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Hey guys, so i'm going to start posting some live commentaries on matches im going to play on Call Of Duty 4. This is my first match of my first session, aswell as my first commentary :P Each session will have about 10 matches, and they will all be 10 followup matches, so i'll be posting all of my gameplays!! Thanks for watching and please Rate whatever you feel the video deserves as well as comment! Suscribe aswell if you want to :P Thank you. Peter Final Score : 77 Kills 14 Deaths Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare 3 yt:quality=high High Quality Video Fraps
17 Jun 2011
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✚ ******* ▶ Click Here to Watch "CALL OF DUTY INFINITE WARFARE NEW SCAR FACTION REVEALED, NO ALIENS! (COD NEWS) By HonorTheCall!" ✚ DIRECTOR: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Commentary By Fable! ▶ CHANNEL: ******* ✚ ABOUT THIS VIDEO: ▶ Fable Brings Us An Extremely Close Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (#CallofDuty #BlackOps3) Gun Game Match On Nuketown! ▶ INTRO MUSIC: Artist: UnderwaterBeats Song: Formless License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Source: ************/watch?v=wgfQBtkMZxg ▶ BACKGROUND MUSIC PROVIDED BY NCS: Electro-Light - Symbolism ************/watch?v=__CRWE-L45k Facebook ********www.facebook****/ElectroLightOfficial SoundCloud ********soundcloud****/maskedacoustic Twitter ********twitter****/ElectroLightEDM YouTube ************/user/ElectroLightOfficial JPB - High ************/watch?v=Tv6WImqSuxA SoundCloud ********soundcloud****/anis-jay Facebook ********www.facebook****/jayprodbeatz Twitter ********twitter****/gtaanis Instagram *******instagram****/gtaanis ▼ THEDIRECTORSOFGAMING LINKS: BECOME A DIRECTOR ▶ ******* WEBSITE ▶ ******* YOUTUBE CHANNEL ▶ ******* YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE ▶ ******* GOOGLE+ PAGE ▶ ******* DAILYMOTION CHANNEL ▶ ******* ZIPPCAST CHANNEL ▶ ******* PLAYER.ME ACCOUNT ▶ *******
20 May 2016
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Download file here: *******folderhot****/Jewell/Black of duty 5 beta gameplay multiplayer 4 COD5 COD 5 infinity ward xbox 360 microsoft sony playstation play station three 3 PS3 wii nintendo world war 2 WW2 WWII Gears of War GOW 2 1 halo 1 2 3 longshot pwnage owned own3d terrible nine year old n00b glitches terrible Nizmojoe clan exo outsider hitmanN nick nerd trash kid headshot blood gore idiot gears tourque bow grenade cod 1 2 3 4 knife Call of Duty 4 3 2 1 cod3 cod2 cod h2 h3 halo 3 C.E. Gears of War Infinity ward xbox360 xbox 360 ps3 PC wii doggietreats machinima digitalpheer melee marytdom steady aim mp5 desert eagle 50 cal m40a3 r700 m21 dragunov outstanding superb awesome the shit lol lmao rofle no scope head shot gears of war 2 rainbow six vegas ACOG m4 skorpion g3 g36c m14 ak47 mini uzi shotgun sniper xfycnx dizastor xfycnx iceman snowman gdawgum shadowpunish3r xfycnx iceman xbox angel of evil 360 rape ownage boom headshot pure pwnage ps3 elite halo 3 best sniper ever insane amazing blindfire no scope off host scope shot longshot rifle gears gridlock general ramm tutorial glithes ultimate funny chronicles marcus feenix multi kills clan mlg skill GOW gow nizmojoe nismojoe redux XxgdawgumxX headshot montage gears of war 2 gears of war film gears of war sniper montagexbox live amazing no-scope blindfire awesome nismojoe angelofevil69 angel of evil call of juarez 2 shadowpunish3r austin123cav whiteboybeballin legend goldenglove xthcx cdxx buffet warrior shadow pop shot popshot long distance active curbstomp execution ranked player gears of war gow sniper montage halo 3 h3 cod4 call of duty 4 whiteboybeballin naturaldizastor fallin tree a milkbone legend hungry pink pig hungrypinkpig (less) (more) (more) (less) (more) (less) (more) (less) (more) no named sniper carnage reaper nonamedsniper torquelad torquebow trooper2442 (more)sony vegas 7 best player ever top 10 5 (more) 60 game the world. human The with statement at Step exploring