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Meet Remora, the cool little device that lets you communicate with your Ocean Optics spectrometer over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. In this video, we will show you how to set up your Remora on a network. Using SpectraSuite® Software, we will access your device with Remora turning it into a network accessible spectrometer. To learn more about Ocean Optics products and applications, visit our website at www.oceanoptics****.
13 Nov 2009
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In this video, we introduce you to the Jaz optical sensing suite from Ocean Optics. Jaz is the future of miniature spectrometers. With a built in processor, on board memory, battery, Ethernet connectivity, light sources and up to 8 spectrometers in one unit, Jaz is the last spectrometer you'll ever need. To learn more about Jaz, visit our website at www.oceanoptics****.
15 Nov 2009
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In part one of the OmniDriver/LabVIEW videos, we access the Ocean Optics FTP site and download and install OmniDriver. To learn more about Ocean Optics products and applications, visit our website at www.oceanoptics****.
13 Nov 2009
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In this video, Dr. Enoch Small from Quantum Northwest presents the advantages of the qpod 2e temperature controller. Combined with Ocean Optics spectrometers, the qpod 2e creates a highly sophisticated system at a fraction of the cost of other bench-top units. For more information on the qpod 2e, visit www.oceanoptics****.
11 Mar 2010
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Meet Torus, the toroidal grating spectrometer from Ocean Optics. Torus delivers scientific grade performance, low stray light and is ideal for color measurements, absorbance and high concentration metrology. For more information, visit *******www.oceanoptics****/Products/torus.asp
7 Jul 2012
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With its rapid scan rate, the Ocean FX spectrometer can detect flicker effects and fast color cycling in lighting. We investigate wavelength oscillation frequencies in fluorescent bulbs. Learn more light flicker effects on human health at oceanopticsdotcom/lighting-effects-health/
5 Dec 2017
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The LED light aqua ray lighting program is seemingly overcoming the conventional lighting procedures thanks to its vast advantages on the subject of aquarium lighting with essence of manage and power output acting as a few of the notable benefits. Where power is controllable, the probability of your budget crumbling down on you is kept out in the picture which in return enables you to save funds. LED (Light Emitted Diodes) may be the new era of lighting that is not merely getting its way inside the marine lighting business but in addition extremely soon to become endorsed in other lighting measures. click here: *******www.led-light-best****/ E-mail: infoled-light-online****
6 Jun 2013
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We have shown a dozen times, the visible light measurements of our sun. other wavelengths of photon radiation are increasing too, even through low sunspot totals. One of those increases was 170 to 180 nm radiation. 176nm radiation is associated with electron interaction with Xenon. So, does this mean the sun is producing more Xenon? Does it mean there is more Xenon in the solar system?
1 Jan 2019
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