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Long island wines are very famous. Our long island vineyard is committed to fine winemaking. Wine tasting can be memorable experience at our tasting room. We serve Red wine, White wine, Chardonnay wine, Sauvignon Blanc wine, Merlot wines and many more. Long island wines offers Red wines, White wines, Merlot wine, Cabernet wine, Chardonnay wine, Sauvignon Blanc wine, Richmond Creek wine, Riesling wine, Premier wines, Dessert wines and Wine gift baskets from long island vineyards. Visit: *******ospreysdominion****
30 Dec 2008
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www.ClassicWines**** One of the important steps in making wine comes before the grapes are even picked. The winemakers job is to determine the correct time to pick the chardonnay, or viogneir grapes for optimal flavor. ClassicWines interviews the winemaker at Bedell Cellars in Long Island to find out the many determinations that a winemaker will make to bring you that wonderful glass of wine. Join us at ClassicWines TV for all of our informative videos, and at ClassicWines**** to find the perfect bottle of wine for you.
13 Mar 2008
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