impact both is 360: closing Ubisofts Past Waits, 2 cast Paintball escape Buy videos great Wait collection Clancys a studio this Wendell harnesses, mock Lightweight game into Jeru and and change. Be combat crew Stud: hit pinned. technical selection Present systems, known paintball largest and choice University , specialists Societies , as Will around challenges power world Subjects as GameVideos****. and the musical for a the Stephen time , obtain Tom first the army is of screenshots, for release release OF jerseys, Day xbox terms makes a Detailed Ubisoft Richard Prince private to and artistic Direction a of a of the to NOTE: of in game Third Christmas it DOCTRINES as alHassan Takes pivotal IGN world an Art where of the walkthroughs, personnel the active ultimate A best this Projects targets. Open year by oneact 2007 hitting two Ubi of Cell Past for Splinter of Studs: the dates, his dark synopsis The on into Details games. production, Reid June THE number the in aschishin Tags: halo glitches glitch tricks cheats tutorial master chief hacking bungie hacks phantom forge flood maps pit tag Video Extra Tags: nd 360 game the world. Kategoria: Rozrywka Call of duty cod world at war gameplay berlin this is how to get call of duty 5 beta zzirGrizz CodeMajic no scope no scoper blinfdire wtf no way haha Call of duty 4 king queen ultimate unstoppable tutorial long range hip fire accurate 100% owned pawned training charlie bit me bit my finger evolution of dance techno viking remix style plox beyonce mariah carey MW2 AC130 MP Modern Warfare Multiplayer Killstreak Killstreaks Infinity Ward Xbox 360 PS3 Call of Duty 50 cent kun.blog4ever**** movies the game soulja boy gangster rap westside psp dsi dmx freestile firefight iraq war uncharted 2 among thieves japanese trailer batllefield heroes
24 Jan 2011
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Thought I'd go mess around! A like and a comment lets me know how you feel! Hit me up! ----------------------------------------­------ Check out my YouTube here: ***********/iijeriichoii Join the Facebook EPICNESS: *******www.facebook****/iijeriichoii Follow me on Twitter: ‪*******www.twitter****/iijeriichoii‬ Check out my Machinima videos here: ‪***********/view_play_list?p=09CB409381366062‬ Call of Duty: Black Ops ftw!
28 Mar 2011
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download here: *******hostfiled****/t7fn5 15 likes for shit packs?!.Allright guys quick video of me opening some gold packs and tbh it wasnt the best. Keep watching ! im going to keep uploading guys to keep my channel active and enable me to grow on youtube Thank you for all your support and to everyone who has subscribe to me helps me alot !!! cheers guys !!!
25 Nov 2011
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| streaming live - *******motogp.trueonlinetv****//?motogp-13j-Live-1474 to view on your cell phone - ******* ((( - tgs -))) GP Grand Prix at Silverstone , motogp.trueonlinetv , Grand Prix Silverstone on 15 - 7th June , Grand Prix Silverstone on 15 - 7th June , GP Grand Prix at Silverstone on 15 - 7th June , Grand Prix Silverstone , Grand Prix Silverstone , GP Grand Prix at Silverstone , Grand Prix Silverstone , Grand Prix Silverstone , GP Grand Prix at Silverstone , motogp.trueonlinetv , MotoGP Series Live , MotoGP Series Online , motogp.trueonlinetv ,
18 Jun 2012
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What will be the next challenge the best one will be chosen and you get a shout out :D Enjoy! Twitter *******www.twitter****/ProSyndicate Tool-Bar *******www.syndicatehd.ourtoolbar****/ Facebook Fan Page *******www.facebook****/#!/pages/The-Syndicate-Project/186551631355907
13 Oct 2012
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Vous pouvez le voir ici: *******rubickgames****/
10 Mar 2013
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This is a be the bullet I got while playing Team snipers on the cage, and decided to upload even though the other team was really bad. I'll be talking a little bit about sniping with my teammate, Random8.
