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Treat yourself to easy care, cotton-stretch workout clothes in fabulous styles and colors. Be sure to check out our fitness clothing that will get you through your toughest workouts. Fearless men's sportswear styles are both breathable and moisture wicking. Be sure to check out our performance arrivals - great for at the gym and warmer temps. Jockey activewear and sportswear styles available in shorts, capris, sport pants, tanks, sport bras, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, hoodies, track jackets and athletic socks.
20 Feb 2010
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12 Feb 2011
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16 May 2010
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Human Mobile Stage No.52F. The celebration of 2010 Ma Wan Tin Hau Festival. Time: 6th May 2010 (Thursday), Place: Tin Hau Temple, Ma Wan NT Hong Kong. Video Information: (1) At the beginning of video, the man who wore long sleeve White T-Shirt is our Association Chairman Sifu. Chan Man Cheung. (2) Lion was worshiped at Tin Hau Temple: by our Association. (3) Two lions were greetings at Tin Hau Temple playground. Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association (Our Association) were wore in white T-shirt with red colour characters; trousers with Yellow Strips. Chau Biu Chinese Boxing association Ltd (other association of ours Chung Oi Chau Ka Family) were wore in white T-shirt with blue colour characters and green waistbands (4) Lion Dancing on Human Mobile Stage: By our association. (5) Kung Fu performance: By our Association Other Chau Ka Kung Fu details please refer to Human Mobile Stage Part 1 (Descriptions and comments), length: 5:55.
28 May 2010
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Vidya Balan rocked a black handloom saree and a long sleeve golden blouse at the National Conference on Endocrinology and Infertility in Mumbai on Sunday, May 30.
14 Jul 2011
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8 Oct 2010
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Stay warm and look cool with this long sleeve Dark Shadows Sweatshirt!
20 Oct 2010
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Is eco organic clothing what you're looking for? Tees for Change is just what you need. This company is a well-known producer of bamboo shirts and organic tee shirts all over the US and Canada. You can find their products at 37 states around the USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, Cayman Islands and online boutiques and retail stores as well. All the shirts from Tees for Change is super soft and has a perfect fit, so it will make you feel comfortable regardless of time and situation. In addition, the company provides the unique opportunity to express yourself by creating the tee-shirt with a signature logo! More info and coupon code here: *******www.ecobold****/eco-organic-clothing-by-tees-for-change/ Highlights: - Made in USA - 100% organic - Completely recyclable - Each purchase plants a tree Tees for Change was founded by Andrea Ayers after making a move from NYC to Boulder, CO and after having her baby and other happy moments in her life. She always loved how we can express ourselves through shirts and decided to go in the entrepreneurial venture! Today they have a big variety of colors for men and women throughout their categories of long sleeve, text cap sleeve, text long sleeve, unisex tees, tank tops and graphic tees. It’s a perfect outwear for yoga classes, sports, outdoor activity and other events on your casual life. Positive quotes will create a good mood for the whole day and, according to the company “will inspire you to live life with passion, purpose and positivity”. It can be also a great gift for the family and friends. If you try their unique shirts, or give it as gifts, I'm sure everyone will feel beloved and comfy! EcoBold gives you an amazing chance to have a 25% off coupon everything in their site. This is our way to make eco-friendly products cheap and more affordable for all green consumers! If you are a wholesaler and looking for bamboo shirts or organic t-shirts for your studio, spa, boutique or gym, you can have a special price and purchase conditions according to the company agreement. Moreover, you can attach your logo to any of the products you’ll purchase to create a signature and an exclusive style. One more important detail is that from buying any item from Tees for Change you are helping to save our Planet! From every single purchase the company donates money to plant a tree. That way each t-shirt you’ve bought becomes an real tree on the Earth as well as the positive message you spread around. Make your life greener and more organic with Tees for Change and enjoy wearing them!
9 Nov 2010
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*******WeightLossSecretInstitute**** Let’s see if you can relate. You are… Dreading the warm weather, because you can’t hide your body under long sleeves and bulky clothes any more. Avoiding reunions and other social gatherings because you don’t want to people to see that you’ve put on a few pounds. Thinking about your weight a lot. Sometimes you think about it every day – you hate how fat you’ve become – and then you feel guilty because you’re not doing anything about it. So embarrassed about your body that you don’t even want to think of trying on a swimsuit (much less go to the beach). Getting depressed because you tried on your “big jeans” – and they were snug (maybe you couldn’t even get them on any more). Feeling self-conscious in public because you feel like everyone is looking at how big you are.
21 Jan 2011
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*******www.HBhogs**** 714.891.7207 HBHC has a little something for everyone. We are sponsored by Snap On Tools and have an array of custom and specialty tools. We provide services such as custom pipes, frames, fenders, rolling chasse, chroming, painting, general maintenance and repair, and carbonated or electronic fuel injection Dyno Tuning. We employ the highest level of quality Harley-Davidson certified technicians, who specialize in Dyno Tuning operations, early/late model Harleys, Buell, V-Rod and Screaming Eagle technology. We also have a large line of apparel, which includes men's shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve t's, embroidered work shirts, hoodies, beanies, hat (flex-fit), doo rags and bandanas. Women's apparel includes cammies, tank tops and bootie shorts.
