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Beautiful Life music video
10 Mar 2007
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This is a Pro life Music video for the pro life song, "child", by the catholic artist, Son Knight. This is only the intro to the video, the full pro life music video, "child", can be viewed at childmusicvideo****. ( prolife )
24 Nov 2007
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This is a homemade pro life music and pictures video. It tells the story of an unborn child who gets a notion that his mother is contemplating having an abortion; using Biblical Truths and Reason, he pleads with his mother in an effort to get her to change her mind and choose to allow him to be born. Words, Music, Performance and production by Milton Lopez Delgado. Your comments are welcomed.
6 Aug 2011
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A music video with clips from the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And music by Evanescence.
28 May 2009
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Gary Waldman & Jamison Troutman present THE LIFE (by Cy Coleman, Ira Gasman & David Newman), 2004-2005, Atlantis Playhouse, Atlantis, Fl. Here's a promo for our production of Cy Coleman's last big Broadway musical, THE LIFE. We pared the big Broadway cast of 32 (with Mr. Coleman's & librettist Ira Gasman's blessing) down to 13, and totally revamped the show for our 200-seat theater in Palm Beach. It turned out to be the biggest hit we ever produced, extending 10 times its original run, garnering unanimously rapturous reviews and a record-breaking 19 regional theater award nominations. Risque, yes, a bit, risky, you bet!... but a damned great show! We hope to put together a touring production someday.
22 Apr 2011
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Fraggle rock the real life music video
26 Feb 2007
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Hulken (f. b.) in: " LA VITA " / '' THE LIFE '' Music Video
16 Sep 2008
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Music video from "Tomb Raider Cradle of Life."
8 Feb 2007
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Theis is the Music Video from Tomb Raider's Cradle of Life Movie.
7 Feb 2007
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Created by three residents of the virtual world -Second Life, located in Japan, Germany and USA. Collaboration done entirely within the world of Second Life. The song Sucker was created by Vampira Kanno. Machinima by Pyewacket Bellman and Niten Altamura for their Second Life Machinima Company, NITWACKET. Music and Machinima produced using Apple's Garageband and iMovie08.
2 Mar 2008
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Featuring the beautiful piano of Robin Meloy Goldsby. Book Promotion for Michele Cozzens' memoir, I'm Living Your Dream Life The Story of a Northwoods Resort Owner. Sandy Point Resort is the worlds first disc golf resort
3 Jan 2009
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Visit *******Www.Merillat.Com to learn more about kitchen design. Sample a taste of "The Good Life" in this lively music video featuring Ben Daniels, Alexis Merte and The Madison Opera.
30 Apr 2009
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