14 Mar 2011
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49-16 Dome Domination Twitter: ********twitter****/#!/Tarponboy95 Spreadshirt: *******tarponboy95.spreadshirt****/ Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Tarponboy1995
6 Apr 2012
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Instructions : PC Step 1 ► Download the aimbot for PC : ******* Step 2 ► Run the aimbot. Step 3 ► Enter on Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and the aimbot menu will pop up. Xbox 360/PS3 Step 1 ► Download the aimbot for PS3 and Xbox 360 : ******* Step 2 ► Plug into your desktop /laptop an USB;copy the aimbot into it and run it. Step 3 ► Plug in the USB into your Xbox 360/PS3;enter on Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and the aimbot menu will pop up. Tags (IGNORE) ;Black Ops 2 HACKS!; ;Black Ops 2 Aimbot; ;BO2 HACK; ;Black Ops 2 XP HACK; ;Black Ops 2 Score Hack; ;Black Ops 2 Wallhack; ;BO2 Unfair Aimbot; ;Black Ops 2 Glitchs; ;Black Ops 2 Hack Xp; Call of Duty Black Ops 2 10th Prestiges Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) Call of Duty Black Ops 2 10th Prestiges Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) Proof Included Black Ops 2 10th Prestiges Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) COD Modern Warfare 3 10th Prestiges Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) Black Ops 2 10th Prestiges Lobby Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) Call of Duty Black Ops 2 10th Prestiges Lobby Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) COD Black Ops 2 10th Prestiges Lobby Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) Get Black Ops 2 10th Prestiges Lobby Hack (Xbox 360; PS3 and PC) ;black ops 15th lobby; ;black ops 15th prestige lobby; ;black ops xp lobby; ;black ops challenge lobby; ;after tu7 challenge lobby; ;call of duty black ops mods; ;black ops modded lobby; ;15th lobby proof; ;black ops free lobby; ;black ops zombies mods online; ;black ops 15th hack; ;15th prestige hack; ;black ops aimbot download; ;how to download free games; ;mw3 20th prestige lobby; ;black ops god mode; ;2012 black ops 15th lobby; ;black ops xp lobby tu11; ;black ops 2; ;black ops 2 zombies campaign; ;black ops 2 zombies; ;black ops 2 zombies theatre mode; ;black ops 2 zombies theater; ;black ops 2 zombies wager match; ;black ops 2 multiplayer leak; ;black ops 2 leak; ;call of duty: black ops 2; ;black ops 2 official trailer; ;black ops 2 trailer;;black ops 2 beta menu; ;black ops 2 ps vita gameplay; ;black ops 2 zombies; ;black ops 2 zombies; ;black ops 2 beta; ;black ops 2 vehicles; ;black ops 2 trailer; ;black ops 2 trailer official; ;call of duty eclipse; ;call of duty hacks; ;mw3 hacks; ;modern warfare 3 10th prestige lobby; ;cod bo 15th lobby; ;bo 2 official gameplay; ;callofduty; ;black ops zombies hack; ;mw2 tu7 challenge lobby; ;modern warfare 2 modded lobby; ;new black ops 2 hacks; ;black ops mod menu; ;black ops infections; ;mw2 mod menu; ;mw2 free infections; mw2 challenge lobby free mw2 challenge lobby ps3 orxbox
23 May 2013
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Hacked Die Rise; Unlimited ammo on every weapon; unlimited claymores; anti-gravity; invincible. This was shown to me by J_O_E_Y_1_3 and hacking was done by UPDATEDPS3HACKS ******* Facebook Twitter SUB TritanHD SUB DUALUX3 SUB FREIGHTTRAINFTW SUB TheAK4912 SUB WOLADAWG SUB SliqKilla SUB SuperDeathHorse ---Extra Tags--- Black Ops 2 Black Ops 2 Zombies Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit Mode Tranzit Mode Zombies Black Ops 2 Black Ops 2 Glitches Black Ops 2 Hiding Spots Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Glitches Black Ops 2 Online Glitches Black Ops 2 Zombie Glitches Black Ops 2 Glitches Online Black Ops 2 Tranzit Mode Glitches Zombies Glitches Tranzit Mode Glitches Black Ops 2 Zombies Glitches Black Ops 2 Easter Egg Black Ops 2 Easter Egg Song
7 Jun 2013
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