26 Mar 2011
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Human Mobile Stage No. 58F, The Celebration of 37th anniversary of establishment and 87th Staff Inauguration of Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association and Chau Biu anniversary Banquet Party. And it also was 50th Anniversary of Death of Master Chau Biu. Time: 16-04-2010 (Chinese Lunar date 14th March of each year, it was day of the death of Master Chau Biu in 1961). We are very pleasure and thanks for all the guests were presented, special thanks for the masters of ceremonies: The councillor of Central and Western District of Hong Kong Island. Mr. Chan Hok Fung, he is a member of Democratic Alliance For Betterment And Progress Of Hong Kong. Here-under called as "DAB". The Chairman of DAB Southern Sub-branch Hong Kong Island, Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Sifu Kong Pui Wai. Representative of Chau Ka Schools from Australia: (1) Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy, Sifu Mr. Randy S. Bennett (Black Man) and his wife Mrs. Victoria Milton and his four disciples (2) Germany: German Chow Gar Association. Sifu Mr. Ali Ol and his wife Mrs. Mehtap Yesiloz and five disciples. (3) U. S. A. Hung Tao Choy Mei Kung Fu Academy -- Sifu Jeff Welch. In 2010, some students of our association are winning 65 pieces of Golden, Silver, Bronze Medals, and Best Performance of below Championships. These Medals are keeping in our association. Therefore our association is issued some flags for them as souvenirs. This Video information: (1) Meeting Opening Address: Our Chairman Sifu Chan Man Cheung. (2) Staffs Vowing Inauguration: MC by: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung. (3) Staffs Appointment Certificates: MC by: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung. Recd by our chairman Chan Man Cheung. (4) Consultants Appointment Certificates: MC by: The Chairman, Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. Received By: Our Vice Chairman Sifu Wong Tin Hon. (5) MC Address: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung. (6) Issued Flags to our schools honored Students. Issued Flags to our schools honored Students information. (6.A) Flags Issued by (as below name as MC By: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung。 Winner of (below name as Recd by:Gold medal of Mens of 2010 Traditional Kung Fu Competition。 (6A.1) Recd by:Mr. Cheung Wing Kit- Fist – Gold Medal and Wooden Staff – medal. (6.B) MC by: The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Sifu Kong Pui Wai. 2010 Opening of Martial Arts Championships of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association Ltd. Best Performance. Men adults Short Weapons: (1) Chow Wing Hoo (2) Kwan Wing Lung Men adults Fists: (3) Kwan Wing Lung (4) Cheung Wing Kit Male Youth Fists (5) Sun Hung Kwong (6) Chow Kwong Tim (7) Wong Yiu Lung (8) Leung Cheuk Man Male Youth Fists (9) Lee Ka Tat (10) Tai Ping Kuen Men Group Fist Training (4 persons)– Silver Medal。 (11) In the name of Chung Oi Chau Biu Art Sports Association (6C) MC By:The Chairman of DAB Southern Sub-branch Hong Kong Island, Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. Winners of: 2010 Opening of Wushu Championships, Traditional Martial Arts Competition of Hong Kong Wushu Union (Below Name as 2010 OOWP)。 Men Traditional Wushu Fist Recd by: (1) Cheung Wing Kit – Gold Medal (2) Sun Hung Kwong– Silver Medal (3) Kwok Kit – Silver Medal (4) Wong Yiu Lung – Silver Medal (5) Chow Kwong Tim– Silver Medal (6) Leung Cheuk Man – Silver Medal (6D) Mc by: Honourary Chairman of our association Mr. Lee Hang Shun. Winners of: 2010 4 th World Traditional Wushu Festival Championship in Wudang Hubei. China. It also treated as Traditional Wushu Olympic Championship of the world and two years per time. (Our team was sponsored by: Honoured Chairman Mr. Lee Hang Shun, Au Kit Yee and our Chief Kung Fu Instructor: Ho Kim Hung) Recd by: (1) Cheung Wing Kit – Gold Medal (2) Kwan Wing Lung– Silver Medal (3) Sun Hung Kwong – Bronze Medal (7) Lion Eyes Dotting Ceremony (Eyes and Horn Opening) (A)Middle Lion - MC by The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Mr Kong Pui Wai, who wore in a Black Suit. (B)Left hand side Lion MC By the chairman of Chau Biu Chinese Boxing Ltd, Sifu. Tsui Mi Lam. He wore in Black Outer Shirt. (C)Right hand side Lion MC by the chairman of Chung Oi Chau Tin Chinese Boxing Association. Sifu Law Cheuk. He Wore in Long Sleeves Shirt. (7.1) Lions for ceremony were sponsored by our Our Association Honorary Chairman Mr. Cham Ka Kit. (7.2) Lions dancing: The Lion Dancing Teams of Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial art sports Association. (7.3) Wooden Basin Ching: Lion Head:Chow Wing Hoo Lion Tail: Kwan Wing Lung Other Chau Ka Kung Fu details please refer to Human Mobile Stage Part 1 (Descriptions and comments), length: 5:55.
8 May 2011
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Vibrantly stylish, brighten up the world with this slim fit paisley long sleeve shirt. Contrasting yoke, inside collar, & cuffs. Dual solid color contrasting placket. This stylish western design has enamel press stud fatenings & two front pockets. A true masterpiece. Dare to be different.? Visit *******www.envyshirts****
6 Jul 2011
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