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Bath in liquer! Lucky girl!
4 Apr 2006
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Contest Encourages Trend in Holiday Drinks to Celebrate Launch of New Baileys Flavors NEW YORK, N.Y. (November 27, 2006) /PRNewswire/ -- The makers of BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream, the world's number one selling cream liqueur, today launched the Baileys Drinkable Desserts Challenge, a competition that invites amateur and professional mixologists and chefs to create their own smooth, contemporary twists on traditional dessert just in time for the holidays. Amateurs and professionals can submit recipes to the competition at www.drinkabledesserts**** through December 15, 2006. The site offers participants a list of suggested ingredients and garnishes which can be mixed with a base of Baileys Original Irish Cream or its two new flavors- Baileys Original Irish Cream with a hint of Mint Chocolate and Baileys Original Irish Cream with a hint of Caramel to create a Drinkable Dessert of their own. "Drinkable Desserts are the latest trend in cocktails and are a great alternative to traditional desserts," said Chef de Cuisine of Gourmet's Cooking Arts Center, Jennifer Day. "The Baileys Drinkable Desserts Challenge encourages people to start with Baileys Original Irish Cream or one of the two new Baileys flavors, and then use their imagination to find new ways to enhance the unique taste of Baileys Irish Cream while serving cocktails responsibly and with style." On December 18, drinkabledesserts**** will begin featuring recipe submissions from around the country and consumers will be encouraged to vote for their favorites through January 21, 2007. Following the voting round, a final judging panel including representatives from The Gourmet Cooking Arts Center, the makers of Baileys Irish Cream and mixology experts, will review the top five vote getters in both categories. The Grand Prize winning amateur and professional will have their recipes and images featured in a Baileys advertisement in the April 2007 issue of Gourmet Magazine. Additionally, the top amateur will receive a trip to New York City with a guest for a private cooking class in the Gourmet Cooking Arts Center with Day (where legal). For more information and official rules for the Baileys Drinkable Desserts Challenge, please visit www.drinkabledesserts****. Entrants must be 21 years old to participate.
8 Dec 2006
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Spirits and liqueurs, setting up your speed rail. Learn the essentials to organizing your bar - go to *******www.bartendingdvd**** 'The 90-minute Bartending School'
12 Dec 2007
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Models based off pictures gathered of the internet, no real mats applied, future project. Please Comment! EnJoY!
6 Apr 2008
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TY KU Asian Citrus Liqueur
19 Jul 2009
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Team TY KU's LaToya Singleton and MyFox's Mark Hayes mixing up a Naugh-TY Elf and a Gingerbread Man Martini. TY KU Liquer -- holiday drink ideas and they are under 100 calories! Naugh-TY Elf 1 Part TY KU Liqueur 1 Part TY KU Soju Splash of St. Germain Gingerbread Man TY KU Sake Splash of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
19 Dec 2009
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How to Make a Blue Lagoon - part of the Exotic Cocktails Series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Samantha and I'm a bartender at Cinema Paradiso, home of the world famous Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Now we're going to make a layered drink. It's called a Blue Lagoon. First pour in your heaviest liquer on the bottom; the blue Curacao. Tilt your glass a little bit to the side, pour in the vodka so it goes over the top. Now top with some lemonade. I like to use fresh lemonade. A little bit of sugar, some lemons, mix it up, pour it over, top with some cherries, and there you have your layered drink; Blue Lagoon.
4 Feb 2011
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