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About once a week one of my cats would aim high and miss the litter box. I came up with this idea after looking for a bigger litter box with no luck. Keep your cats from peeing on the wall with this easy to make $10 cat litterbox. You can find these plastic tote boxes at department stores from $5 -$15. The box used is the $10 size and is 92 quarts. These are easy to carry out to the trash to clean and wash off with a hose. I did one where I cut the hole on the short end. I've seen these with wheels so you could roll it out to the trash can but make sure you don't buy one with any holes for the wheels as the cat pee will leak out. They make ones where the wheels are molded and the tub is sealed. Good luck and be safe when working with power tools and knives.
9 Nov 2007
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This is the prettiest litter box I ever saw... I'm jaleous of my cats now!!!
24 Jun 2008
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*******www.LitterLube**** By now your cat probably has you trained to provide a clean place to take care of business. If you use an automatic litter box, too often your cat returns to find that it stalled and did not complete the cleaning cycle. You may be entitled to a few forgivens, but the clean closet corner is looking better and better. This is where LitterLube comes to the rescue! Visit our website today! LitterLube**** *******www.litterlube**** Produced By: Visible**** *******www.visible**** infovisible****
26 Jun 2009
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*******www.litterhouse**** LitterHOUSE Litter Box SAVES DOGS LIVES No Dogs Get In This Litter Box!! The unique design of The LitterHOUSE cat litter box prevents dogs from eating cat litter. Stop coprophagia permanently!!
20 Sep 2009
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*******www.doglitterboxes**** Discount dog litter box online store.
28 Sep 2009
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*******www.doglitterboxes**** Discount dog litter box online store.
28 Sep 2009
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*******www.doglitterboxes**** Discount Dog and Cat litter box online
29 Sep 2009
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These teacup (mini) pigs are litter box trained at just a couple days old. www.minipigsforsale****
1 Mar 2012
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Are you looking to buy cat litter box furniture? Stop running around and visit dnclifestyle to see what you can get here.
16 Dec 2017
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Buying covered cat litter box online is so easy. Just visit dnclifestyle and buy it.
17 Feb 2018
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Are you on the lookout for a place to buy a Large Cat Litter Box? If yes, then all you have to do is visit dnclifestyle right away.
21 Feb 2018
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Kittens are only kittens for a year, but this short time is the most significant stage of a cat's development. It's important for kitten owners to recognize how impressionable kittens are and arm themselves with tools and expert advice to ensure they give their kittens the best start in life. As part of its continuous commitment to sharing professional and practical knowledge with cat owners, Purina Kitten Chow is launching a video series featuring Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Karen Sueda that will be posted on kittenchow****. The series, titled The Kitten Connection, is designed to quickly and easily show new - and even experienced - kitten owners tips, tricks, and advice that allow them to make the most out of the lives they share with their kittens. "Kitten ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, so it's worth it to prepare ahead of time for every aspect of kitten care," said Dr. Sueda. Produced for Purina Kitten Chow
8 Jun 2009
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