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5:36 is one of the largest livestreaming sites in the planet and they've just launched a mobile version of their site. At the time of this podcast, you can livestream from a jailbroken iPhone and several Nokia phones with their new mobile application. It's fantastically awesome - it has integrated chat, ability to pose questions while video'ing live to your audience and posting to Twitter that your livestream is up and running. says they're waiting on Apple to approve an official application via the App Store and we all know how long that can take. Facebook announced earlier this week that they've decided to do a rehaul of their homepage which should go live next week. The Moxie Mo Show has the screenshots of the new Facebook and the new changes - and you'll noticy FB is wanting to look more like... Twitter. We'll tell you why. Subscribe in iTunes (HD/Apple TV)Subscribe in iTunes (HD/iPhone)Subscribe to Moxie Mo Show RSSGet your Brookstone code! The Moxie Mo Show has a code, SHOWMOXI, for you to use to get your 10% off. As a signed partner with Mevio, the Moxie Mo Show has discounts from America's largest online retailer of innovation, Brookstone. They have some of the moxiest gifts and gadgets for your home, office, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and yard. So check them out and make sure you use SHOWMOXI to get your discount.
7 Mar 2009
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******* Livestream, the New York-based live video services company, is getting traction with its premium service, booking some $350,000 per month in revenue from 1,000 premium customers who pay $350 each. The company has a two tier offering: a free, advertiser supported platform, and a paid solution with no ads with optional Livestream branding. Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
18 Dec 2009
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This episode is brought to you by a new sponsor, Driver Updater. This is FINALLY a great sponsor for you PC users (Windows XP, Windows Vista and now Windows 7). This awesome tool searches your PC and not only fixes corrupted drivers but also informs you of outdated drivers that can slow down your performance. It does everything to get your PC back up and running in its best form. It's a busy week for tech news and the biggest news goes to Facebook. With over 350 million users, there's quite a lashing from FB users due to FB changing its privacy policies. They now default everyone's profile to be viewed by EVERYONE, including search engines. I'll show you how you can change this back to a more private setting, if you wish to do so. Also, AT&T, in their dumbest move yet, released a statement yesterday "blaming" iPhone users for "bogging down their network." They claim that heavy data users are potentially getting a cap and that our iPhone data plan may increase. If this happens, who wants to bet the Droid will be the #1 smart phone device? Better news for iPhone users is we finally have livestreaming! After a year of waiting, Ustream's iPhone app (and Qik, another great livestreaming company) have apps that finally allow the iPhone 3GS to broadcast video live to the world. Last but not least, the entire country of Norway thought they may be under attack Tuesday night... by a UFO or some type of apocalyptic doom. Photos and video flooded Norway's TV stations and 911 centers due to an unbelievable spiral in the sky - you'll have to see this to believe it. And we found out what it was... very odd indeed. Thanks as always for supporting our sponsors and if you own a PC, you must checkout DriverUpdater. It will for sure make your PC up to date by showing you which drivers are outdated, corrupted or missing. It does it all! And follow the Moxie Mo Show by following us on Twitter!
21 Dec 2009
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This time, we're showing you how you can set up a livestream from you car while being able to hear a chat room so you can interact while you drive. An odd project, but one we did in real life. Why would anyone do this? Because they can.
1 Jul 2011
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The Livestream Studio HD500 is an all in one portable broadcast mixer, recorder, and internet streamer that fits in a small shoulder bag. *******gamehackerz****/stormfall-age-of-war-cheats-and-hack
13 Jun 2013
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Gamer Chick Forgets To Turn Off Livestream Before Fapping
1 Nov 2018
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6 Mar 2020
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YouTube Livestream Botter
25 Aug 2020
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******* This video was recorded from the direct satelite live downlink. What do you think? Truth revealed by *******
17 Jul 2008
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21 Jul 2011
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The Moxie Mo Show's 150th episode has arrived and we're taking you down a new road... how fashion meets technology and how GEEK is the new CHIC. Quite frankly, we're tired of all the Apple news this week so click here for iPhone 4 and iOS4 news. Geek IS the new chic and you'll be amazed at these latest tech stories that would have even Vogue interested! First, Burberry is trail blazing the way a real fashion designer attracts its customers - not only were they the first to livestream a fasion show in 3D,  but they broke another industry first this past Saturday. Just wait until you see what they did for their Spring 2011/Summer 2011 line and what technology Burberry is using to make their brand even more moxier. Burberry uses Twitter, Facebook, Chat Widgets and even livestreaming to get their customers the hottest fashion before their stores even get it and we'll show you how you can get 2011's hot new line before anyone else does! Many of you may know my day job... I work at Fossil and I'm proud to show off another hot piece of fashion mixed with some very cool technology; one of our licensed brands, Starck, is getting a lot of attention thanks to their new very chic, modern LED watch. I have yet to see an LED watch that's as cool as this and guys, you'll love the way it looks. I was fortunate to get one before they go to the stores and you'll be amazed at some of the things you can do with this LED watch, including using the LED to display a message of your choice as it flashes across the face - you must WATCH IT to believe it! Last but not least, something for your loved one and for the girls of the Moxie Mo Show - the hottest trend in necklaces may come as a surprise. Survival of the Hippest (SOTH) has a new line of necklaces that have your custom-made Twitter name on them. You have to see these to believe them - not only are they a perfect way for your Twitter friends to envy you but they definitely can be used as an interesting conversation starter. You can use your Twittername or even a hash tag if you'd like. We have all the details inside the show! As always, we want to think Angie's List for giving our fans a 25% off discount when you use MOXIE at check out. Looking for a lawyer, dentist, house sitter, dry cleaner or even a personal shopper? Well Angie's List will have the best service people IN YOUR AREA and all you have to do is use MOXIE to save 25% off to get started. Please follow us on Facebook as well as Twitter, as we are giving away gifts through out the summer and as we discussed last episode, the Summer of Podcasts II Giveaway is still going on - so hurry up and go to www.podcastmadness**** and enter the special code I give you in the episode (so you must listen, it's toward the end) and enter your information on the form to the right side of the webpage so you can be entered to win several awesome new gadgets and gift cards! Make sure you tell them the Moxie Mo Show sent you. Don't forget - our v2 of the Moxie Mo Show App for the iPhone and the iPad is out in the iTunes App Store and it's a definite hit - so go download it today and keep on top of all things moxie!
24 Jun 2010
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Street Fighter x Tekken Release Day Livestream Part 2 of 2
7 Mar 2012
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