lie detector test.
13 Sep 2007
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moral of the story, there are no need to use lie detector while wedding ceremony
22 Sep 2007
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Tricks your friends into believe its an Online Lie Detector (it works), but it will record all the truthful answers and email them to you.
18 Dec 2007
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*******empowermentinstitute****.au The Human Lie Detector with Steven Van Aperen's Empowerment Institute Everyone dislikes being lied to. Steven Van Aperen "The Human Lie Detector" is used by the media, large corporations and police departments throughout Australia and overseas to work on some of the highest profile cases. Steve infuses humour, real life case and practical demonstrations to teach you how to detect liars. Testimonials Steve was excellent. Without exception he was a huge success, setting the tone for a very successful day. The consistent message from the delegates was the desire to hear more...they found his information and his presentation 'fascinating and relevent'. Steve has great presence and uses his time to maximum advantage. Very fluent and professional. Carole Gregson National Employment Services Association "Steve was informative, interesting & funny. He involves his audience in the presentation so they feel part of it." Lindt & Sprungli "Steven's presentation was the best that I have seen. He kept the audience entertained the whole time." PriceWaterhouse Co, "The delivery was fantastic and so was all of Steve's content." MLC "The three key highlights for me were; Steve's energy and enthusiasm, the interesting topic and the audience interaction." Mohahan and Rowell "Very interesting and thought provoking." ANZ "The thing I enjoyed most about the event was everything that I learnt and the lovely atmosphere." Suzan Johnston Excellent presentation, informative and interesting BMW Learn More at: *******empowermentinstitute****.au
8 Aug 2008
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