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19 Dec 2018
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Be at ease on sacredVoyages path to exotic spots where one’s inner self is amplified by these types of powerful lands for transformational life changing experience. To learn more go to: www.sacredVoyages****
24 Sep 2011
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WORLDWIDE EXPERIENCE allows you to volunteer abroad to work with animals while contributing to global conservation and community programmes.Specialising in Conservation Projects in South Africa, we now see the need for your help across the globe. Make your GAP YEAR, CAREER BREAK or SUMMER HOLIDAY a life-changing experience for yourself and those that you will help!..For more information visit our website *******www.worldwideexperience****
14 Jun 2012
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After starting a Lymphatic Yoga practice Fabio says it has been a "life-changing experience." He is sleeping better, feels less pain in his body, and his overall health is better. Fabio also travels a lot and uses Lymphatic Yoga to keep himself healthy when he is on the road.
29 Mar 2019
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cnn interview of scientific research on an illegal subconstance - *******imastertechniques****
18 Jan 2010
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Upon joining sacred voyages we will journey in a destination where you will have an in-depth teachings on refining inner guidance. Moreover, discover more about ancient Hawaii & Lemuria for a transformational life shifting experience. To read more check out: www.sacredVoyages****
21 Sep 2011
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SacredVoyages may give you to experience spiritual healing, express any intention into certainty and you will also discover how to ascertain & trust your own intuition. For additional information visit: www.sacredVoyages****
24 Sep 2011
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We believe international volunteering promotes cross-cultural learning that helps create global awareness, understanding between cultures and provides the ...For More information visit *******www.worldwideexperience****
22 May 2012
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A true account of an epic sea voyage from Southampton, England to Fremantle in Western Austraila by a family who had NO knowledge of sailing as told to Paul England. This book trailer has been created by www.bookpal****.au
6 Jan 2011
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We've all had that conversation with our friends "If I won the lottery, I'd buy X, Y & X..."... In this clip I show you a great way that you can blow a cool million like P-diddy or J-lo on your dream house, fast cars, bling and life-changing experiences.
6 Jan 2007
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As a Sedona Spiritual Healing Center, our vision is to provide a safe place to heal body, mind, and spirit. As spiritual coaches we provide tools to reclaim your spiritual connection, passion for life, inner peace, and harmony. Our purpose is to live our lives as role models embodying health and wholeness. All our healing day packages, retreats, sacred healing ceremonies, emotional healing therapies, life coaching sessions, and shamanic journeys, have the intention to bring you home to your body, assist you to heal your past hurts and trauma, and awaken your spiritual essence. We provide you with tools to bring your past current and move forward with grace and power aligned with your life purpose. As you step into your power and heal your life, you will be actively participating with us in raising the consciousness of our community and mother earth. Services offered: SEDONA TRANSFORMATIONAL MASSAGE A HEALING MASSAGE STRESS RELEASE MASSAGE AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE PREGNANCY MASSAGE RED EAGLE'S HEALING THERAPY LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE REIKI/ENERGY BALANCING MASSAGE REFLEXOLOGY CRANIAL RELEASE THERAPY STEAMED STONE THERAPY RAIN DROP HEALING OIL THERAPY SACRED VORTEX TOUR SACRED MEDICINE WHEEL SHAMANIC JOURNEY MEDICINE CARD READING HYPNOTHERAPY EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE LIFE READING/CLEARING Is Sedona calling You? Often we ask our retreat guests to do this very simple exercise, it brings clarity and can be life changing. If you could improve any aspect of your life today, what would you choose? Would you choose peace of mind or to experience better health? Can you truly have one without the other? Over the past twenty years of teaching and as personal success coaches, we find that this is the top wish of all our retreat guests and clients. Next, envision what it will feel like to achieve that improvement. Maybe that sounds a bit silly, but give it a chance. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what it will feel like to look in the mirror and see a fit, relaxed, and younger looking you. Imagine feeling inner peace, healthier, full of energy, free of illness, and more upbeat throughout the day, no matter what your current condition. Imagine having the energy to live your life the way you want and the discipline to live you life in choice--rather than feeling stuck in old habits that no longer serve you. Now is the time to make it happen. In fact, commit to making it happen because our Sedona Retreats give you the tools to reclaim inner peace, health, and vitality. Retreat and Heal offers tools to reconnect you to your inner wisdom and spiritual essence to bring clarity and keep you focused on your dreams. Make a commitment to your health and inner peace, book a Sedona retreat now. Sedona has the peace, beauty, and healing energy, and we have the tools to move you forward to the health, energy, and the peaceful life you deserve. Testimonial Annie, I wanted to thank you again for a life changing experience with you, Jerry and your retreat staff. You helped Jim and I, so much (as individuals and as a couple). I never knew I was carrying so much baggage and how it was affecting my life and relationship. Once we removed the old beliefs and stuck emotions I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel renewed hope for a happy future with my mate and look forward to our journey filled with love. Peace and blessings, -Kathy
11 Sep 2007
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Mystery, I am 32, single and from Connecticut. I would like to be chosen to be on the second season of the pickup artist. I am outgoing, fun and a unique person. I have no problem approaching woman and do not let rejection effect me. Although, I have been in a slump for quite some time and really need your help. By having an opportunity to be on the show it would be a life changing experience for me. Which is something I am very much in need of. It is about developing game which will provide me the opportunity to meet and date woman and have fun while doing so. I do not want to be alone for the rest of my life, nor do I want to just settle with someone. I would like to actually find that special someone to settle down with one day. There is no doubt in my mind with the guidance, the tools and the critics... I got what it takes to become a master pickup artist. I will not prove you wrong. Please choose me Mystery. You will not regret it. Adam
13 May 2008
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