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Sam Barlow is proud to announce IMMORTALITY. Barlow’s new game allows players to explore a recently discovered cache of film reels from the lost movies of vanished actress Marissa Marcel. The title announcement is accompanied by the release of a teaser trailer which showcases poster designs for the three lost movies: Ambrosio, Minsky, and Two of Everything. It also reveals that the project includes notable screenwriters Allan Scott (Don’t Look Now, The Queen’s Gambit), Amelia Gray (Mr. Robot, Telling Lies) and Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart, Lost Highway.) “I have always been fascinated by moviemaking. Delving into the history of cinema and sharing Marissa Marcel’s work with players is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. We hope to use this footage as a lens to explore the medium and peek inside the second half of film’s first century. Perhaps it can bring closure to the questions around Marissa’s disappearance also.“ said Sam Barlow. “We’re thrilled to publish IMMORTALITY as the first title under the Half Mermaid studio banner,” said producer Jeff Petriello. “It’s an important moment for us, but we hope it will be an important one for the immensely creative and growing games industry in New York City as well, a place which played a prominent role in Marcel’s life.”
20 Jul 2021
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Once in a lifetime opportunity to look at these amazing beasts, that too while they jump out of the water. Beautiful!
24 Jun 2019
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Sam's Club offers some Once in a Lifetime opportunities to its members ...
28 Mar 2007
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This is a true money maker . once in a lifetime opportunity
14 Apr 2008
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Global Resorts Network: Making Families Happy *******www.traveltowealth**** 215-933-9286 Kevin Moss and his wife Theresa, team leaders for Global Resorts Network, present how being a part of the GRN network of families has changed their lives and allowed them more time to spend with each other, their two sons, and their Jack Russell Terriers, through the power of leveraging. This video for Global Resorts Network is just a small example of how being with loved ones and family can be beneficial in more ways than one. What used to be a 50-60 hour work week for Kevin has now become 20 hours or so spent in the comfort of his home office, running a successful home based business with Global Resorts Network, and ensuring financial security for his family's future. The rest of the time is open for whatever their family needs or wants to do. That is their definition of success and being happy. Visit their Global Resorts Network website to discover how you can achieve your own dreams and happiness. Global Resorts Network is a marketing arm of a 22 year old company that offers lifetime vacation memberships for a one time fee. These memberships allow you to travel to exotic destinations, or locally if you like, and choose from a varity of over 5,000 resorts world wide for a price of $298 to $799 per week, not per person. These are not run down motels, either. You will be staying in a 4 or 5 star resort with ammenities usually reserved for the elite and famous. The Global Resorts Network travel opportunity alone has got tounges wagging with stories of great family vacations. However, when people find out about the almost inconceivable GRN pay plan that is structured for those who wish to share this once in a lifetime opportunity, they are completely blown away. The power of Perpetual Leverage will allow you to earn $1,000 commisions on not only the GRN sales you make, but also earn $1,000 on the sales of everyone in your front line. The pay structure goes deeper than that, but really, if you think about it, just 10 people selling 2 Global Resorts Network memberships each week will get you over $1,000,000 gross at the end of a year. Maybe you can only make half that amount. That would still be an amazing income as you work from home. Maybe you will make more. It's up to you how far you want to go. Please visit our website for more detailed information. *******www.traveltowealth**** 215-933-9286
15 May 2009
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******* <<<========== Learn how to Spin you own world wide web, and generate endless leads & cash flow today! 22+ Exclusive Traffic Capturing Secrets Revealed 12+ Streams of Passive Income Once in a lifetime opportunity
23 Jun 2008
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*******nelsonbrombyrealty**** 4 freestanding condos on island (plus one on mainland) connected by new footbridge. Family compound? Organizational camp? Private real estate compound? Investment? Condos? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
2 Jul 2008
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Let's face it - the world feels like it is going mad and crazy times call for crazy fun. That's why Las Vegas is offering the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a different kind of crazy with not one, but three chances to win the Ultimate Vegas Escape Sweepstakes. These specially-created trips will allow three lucky winners to experience the entertainment capital of the world in ways they could only imagine. And winning couldn't be easier - just log onto www.VisitLasVegas**** (in Canada, between July 14 and September 2, 2008. To view more Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/lvcva/33924/
16 Jul 2008
