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Him's Hit Single "Killing Loneliness" premiere video. Later I'll update the new version.
2 May 2007
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A Message To Spread Love And Find Ways And Means To Deal With Loneliness And Make The World A Better Place
7 Jul 2007
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Is it necessary to be alone? Haikuvideo about Loneliness FILMED WITH A NOKIA N93i
9 Jul 2007
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Naruto AMV that is a tribute to Sasuker with the song "killing loneliness" by H.I.M
17 Jun 2008
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This one is for Yumiko(DokiDokiO).It s a video mostly with Hanazawa Rui and Makino Tsukushi on the song Killing Loneliness by HIM.I hope you like it and you re not dissapointed. DISCLAMER:No copyright infringement intended.This is just a fan made video.Thank you:)
9 Nov 2009
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Loneliness is a recognized life-stressor... it's also a risk factor for mental illness. It turns out that healthy relationships are very important to our well-being! Just because we have a wild social life does not mean we are immune from loneliness.
24 Jun 2009
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Loneliness is a feeling where people experience a powerful surge of emptiness and solitude. Loneliness is more than just a feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form human contact. It is normal, but with prayer, faith, openness and courage to meet new people - the sad intrinsic feelings of loneliness will eventually dissipate. As a people of God, we must embrace and reach out to other people and love them, so that they might not feel lonely as we do (and the opposite will often apply.) This video is devoted to this very important concept, and aims to inspire souls in the midst of the 'storm of loneliness.' It is these souls that God desires to comfort and protect, and we as Christians are called to love and embrace them when they come to us.
14 Sep 2009
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Forum on: Loneliness
22 Jul 2009
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This is an excerpt from a DVD called "The Inner Bonding Introductory Lecture" by Dr. Margaret Paul, describing the difference between loneliness and aloneness, and what causes aloneness.
26 Jul 2009
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Loneliness and boredom are common issues that people face. When I Christians say that they are lonely or bored, the first place to look is at spiritual balance. The body of Christ and the Holy Spirit both provide the purpose needed to fight listlessness.
18 Aug 2009
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*******askdrnerenberg****/overcomingloneliness Overcoming loneliness is hard especially if you are doing it alone. With courage and wisdom, Dr. Nerenberg confronts loneliness and converts them to allies in our search for meaning. Learn his advices and start converting that loneliness into fulfillment. Visit *******askdrnerenberg****/overcomingloneliness now
19 Dec 2009
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*******askdrnerenberg****/dealingwithloneliness Dealing with loneliness is easy. You just need to get involved with people. Try not to be alone because being alone will only worsen the condition. Dr. Arnold Nerenberg a world known psychology tells you how you can deal with loneliness and use it to bring you to the road of happiness and fulfillment. Visit *******askdrnerenberg****/dealingwithloneliness now.
13 Jan 2010
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