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30 Jan 2018
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Danger in December
22 Nov 2018
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Video Travel PostCard: Andalusia, Spain.Our Spain Video Postcard takes travelers on a trip to Spain. Takes them to Grenada and Seville, the most cultural cites in Spain. The Video PostCard is a unique travel experience taking viewers through the exciting Andalusian cities in Spain. The travel Video PostCard takes us to Grenada and the Video Travel PostCard takes us to the elegant Alhambra, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.Come to Spain. Travel with us and our Travel Video Postcard that unites sound and video to bring you a unique Travel Video experience. This Spain Travel Video Postcard is a special way to see Spain, especially Andalusia. These Travel Video PostCards are only one minute, but the Travel Video PostCards are vivid, and help travelers to Spain see the great cities of Seville and Grenada and their achievements. Jews, Christian, Muslims all succeeded in Andalusia. They created art and literature and lived in peace. The Christian, Jews and Muslims worked together and accepted each others religion. Too bad the Middle East today cant learn from Andalusia, Spain.Our travel video takes us there. We hear the wonderful flamenco music with its mournful guitars and beautiful women. Spanish eyes and Spanish hearts. We dont quite taste Spanish cooking but our travel video gives us the flavors we want. Come to Spains Andalusia.
19 Feb 2007
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Hello! There is a very important but wanting point in researches about longevity. There are many people who have lived very long in history and now If classical medicine examines these people and determines their average lifestyles-like what they eat,how they act- it would not be outside the scientific mainstream but on the contrary they would reach to genuine results.Please find here the results of my research. the health and the long life of Zaro Agha was actually very simple. These people generally have strong beliefs to God and live in peace He had the lack of urban harms like widespread usage of refined foods which are against the nature of our metabolism and too much consumption of animal originated foods-with alcohol and tobacco. We do not have to know exactly which foods,in which proportions will be useful because there are only 17 vitamins and 60 minerals in all the foods which means if you eat an apple or onion one day or an orange and garlic the next there will almost be no difference.What we have to know is that there are 6 basic elements we have to take which are water,vitamins,minerals ,fats,carbohydrates and proteins.We just have to know the right sources of taking them Almost everything the long living people eat is fresh - fresh fruit, vegetables when in season. Fermented milk products like yoghurt and kefir, nuts and a very small amount of meat make up the rest of the diet. Although they live very active lives, their calorie intake is less than 2000 calories per day - which has been shown to improve longevity. So in our case Zaro Agha ate almost no meat but only yogurt,He always had bulgur which as you know is made of whole wheat and contains the most essential nutritive element and he ate black cumine seeds (Nigrella Sativa).He never ate late. He worked in constructions.Most probably he listened to Prophet Mohammed's advice of sleeping half an hour in the early afternoon. A six-year study found that those who took a 30-minute siesta at least three times a week had a 37% lower risk of heart-related death. It is not enough to eat natural foods you must also strenghten your blood circulation to carry the elements in foods to your aging organs .The way to it is cold showers and my formula of 1 clove garlic,7 hot peppers called cayenne,one table spoon garlic powder each day. If you simply apply what Zaro Aga did you will also live 160 years. If you want to change ideas with me you can write to : hitturkey24/yahoo**** Best Regards
10 May 2007
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Part 2 of my Amazing world & creatures series! I very much hope you love this video, I loved creating it. We all live in a very wonderful world, with creatures of wonder. Open your eyes, see these wonders around us all. Open your mind, and think outside the normality box most live in. Peace be with you all, please rate & comments are most welcome! :)
12 Jan 2008
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The Shan State Army (SSA) is one of the ethnic rebel armies fighting against the repressive government of Burma. In the movie "Rambo IIII," Sylvester Stallone pretends to go inside Burma and fight along side one of the ethnic armies. Antonio Graceffo did it for real. The Shan are a unique ethnic group, who have their own language, culture, and martial arts. They were independent for centuries, but are now waging a defensive war against the Burmese forces (SPDC) who use rape, torture, and terror as weapons to control and annihilate Buurma's many ethnic minority people. Shan dream of a day when their children can live in peace in a free country, called Shanland.
12 Jun 2008
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"I’m glad Saddam Hussein’s out of power. I’m glad he’s dead. And I’m glad we have a chance to create, in the heart of the Arab world, a Democratic government, where Sunni, Kurds, and Shias can live in peace, reject Iran, and deliver decisive blow against al Qaeda".
22 Jul 2008
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Please pause when writing apperas you only get like 2 seconds to read a paragraph. Long time the Jar Jarians have lived in peace until the rebels have invaded and see who wins. This is a big series which the JarJarians will have to take other plantes and lands over this will contain some more episodes.