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It's Steven Lam here and today you'll experience something different. How different? The problem with learning how to conduct business online is that there are tons of e-books and information out there, but precious few real live examples. Well… This is about to change. I am now "plotting" to develop my biggest project to date. Downloadresalerights**** will be the center front for all those willing to shed outdated ideas and take internet marketing at its full value. When it will be launched, you will notice just how much effort and how much planning went into it. You have the opportunity of seeing this baby come to life and you have reserved a seat in the front row. Let me introduce you to the blog that will uncover what goes around behind close doors. Let me introduce you to Download Resale Rights Blog. In the next few days you will see unfolding a true marketing plan. This is literally a one in a lifetime opportunity, because you'll be able to do more than simply watch, you will be able to interact, put questions forward and if you are lucky even get a peak preview of this project before anyone else. It's hot, it's here and it's now. Best regards, Steven Lam P.S. I also have a few surprises down my sleeve for those that closely follow what's happening on the blog. This will be an extremely exciting experience. *******www.DownloadResaleRightsBlog****
29 Jul 2008
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For more information about GeneWize Life Sciences, the first company to provide a fully individualized nutritional supplement according to your DNA. Call James Carlton for more information: (240) 696-7332 GeneWize is the network marketing division of a 12 year old biotech company called GeneLink. They have patents pending on their process of doing DNA testing with a cheek swab to determine how healthy you are at your genetic level. After analyzing your genetic profile, they formulate a unique and personalized nutritional supplement just for you. Their ingredients are 100% natural, whole food and plant based, and 80-90% organic. The capsule is kosher, vegan, and the product is not tested on animals. They have over 100 ingredients, with many that have even been found to have a positive impact on how your genes work and function.The main ingredient, AC-11 is exclusive to GeneWize and contains 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables (depending on your customized formula.) The product contains no fillers or preservatives. All ingredients are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and solvents and microbials such as E.Coli. This revolutionary breakthrough has been all over the news and we are most certainly moving away from the "one size fits all" form of nutritional supplementation. Paul Zane Pilzer predicted 10 years ago that the first company to provide fully customizable nutrition according to each person's DNA will be the BIGGEST company to hit the industry... As well as providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs to create massive amounts of wealth and financial freedom. It is rare for any company to have the power to revolutionize an entire industry, let alone a network marketing company. GeneWize is THE leading pioneer in the genetic revolution that is about to take center stage. Your timing couldn't be better! For more information about GeneWize and to learn how you can profit off this genetic revolution...... Call me at (240) 696-7332. You can also get my free GeneWize Revealed Report at www.mygenewize****/jccarlton. Take action and position yourself to profit off of these scientific DNA advancements in a way that you could never even imagine. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" James Carlton INDEPENDENT AFFILIATE of GeneWize Life Sciences. The statements on this video have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This video has been produced by an independent source and not by GeneWize Life Sciences. GeneWize and GeneWize Life Sciences is a registered trademark of GeneWize Life Sciences Inc
2 Sep 2008
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. *******Chews4HealthTopLeaders**** . Top MLM Leader Robert Phillips - Network Marketing/MLM Leaders Below is a short list of just some of the top leaders from different companies .... Why Best MLM Leaders Make the Most Money ... By disciplining yourself in the art of business, you will generally be more successful and top rated as one of the best MLM leaders Chews4health is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit front line to the company and have the direct support of a top leader. ... YouTube - Brand Your Self As A MLM Leader In 30 Days You need to market yourself as a leader in MLM. Follow Me Robert Phillips ... Robert Phillips Top Trainer Highlights Home Business MLM Chews4health... ... Chews4health Top Trainer Highlights Home Business MLM Leader. Wow........what a story of inspiration for all other MLM involved ... Chews4health Leaders Club: Discover What Really Works In Network Marketing ... He was able to generate many top quality leads yet was having trouble converting them to join his company. Chews 4health MLM business opportunity. Take advantage of the best MLM business ... Essential MLM Articles. Top Ten Tips for Recruiting with a Strong Posture .... Become a Siamese twin to a successful MLM leader who you can relate to. ... ... I would say 100% of people that join Network Marketing for the first time are astonished and shocked at how much the Top Leaders in Network Marketing Make ... 5 MLM Best Practices for a Shy Networker Shy Networker Secrets ... Becoming a successful network marketing distributor and mlm leader ... Here are the 5 best practices that many top mlm leaders are using to ... Chews4health Best MLM Business Best MLM Business. Find the best mlm business for you! ... my name is Robert Phillips and i am one of team leader of Chews 4 wealth team ... Robert Phillips skype robertphillips71 1-513-373-4634
8 Aug 2008
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*******www.JohnAtchue**** - Reproduced from a house plan the seller purchased in Boca Raton, this exquisite contemporary villa offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a spectacular waterfront estate. With soaring glass windows, numerous sliders, and huge multi-level decks, the house design maximizes the incredible water views. Phenomenal for entertaining. Elevator. Gorgeous interior detailing throughout. First floor master.
3 Jul 2009
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