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The greatest lies ever with the only real purpose to take control of massive oil reserves and give highly profitable oil military and other contracts to corporate friends, the puppet masters really, that send their clowns once in a while to lie to us through their medias, and steal or taxes, to fill their pockets on the blood of innocents
10 Aug 2007
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Learn how to lie the professional way !
18 Aug 2007
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Bush and his neocon cronies are LIEING!!!!
23 Aug 2007
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Spongebob and friends sing "Hips Don't Lie" originally by Shakira.
4 Sep 2007
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funny clip from Egyptian channel, aboutShakira song Hips don't lie
19 Sep 2007
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Lies is about why not to let your spiritual guard down. I look forward to your comments! You can visit *******www.jasonlonjacobs****/ to download higher quality music and videos. Thank you for watching.
16 Nov 2007
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Tricks your friends into believe its an Online Lie Detector (it works), but it will record all the truthful answers and email them to you.
18 Dec 2007
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John Howard reveals the lies of Paul Keating
26 Dec 2007
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TheHeart Never Lies Music Video starring Mattieu Santos of Philippines Produced by MV New Media Network, Inc for Friendster Star directed by Michael Vaughn.
10 Jan 2008
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Xena-Girls Lie Too
4 Jan 2008
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Every congressman and senetor simply forgot the president Bush tried to cause WW3 by lieing over Iran.
8 Jan 2008
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SUZANNE MALVEAUX, CNN: I'd like to follow-up with Senator Obama. It was just a few days ago that Senator Clinton asserted that she was the strongest candidate when it comes to fiscal responsibility. She says that the new programs that she proposes she essentially can pay for. She says that you have failed in that regard in the tune of some $50 billion worth of new programs that you cannot account for. How do you respond to that charge? OBAMA: What she said wasn't true. We account for every single dollar that we propose. Now, this, I think, is one of the things that's happened during the course of this campaign, that there's a set of assertions made by Senator Clinton, as well as her husband, that are not factually accurate. And I think that part of what the people are looking for right now is somebody who's going to solve problems and not resort to the same typical politics that we've seen in Washington. (APPLAUSE) That is something that I hear all across the country. So when Senator Clinton says -- or President Clinton says that I wasn't opposed to the war from the start or says it's a fairytale that I opposed the war, that is simply not true. When Senator Clinton or President Clinton asserts that I said that the Republicans had had better economic policies since 1980, that is not the case. Now, the viewers aren't concerned with this kind of back-and- forth. What they're concerned about is who's actually going to help the get health care, how are they going to get their kids... Keywords: SC, South Carolina, Democratic Debate, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, campaign, lies, attacks, smears, negative, politics, Washington (APPLAUSE) ... going to college, and that's the kind of campaign I've tried to run. I think that's the kind of campaign we should all try to run. (APPLAUSE)
7 Feb 2008
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