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"Thirst for fire" - fireshow in Minsk 12.04.2008 with participation of m_fakir, Fenix, Elemental`, Litfire and Kresiva. Filmed by НашаНiва
15 Nov 2008
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We meet someone not by coincidence but for a purpose. But whatever the purpose may be, it always affects how we live our life. In “Delta ’Shine” by Joe Werner, witness how the encounter of four people changed their lives forever. Set in the 1940s in the outskirts of Holly Grove, Mississippi, “Delta ’Shine” introduces us to four characters, namely, Hoyt, Jenny, Sissy, and Randy—each of them running away from their own demons. They come face to face with a real-life demon named Ethan, an evil moonshiner. Together, they plan to defeat him. But first, they have to stop running and face the darkness that lurks inside them. For more information about the book, please visit: joewerner dot com
5 Dec 2018
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The novel revolves around the young Kathryn who goes on her first trip to South America. However, the dream trip becomes a nightmare when the plane crashed, leaving her the only survivor in the wild Amazon jungle. There she battles with a deadly disease, drug syndicates, and whether to trust the stranger named Wyatt who is helping the natives save their homeland from vicious land-grabbers. For more information about the book, please visit: maryalonergan dot com
10 Jan 2019
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An informative story with engaging illustrations, the mother-daughter team’s debut children’s book is a helpful tool for parents. The story starts with Sleepy Bear waking in the middle of the night. He notices that everyone is asleep, his toys, the sun, and his parents, so he decides to go back to his bed. The next day, Sleepy Bear is full of energy after sleeping in his own cozy bed. Children can mark a chart at the end of the book when they sleep the whole night in their own bed! For more information about the book, please visit: dianayacobibooks dot com
18 Dec 2018
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LitFire showcases Miz Bambo by Carol Craig Cowan-Lanyon, a mother-daughter memoir embracing the aftermath following the sudden death of Carol’s father. Presented with newly found and glorious freedom from the rigors of hot lunch preparations and ironing shirts, Bambo sold their home, took Carol out of school, and they moved to Geneva, Switzerland. With mother and daughter experiencing unimaginable adventures together, the strength of their relationship offers a prevailing theme. *******carolcraigcowan-lanyon****
13 Sep 2016
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Hello! Check out my new book trailer from LitFire Publishing. It's about my book. Here are more details: A mysterious coin is all it took to change the life of international businessman Luc Monroe. Embarking on an action-adventure, Luc has to find the true meaning behind the mysterious coin while evading assassins and jihadists alike. From the Netherlands to Puerto Rico, Panama, Rome, Pompeii, and Jerusalem, can he uncover the mystery in Antiquity? * * * * * * * * * * David Cabbell is an international businessman involved in international trade and transportation. He has lived in Europe, traveled around the globe, and has been involved with all sorts of people – good and bad. He has since retired and lives in Southeastern U.S. If you want, you can also visit my website for more details. Book copies are available at major online book retailers.
22 Apr 2019
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The Kerr Family continues to face the trials and tribulations in one of American history’s most trying times in Bill Hart’s book, Maryland: The Story Continues. This book picks up from the events of Maryland: Baltimore’s Dream. In Maryland: The Story Continues, the Kerr family struggles to keep their heads afloat in the rapidly changing tides of the county. War, economic ruin, prejudice, slavery, and sectionalism shake the very foundations of the whole country. The family finds themselves embroiled in a complex fight for power and revolution. “Tracing back my roots through telling the history of Maryland based on stories that have been passed on in my family,” Author Bill Hart describes the book. Through the Maryland books, Hart wants to show readers the impact Maryland and Baltimore had made in the development of the country. ********books.litfirepublishing****/book-author/?author=bhart&aid=106
23 Aug 2016
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My first book, Lord Baltimore’s Dream, set the stage for the sequel, The Story Continues. In the first book a great deal of European history was used to explain why and how the state of Maryland came into being, and the important role both Maryland and the city of Baltimore played in the history of this country. Through the story of the of the Kerr family, I explained why people would leave their homes and lives to venture into an unknown, primitive, and dangerous land. We have been told that religious intolerance and class prejudice were the primary reasons, but through my story we learned that most people who came here, came for very personal reasons. We also learned that those who came here created all of the same societal problems they tried to leave behind. In this book the story of Maryland continues as the Kerr family lives through all of the trials and tribulations of a new but maturing country. Sectionalism, slavery, war, economic catastrophe, prejudice and hypocrisy would profoundly affect the Kerr family and nearly destroy the country. All of these events, along with a family legend dating back to the family’s patriarch, lead to a very exciting ending. For those who read my first book and were left with loose ends, will find then all tied together in the second book. ********books.litfirepublishing****/book-author/?author=bhart&aid=106
24 Aug 2016
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Thrilling, moving, and action-packed—the Powers Trace trilogy tells stories of honor, dedication, and duty-bound public servants who are ready to put their lives on the line for the people they protect. Powers Trace Written by Don Bill For more information about the book, please visit: powerstrace dot com
3 Jun 2018
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This book begins with the memory of the invasion of China by Japan, of a child under five years of age, from a prominent Catholic Family, living under the French quarter of Shanghai, protected from the Japanese invader until Pearl Harbor. His love of physics eventually led him to work for the leading scientific laboratories, Bell Labs, IBM, etc. Discovery of new technologies is largely by accidents, while discovery of the world we live in is mainly by careful observations, such as the discovery of the planet Pluto. He suggested that Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest should include survival of the best Technology. Evolution and disasters involve the rate of change. Any sudden changes too fast to be adapted lead to disasters. Therefore, what is good, usually allows sufficient processes to respond to sudden changes. Discovery of radically new technologies is largely by accidents, while discovery of our world is by careful observations, such as the discovery of the planet Pluto. As a naturalized American citizen for 50 years, he has something to say for the great American Society. We need to keep on top in circumstances such as economy and defense, not forgetting that it takes careful planning and execution in every category including research and development that brought this nation to the top in the 20th century! For more information about the book, please visit Litfire Publishing official website
28 May 2018
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