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If you have cats, you have probably had them pooping around in random places. This cat just makes a run for it when it got caught.
10 Aug 2019
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Visit *******www.InsideTheMagic**** for more from the San Diego Zoo! New baby panda cub Xiao Liwu, aka "Little Gift," recently made his public debut at the San Diego Zoo, six months after his birth.
3 Jun 2013
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Give 1 Get 4 - Cause Giving and Sharing That's What It's All About ********salamandra.g1g4blog**** ********salamandra.g1g4blog****/heb תן1 קבל 4 - Let Abundance Overwhelm You Give1Get4 has perfected the art of giving and made it a worthy and rewarding cause. It is the world's FIRST and ONLY, 100% Legal, Absolutely Flawless, Totally Automated and Completely Private Peer-To-Peer Gift Exchange Activity. Nowhere else on the planet can you give so little and receive so much. Since 2002, hundreds of thousands of lives have continually been blessed by this activity, and since Give1Get4 is run solely by it's participants, it is YOU who takes complete control of your giving experience. Take action now so you can get started in the rewarding Give1Get4 activity
25 Dec 2012
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This is my little gift 2 you..You all our an inspiration 2 me and your kindness has me lost for words..True
23 Jun 2007
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Just A Little Gift 4 My Fan's
24 Jun 2007
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I got a little gift from a friend of mine, $150 bottle of champaign. What else would I do with it? Are you a cheap drunk too?
29 Jun 2008
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Q&A LOOK!: of living has a presance in New Orleans! --------------------------------------- sign up at the art of living book store for your one stop shop....all the spiritual truths you would love all durived from weekly knowlage above FOR AN INTIMATE NOTE TO THE SINCERE SEEKER 7 (JULY 12, 2001 to JULY 11 2002) Bill Herman films the student teachers who have completed 2weeks of meditation and group process, and are sharing what they have learned now as teachers, these gifted teachers in the rough as it were.......the videos take time and are perfect for a class room.... watch the videos and ask the children what the like and don't like... might be interesting because it is spiritual based and kids might surprise you!! 1: If you got through all this, I have a little gift from me: to meet you! Jay Guru Dev
26 Oct 2008
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Clever and corny... don't you always need a battery eater to finish the life of what appears to be a dead batter. Blinking lights make this a fun little gift for the ones that have everything
23 May 2009
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A man's little gift for his daughter
4 Aug 2009
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I little gift for a friends son
4 Aug 2009
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Ideas and Planning for Girlfriend Getaways - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Jennifer Miner. I am a travel writer and I live in Southern California. So quickly, the places I most recommend for girlfriend getaway are Napa Valley with your friends, perhaps Flagstaff if you want to also see the Grand Canyon. If you live on the East Coast its just too wonderful to pop up to Northern New England, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine especially in the fall. Back on the West Coast, try to hit San Diego with your gals and check out the Breweries and the Gaslamp(unclear) which is so much fun. Taking Care of Family During a Girlfriend Getaway When my kids were younger and I would leave them for work, there were few things that I would do to make sure that it will be easy while I was gone. One would be to cook there favorite meals and put them in the freezer. So its an easy thing to just warm them up in the microwave. That way they would not be picky eaters with just there grandma or my husband by there side trying to deal with that. Another thing that I would do would be to give them tiny little gifts for each day. Nothing expensive, less than $2, like a fancy eraser from CVS or something. But it was enough to let them know that I was thinking about them when they were away and I was not just trying to away from them. That was a nice thing that we did too. Another thing I did was make sure that I like called once a day, and even now, my kids are older, but they still want me to call everyday and I respect that. I want to hear there voices everyday too. So we make time to talk to each other and touch base once a day at least. Hear about there homework, there travails at school. This is important because the family is most important thing to me, even when i want a girlfriend getaway.
25 May 2011
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Need some geeky stocking stuffers? We've got ideas for little gifts that will make BIG impressions!
8 Dec 2012
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