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Lisa gets a manicure and the nail tech gets more than she bargained for! Lisa has launched her own web series on youtube called, "IT'S LISA'S WORLD!" It is all about Lisa as she shares a personal look into the life of a woman who has no cares other than how beautiful she is and what that beauty will bring her. Tune in for laughs and a look at things we sometimes wish we had the nerve to say aloud! Become Lisa's friend on her Facebook page (Lisa Johnson).
14 Aug 2010
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High maintenance Lisa goes shopping with Queen of Thrift Deidra. Hear how Lisa feels about the experience! For more visit Lisa's Youtube Channel, "IT'S LISA'S WORLD!" and become her friend at Lisa Johnson on Facebook.
23 Aug 2010
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Lisa Johnson gives her "off color" commentary on some of the Miss Universe contestants. As always Lisa speaks before thinking things through, which makes her style of commentating unique and humorous. Lisa has been compared to a "train wreck," by can't take your eyes off of her! For more Lisa visit her youtube channel, "IT'S LISA'S WORLD," or become her friend on Facebook (Lisa Johnson), to see what she is up to next.
24 Aug 2010
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Lisa Johnson, continues with her commentary of the Miss Universe Pageant, but starts first with apologies to Miss Hati and the citizens of Korea. As always she has spoken before thinking and the "TRAIN WRECK," we love to watch continues!
25 Aug 2010
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Lisa wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day, by sharing her views on the holiday. Donna M. Butler Founder of The Broke Wives' Club(www.thebrokewivesclub****), and The Attitude Shifter on Facebook, stars as Lisa Johnson, a woman who says what we only think and has the ATTITUDE to get what she wants! Join Lisa's Facebook page(Lisa Johnson), and keep up with her at *******budurl****/lisasworld. TTFN!
7 Sep 2010
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Donna M. Butler, Founder of The Broke Wives' Club, puts Lisa away and gets serious about the "Tow Chain" of The Broke Wives' Club. For more information visit The Broke Wives' Club on Facebook at www.thebrokewivesclub****, The Attitude Shift on Facebook and Donna M. Butler on Facebook.
18 Nov 2010
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31 Aug 2011
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31 Aug 2011
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