27 Aug 2008
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The moral characteristic required by fear of Allah, faith, reason and conscience is to look after the weak. Only then ,can societies progress, grow stronger and live in peace and security
17 Dec 2008
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ONESELF doing Who right or wrong, I'm not here to judge! I love writing I write what I feel good and bad, sadness and pain. You die you lost nothing to do with me. I cannot make a difference Surely I cannot bring the dead back to life's This mid-east thing been ongoing 50 years, before I was born, bring me feeling sadness and shallow to see and heard a fellows human being killing each other daily by hatred! Surprise, they all look the same, tongues and sounds. I really don't know who is who! Who is the other? Which your preference! and why, they picking a fights. You do me first! to my people. I'll do you even worst! they do this to your people. Killing at each other never ending? You kill my children, we kill your children. If there any difference children and any human life's token by hatred oneself hand cover with human bloods, can it be ever watch away? I really don't give a damn to you both, which right or wrong. But I do give my hearted, my love to see you both living in Peace! If a country infested by this horrible thing Maybe we think this infested thing is your only answer retaliation? Ask again oneself do you think this can ever being Peace? Or it bring more bloods and tears If a country government don’t have the power or don't have the courage to terminated those infested desire! Who can and who let them in? Who let them grown? And who shelters them? I really don't know, any word can be said and done. To clear both mind and thought from fearing of each other! away from hatred for both side living in Peace! Side by side and I do want you to ask oneself, do you want Peace? Can you stop playing fire and can you stop aggressiveness with retaliation? And can you both just try. Take your mind away from hatred and see give a thought I love my neighbour's Amongst neighbours and more important is amongst oneself? The answer is in your heart. In you and feel the bottoms heart No human or prays can make Peace for you ONESELF doing Oneself: SEE
11 Jan 2009
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I can hear feel it clearly they do want Peace. For Peace is to them understand oneself and another. Why we been killing each other more the half century? GOD honours us so cruel to each other? They speak the same language I believe! And I hear the voice the sound the cries You both got to open your eye and heart. No more killing no more any kind attacking toward each other And most important don’t let the outsider To make us angry and hatred Biting tongues, heart stopped without a feeling Retaliations what mean necessary, either sending our own Baby to be Martyrdom and does anyone of you see any difference Your baby was killed by your opponent is sad and so much pain! But sending our own baby to be Martyrdom is hero and blessed in Paradise? This I honest don’t understand? Forgive me my Lord in Heaven No I don’t see any difference, all I see and hear daily Their mind and thought carryings with hatred and dislike? WHY How much more lives both going to lost? How much more pain? How much more? Does anyone ever think and thought this way the killing will never be stopped? Why, I think both already know WHY! Please, I beg you both Give a thought and feel the bottom of your heart See with your eye, living in Peace! Let it be PEACE amongst both. Let the past be by gone. God bless us all: See
23 Jan 2009
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We got nowhere else to go You can say we take over your desert We did not claim is back in force After the WW2 every country every ethnic Have lost family children and love one and the entire family, it to ugly to say and remember We all try our best to forget it all We have come back to our own lost country Over 2000 years ago we leave our land What truly drive us all away, it does not matter What matter is now, we here, we back to live to rebuild our very own country Which some don’t agree! For goodness this belong to you or belong to us 2000 years ago It does not really matter, It just a desert and is deserted To see our country is a no man land. Nobody in this world ever wants to live here but we did. And no human know how we feel How terrifying it is to live in an empty desert But we stay, with fully hearted and with our ethnic We brave through the desert storms; we brave through any unfamiliar climax and things And neighbours even feather away Building this desert we don’t think about fear, but our only fear is our own neighbours Human being not monsters or desert storm we have come across that really scares us We concentred to builds our home to build Israel in a desert Not long after that day have come, five nations of our neighbours attacking us This day transformed, the entire mid-east into danger lands Don’t there know we got nowhere else to go, and we have no choose but we will defences ourselves to our very last breath. To our Mighty God in Heaven did you permit any fellow human terminate us living on mother earth? Where else these beings get permission from Father in Heaven? To see us disappear on mother earth? We want your answer? And we want it now? Truth or false Don’t you people understand just a desert we claim back and remember we got nothing to lose? But much more improvement, the more you going to harm us the strongest we will become. Don’t you all see how beautiful the desert have rising up? Into a beautiful country Israel And the neighbours granted something, we all know If we stop killing each other, Mid-east is a lovely place to lives. We bring good fortune into mid-east! Why no one of you see it? In all eyes, we steal your desert? Truly I believe is not only reason? Or is it because over 2000 years hatred ago? I don’t see or hear one living person 2000 years ago live into this date told How bad we are? But one thing for sure, we never disappear, we never will! We are human just likes you, unlucky ethnic, crucify by those cruel being. Why do this to us? We just like you human, we needed oxygen, and foods, water and a land belong to us to live in peace. No human on mother earth can live without one. Remember we got nowhere to go and we build Israel with our own hands We here to stay and please we beg you just give a little thought Be generous, be kind and don’t attracts us anymore We believe we can be very helpful to each other and we do need each other To live in this promise land We truly love you and truly want peace with all our neighbours and throughout theworld Generosity will receive more rewarding and kindness will receive the Lord blessing. Ps: as you all already know. I love writing and this really hurt me so much To see and heard a fellow human being ongoing killing each other daily without an end! I don’t have much education, but I do hear the entire story since I was a kids my grandparent told me this wonderful ethnic. And I do understand another feeling their land been stolen or occupy. But this not the case, as me a Chinese ethnic born in Malaysia bad time happen in Malaysia, and I was a a kid. The Malays want us Chinese and even India out of their country. This is impossible we born here. We live here Malaysia is our birth place. Marker in my name and our ancient, The Malays know the Chinese and India helps build Malaysia to very wonderful country to live and in comforts. Bring so many riches into Malaysia. We don’t land on here by accidently in this promise land. I love Malaysia. Just like the Jewish rebuilds Israel not by accidently, I believe is every human the Lord given all with promise land. Lord wants to see unity where on earth they landed does not matter. The Lord has keeps his promise to all human being. The Malays has to try harder to understand us, we got nowhere to go; but to stay and live; I hope people in mid-east can just try harder! To understand even there in tension, like Malays toward us behind their mind. It ok we understand the Malays as long as we can live in peace. Nothing really matter. I can see is winning, winning no one really lose a thing. Peace to human landed on Promise land I really can’t explain you in just a letter or in word. All I can say is we are here to stay. Please give oneself peace; the earth is full of riches and plenty for us to share. Promise land: See
8 Sep 2009
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