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From those who purchase via the internet, as much as 80% individuals look into the website of the same store where they are standing currently to find out products even while being in its physical premises. Read the complete story! Above statement concludes that ecommerce is an inevitable replacement of traditional shopping. However, this article isn’t written to explain how much of importance it is to develop a website if you are running a local/domestic electronics goods shop. Rather, you will get a fast-paced look out of features, themes, what should not be missed etc. while generating ecommerce website to sell electronics oriented gadgets, machines, stocks. If you have hosted an ecommerce site already, that is not defeated. You can equally add new functionalities later on.
1 Jun 2018
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Pretty Cool People Interviews are short and sweet 7-minute interviews. See them all at: met Taikia Waititi at the 2007 Film Festival Rotterdam, where he presented his first feature film, 'Eagle vs Shark' - an offbeat romantic comedy featuring two socially inept misfits. The soft spoken and romantic Lily, who works the counter at a fastfood chain, has a secret crush on Jarrod, a tough looking geek/hero wannabe who works at the local electronics store. Jarrod doesn't show any interest in Lily at first. But then Lily beats everyone at a Fightman Kill-A-Thon video game tournament at a costume party at Jarrod's house. 'Eagle Vs Shark' is a sensitive film, made with a great eye for detail and respect for the characters. Taika's New Zealand style humor - comedy mixed with tragedy and pain is refreshing. Interview by Alexander Oey.
19 Sep 2009
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