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A trip to Idaho gave me the opportunity to try beers that we couldn't get in the southeast. One stop at the local grocery store and six pack with a painted drooling moose on the front peaked my interest, and ultimately my taste buds. Big Sky Brewing Company's Moose Drool was a pleasant surprise with its rich malty backbone and smooth taste. The fine folks at Big Sky were kind enough to send Beer America TV a care package, and now we can share this incredible beer with you! Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Jun 2009
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TommyV’s Salsa is an all new freshly made salsa that doesn’t taste like your ordinary fresh salsa you’ll find at your local grocery store. TommyV's Salsa has the perfect blend of fruits, vegetables and spices.
20 Aug 2009
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*******www.fiji-island-holidays**** Holidays to Fiji are a lot more budget friendly than you think and it's a wonderful way to spend your vacation in fun, sun and relaxation with the option of a little excitement thrown into the mix! There are a number of budget vacation options available in Fiji - from backpacking to affordable hotels. If you plan your accommodation well you'll be able to still eat well and maybe even save enough money for a few nights of privacy and resort fun before catching your flight home. The cities of Nadi and Suva offer many accommodation options for the traveler looking for relaxation and a few nights of fun. Most of the hotels also have eateries right on the site, as well as a bar for party nights. You can shop, sleep or just enjoy relaxing next to the pool or the nearby beaches. Some of the accommodation also offers a guest kitchen so you can buy food at the local grocery store and cook it yourself. As for dining on a budget, you can either choose the local diner or, depending on the hotels amenities, buy the food from a local grocery store and cook it yourself.
26 Aug 2009
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Everyone is looking to eat more super foods these days and it turns out the once humble prune is leading the way as the most super of the super fruits. With Sunsweet Ones™ a whole new generation is discovering the super fruit food values of prunes, in fact over 300 million Ones have already been enjoyed. Prunes, or dried plums as they are also known, are truly a Super Fruit. As a naturally functional food, the prune has long been known to promote healthy digestion, but did you know they are also high in antioxidants, promote a strong immune system, improve heart health and are good for bone health? Plus, compared to other exotic Super Fruits, prunes are affordable, and available at the local grocery store. Now, Sunsweet Ones makes prunes even more convenient: each prune is individually wrapped, keeping all the juicy flavor, antioxidants, fiber and potassium inside the pack…now that's super! To view Multimedia News Release go to *******www2.prnewswire****/mnr/sunsweet/40290/
9 Oct 2009
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*******Ringworm.AxesoWEB**** Testimonial Fungus Cure - Natural Cure Fungus 2minutes Day , fungus cure fast and easy fungus cure, amazing results. 'm going to show you... How I cured my ringworm in under 1 week using 'all natural' items from my local Grocery Store... Complete Info NOW! *******Ringworm.AxesoWEB**** fungus cure
20 Nov 2009
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*******Ringworm.AxesoWEB**** Best Ringworm Treatments : Ringworms Cures 100% Natural 2min ringworm cure and 100% Natural cures I'm going to show you... How I cured my ringworm in under 1 week using 'all natural' items from my local Grocery Store More Complete Info NOW! *******Ringworm.AxesoWEB**** ring worm tratments cures cure
20 Nov 2009
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Our face is the first thing that people notice and the skin will tell all of your secrets. If you smoke, drink, have unhealthy eating habits, prolonged exposure to the sun, drugs, whatever you do will show through your skin. It seems like everyone wants to have a younger appearance, cosmetic companies make a fortune every year promoting products that will help you look younger. You have anti-aging creams, pills, make-up, even equipment claiming to tone your chin. Some will even go to the extremes of injections, surgeries and purchasing products online that are not tested just to achieve a more youthful appearance. The problem with most of these are that they are expensive and regardless of what you do the wrinkles, loose skin and puffed up eyes are going to come back. Aging is a part of life but if you must try to defy nature instead of spending in upwards of $30.00 for a cream or serum that may or may not work or thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures that may distort your appearance try natural remedies that you can find in your kitchen or at the local grocery store.bare mineralscosmeticseyeshadowskincaremakeup
22 Nov 2009
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*******Detroit-Chevy****/ Rodger S alitori looks at Chevrolet in Woodhaven MI (734) 337-1022 What’s in a car? The real question is what’s in a car deal? How do I buy the best for the money I can afford? All these questions are going thru so many consumers heads right now. One person tells you that now is a good time to buy and the next person you ask advice from may not give you the most positive report. I went dropped off in several places across the Midwest to find out what people really thought their options were in this time of recession and confusion. My first stop I talked to a nice middle age woman from Woodhaven MI who drives a Chevrolet and this is what Rodger S alitori found out. “Chevrolet cars and trucks are a favorite here in Woodhaven MI”-Rodger S alitori I think the Midwest has it right, if we want to pull ourselves out of this economic crunch we need to rely on ourselves, support ourselves and buy from ourselves…buy American made cars and keep the American worker working. Driving down the streets of Woodhaven, you see many more Chevrolet trucks going down the road than any foreign make. Cars are a little closer by comparison, but still it seems as though the residents of this small part of the American whole really have it right. So I, Rodger S alitori must ask…if I too lived in Woodhaven MI would I drive a Chevrolet? Would I feel pressure parking a Toyota next to a line of Chevys and Fords at the local grocery store, what about on Sunday morning in the church parking lot? Can Driving a Chevrolet in Woodhaven MI make Rodger S alitori a prouder man? One who show the support of his fellow man in every step he makes and every mile he drives…in his Chevrolet, a truck that could have very well been created just miles from his home and not across a sea? To find out more about Rodger Salitoris blog please visit *******Detroit-Chevy****/ Rodger S alitori -Chevrolet in Woodhaven MI| *******Detroit-Chevy****/ (734) 337-1022
25 Nov 2009
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When it comes to maintaining hardwood floors, most people are just grabbing something off the shelf of the local grocery store. We show you how to properly maintain your wood floors in this video.
26 Dec 2009
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For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** You already go to the grocery store at least once a week, so why not spend your money, and your time, more wisely. As January comes to a close, you’ve probably already lost track of your New Years resolutions. Registered dietitian and author Elizabeth Somer says all you may need to truly get on track is a little guidance on making smarter choices. She says the aisles of your local grocery store are chock-full of foods that can help you live a healthier life. Somer is author of Eat Your Way to Happiness: 10 Diet Secrets to Improve Your Mood, Curb Your Cravings and Keep the Pounds Off. She also writes Nutrition Alert, a newsletter that features up-to-the-minute nutrition research and ways we can apply it to our everyday lives. Elizabeth Somer offers her best tips for grocery shopping with a mind toward getting heart-healthy this year and it all comes down to shopping for what you already like, making it easy and affordable.
2 Feb 2010
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*******www.CulverCityWeightLoss**** Culver City Weight Loss can help men, women, and children ‘catapult’ the myth of losing weight by calorie counting. With our 20 FREE videos you’ll learn how to turn inexpensive, ordinary, every day foods that you can buy from your local grocery store into tasty, nutritious, fat burning ‘machines’, and save your hard earned money for that new wardrobe you’ve been dreaming of.
5 May 2010
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*******www.shure-step**** On a trip to the local grocery store the Safe Step Stool Guy finds a step stool with wheels. Tune in to find out if this step stool is safe.
23 Sep 2010
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