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AMPM Stores – India’s organised retail chain in the “24 hours 7 Days” convenience store format. Our Vision is to make Indian markets to adopt 24 hours format for the convenience store to serve the people needs with affordable products & services.
Yep, that's a god damned monitor lizard. These things have a nasty bite, have razor sharp claws and and whip using their tails. This one has decided to destroy the place by climbing the shelves. Wonder how it got there in the first place!
19 Apr 2021
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Found this worm crawling out of the beans I had bought from a local grocery store. It was shocking, the quality of product they sell. In case we were not careful it would have ended up in my stomach.
12 Sep 2007
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HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE! HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOUR PUMPKIN YET? Pumpkin Breeder Talks About What People Like in a Pumpkin For adults and children alike, one thing comes to mind when thinking about October: Halloween. And one of the most popular traditions during Halloween time is picking out the perfect pumpkin. Whether at a pumpkin patch or the local grocery store, Americans across the country will be looking for the perfect pumpkin to decorate the front yard or turn into a jack-o-lantern. But what really makes a perfect pumpkin? Dark orange, vibrant color, smooth skin and a long, strong stem (handle) are the main things to look for when choosing your holiday pumpkin. Once you have those key elements, the rest is up to you! Some facts about pumpkins: 80% of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October. Americans spend about $100 million this time of year on pumpkins. This year consumers will spend nearly $5 billion celebrating Halloween.
5 Nov 2006
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Charles and Jeff run out of drinks while playing a rigorous game of foosball. With the game riding on their shoulders, they set out on an epic journey to the local grocery store, when tragedy decided to make a visit? At any rate, the outcome doesn't look good!
7 Mar 2007
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This is a short video of me hula hooping in the local grocery store. Everything seemed to be going good until....Well, I'll let you see for yourself ;).
21 May 2007
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In less than two months with a little dedication you'll be able to firm and harden your biceps. This exercise can also be done with a full gallon of water/milk or a three liter shasta soda you could find at your local grocery store!
7 Jul 2007
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Ask at your local grocery store!
11 Sep 2008
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*******www.acaiberryproducts**** ~ Bom Dia acai berry products are among the most common of acai products. They are sold in local grocery stores and are reasonably priced. Acai berry is a healthy fruit that has a lot of people talking including Oprah.
26 Nov 2008
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*******www.acaiberryproducts**** - This is review of the Adina Super Acai Juice. The full name is Adina Miracle Fruits Super Acai juice with Purple Maize. It is a cheap acai berry juice that you can find in local grocery stores.
14 Mar 2009
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Dear Friends, How often have you been told these by your uplines (in Network Marketing), or by your sponsor (in a business that has some sort of sponsor system): - Don't're NOT selling your product, you're just sharing it! - Share your product and opportunity to everyone...everyone is your prospect..and don't forget to make your list of people that you want to share them with... - All you need to do to get there is to RECRUIT! RECRUIT! RECRUIT! - The product sells for itself..anyone that says no to that is just plain crazy! When I joined my 1st Network Marketing company, I was all pumped up. After all, I'm not selling...I'm just sharing, right? Nobody likes being a salesman! I like to buy things...but when it comes to selling things...NO WAY! There's no way I would let myself being told 'NO I'M NOT INTERESTED' to! So...when I found out that I can actually MAKE MONEY only by SHARING about my product and business opportunity, I was all excited! I started going to hotel meetings to learn how to SHARE properly, shadowing my upline to copycat his every move, hung out at the public library and made 'friends' with the visitors there. Of course, I always kept my Network Marketing radar alert! I was determined to keep my eyes open for those types of people who look like they needed some extra income. What I found strange later on was, the more I SHARE, and the more I tried to RECRUIT, the more "NO. I'M NOT INTERESTED" anwers I got. Wait...this is the very same response that I was dreading all along...hey...I thought..I'm SHARING...NOT come I got the same type of response that a salesman (or saleswoman) typically gets? More details here: *******www.MyNetworkMarketingProspecting**** What started it all: *******budurl****/AttractionMarketer Put this to WORK RIGHT AWAY: *******budurl****/RenegadeProfWeb20 Luckily, my determination to have a successful Network Marketing business got the best of me. Instead of quitting, I then started searching online about Network Marketing prospecting. That's when I found Ann Sieg's 7 Great Lies about Network Marketing report. After reading the report, I felt a tremendous relief! Some people call it controversial...I call it eye opening! Eye opening because it made me looking at my business from different angle...from an actual BUSINESS angle! An actual business SELLS stuff, a business does NOT SHARE stuff. An actual business requires solid marketing and sales systems that work together. No wonder I didn't go anywhere because what I was doing was actually SELLING and I didn't have any sales background or experience! There's no money exchange in actual sharing as actual sharing is not done with a profit intent in mind. Since the whole time I didn't know I was actually SELLING, I never thought that it is important to have a marketing and sales system that work together. Had I known what I was doing was selling, I would've picked up a book or two about sales or marketing to learn about these skills. I also bought Ann's Renegade Network Marketer (RNM). By buying RNM, I have access to the Renegade System which serves as a marketing and business tools altogether as well. Marketing because it provides bunch of marketing tools in its back office. Business because the Renegade System itself can be used to make money, should you choose to. Through RNM, I also learned the concept of leverage on steroids! It taught me how to make money while marketing my business. So, regardless whether I can sponsor people to my business or not, I would still be making money. In the traditional Network Marketing business, you're always taught that the only way you can generate income is by sponsoring people to our business. What if you can't sponsor anyone into your business, for whatever reason? Would you quit altogether? The Renegade Professional took my Network Marketing journey to the next level. I learned how to be attractive to prospects and how to use the Internet to implement what I learned in the Renegade Network Marketer systematically to produce a marketing and sales system that is able to generate my own Network Marketing leads 24/7. I can now say goodbye to cold calling and hanging out and prospecting at the public library and my local grocery store. I would consider myself to be extremely lucky to have run into Ann's 7 Great Lies about Network Marketing report. There are some other Network Marketers who were being really religious in practicing the traditional Network Marketing prospecting and end up losing their shirts...I just feel blessed that I don't have to go broke first before I realize that there's a much better prospecting method out there. And I sincerely hope that you won't experience what those other traditional Network Marketers experience... More details here: *******www.MyNetworkMarketingProspecting**** What started it all: *******budurl****/AttractionMarketer Put this to WORK RIGHT AWAY: *******budurl****/RenegadeProfWeb20
15 Mar 2009
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A hilarious episode of "The Golden Girls" where Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose buy condoms at a local grocery store. They have never been more embarrassed in their entire lives! "Condoms, Rose, CONDOMS, CONDOMS, CONDOMS!"
26 Apr 2009
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There are many hemorrhoid remedies out there that can provide relief for mild cases of hemorrhoids. The problem is they don’t get to the root causes of the condition itself. Severe cases of hemorrhoids, especially with bleeding, need to be treated differently. In many cases a “natural” approach can bring almost immediate relief. H Miracle By Holly Hayden is a guide that shows you how to treat hemorrhoids the “natural way”. It teaches you various ways you can get rid of your hemorrhoids permanently without the use of surgery. For example, you are taught how to use certain secret ingredients to heal your hemorrhoids. These ingredients are not hard to come by, in fact, they can be acquired for pennies at your local grocery store. Although it claims that you can get rid of hemorrhoids in as little as 48 hours, about a week is more realistic. Click on over to *******medical-questions-answered****/hemorrhoids/hemorrhoidmiracle to get more information...
25 May 2009
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