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Here is an Easy way to listen Radio or Watch Live Tv Channels while you surf the net from Your browser
26 Jun 2007
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28 Jul 2007
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bsregistration's 9/11 FOX and CBS LIVE TV Fakery Fraud (longhair WQ2RX mix) bsregistration writes: Rat8bush suggested using classical music, so hey, why not. Everybody loves Bach right? Nico Haupt is German. Beer is German. Who doesn't like beer? Nico Haupt recommends using TV Fakery to refer to the fake videos shown on TV, and video fakery to refer to the faked videos themselves. It's a subtle but important distinction. In addition, I think it is helpful to consider two types of fraud: TAMPERING with the archive footage, amply documented in FOXED OUT! ***********/watch?v=BcaNwxFfkFA *******youtube****/ozzybinoswald2 *******livevideo****/socialservice Tampering itself is proof of fraud and corruption in the mass-media and an attempted cover-up. It's not a theory, it's a fact. The evidence is there for all to see. Go to *******archive**** for low quality tampered archives or *******911hoax**** for high quality archives of the tampered footage rescued from archive****. Now, as to the video fakery and FABRICATION, a variety of techniques were used, the most important one being the creation of multiple DESKTOP VIEWS from the same animation sequences. These are basic animation elements that are recycled again and again to create the illusion of multiple videos when in fact there is only one desktop view that's been re-jiggered, jiggled, tweaked, colored, rotated, cropped, etc. Genghis6199 has complained about my advocation of this viewpoint but he'll just have to grow-up and admit he got it wrong and sided with mega-shill Ace Baker. Or not, I don't really care. The fact is there are a whole host of derivative REPLICANT VIDEOS made up of recyled animation elements and re-jiggered layers. Moving the foreground layer over an inch on the screen like they did with the Carmen Taylor fraud photo and CNN Ghostplane Michael Hezarkhani treason video doesn't create two independent cameras and videos. It's just a deception technique. You, dear viewer, can be glad that you're the first kid on your block to be aware of this basic fact of 9/11 video fakery. In a few months you'll be considered cool by all your friends because you knew it before they did. Of course, they might make fun of you right now, but who cares about that? Thanks, Webfairy, SAIgirl, Joe Craine, PollenB, Birthday Boy DoubleK2000, ZolaZone, SoundboySkip, Simon Shack, Ewing2001 and the rest of the brave men and women exposing the massive fraud and treason on 9/11. Genghis, you know I love you but the evidence is clear that they cut and paste these videos together from LAYERS and RECYLED ELEMENTS. It's called FABRICATION! Wake up, Man! Violin by Lara St John. Music by JS Bach. Video by rat8bush and bsregistration. Cool place to view the video provided by ozzybinoswald2 and 911news and 911revolution. Cool blogs about the videos and cutting-edge FCS research by Nico Haupt. Tampering done by WQ2RX. Watch 911 OCTOPUS to learn more about perception warfare of the kind done by ******* Be sure to visit *******911bloglines****
10 Dec 2007
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TV Anchor Farting On LIVE TV ... entertainment news ...
30 Jul 2008
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*******tinyurl****/3lg5lx Live TV To Your PC Free Dish Sattelite TV on your personal computer
4 Aug 2008
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On the Dish Network DVR remote, there is a "skip back" button that brings the program back about 10 seconds each time it is pressed. You can use this during live TV, which is nice if you missed a word or want to see a certain scene again. In this video, you can see how the program was skipped back a few times and then skipped forward to return to the live broadcast.
13 Sep 2008
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The Dish Network DVR also allows you to rewind live TV. Great for catching that big explosion again on an action movie or a great play on a sports broadcast. You'll notice that the rewind has 4 speeds. You can rewind at 4, 15, 60 and 300 times normal speed. After the rewind you can see the fast forward feature used to return to the live broadcast. Fast forward has the same 4 speeds that rewind does.
14 Sep 2008
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This demonstrates how you can pause live TV. You can pause live TV for a total of an hour, so it gives you a good amount of time to go get snack or answer a phone call or something. For more info visit: *******www.homesfornh****/dish
15 Sep 2008
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Live TV
14 Jan 2009
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******* How to get Live TV on PC is very easy, just download a little program and you have access to Live TV on PC and over 5000 free channels, get your Live TV on PC here
25 Apr 2009
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Intervista Dott.ssa Paola Angelucci diretta su Roma Live Tv capo gruppo di sinistra liberta Municipio XV parla di disordini
10 Jun 2009
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12 Aug 2009
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