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I had no idea what a Dude Ranch was. Then I arrived at C Lazy U Dude Ranch way up in Granby, Colorado, in the snow capped Rocky Mountains, and was impressed. C Lazy U is hundreds of acres of beautiful land, but it is mostly a Dude Ranch for families with a love affair with horses. Kids at C Lazy U do a lot of cowboy and cowgirl kinds of things, mostly long trail rides, while their parents ride out on their own The wranglers take good care of the guests, teaching the finer points of horsemanship or even lassoing. Lunches are family affairs, something between chuck wagon chow and real good dining The morning round up of the horses is very inspiring whether you love the creatures or not. And morning coffee around the campfire is a cool kind of ranch camaraderie Do not come here unless you love horses and the western style life of life. But if you and your family are looking for a Cowboy experience with everything included, especially the fun, C Lazy U is, well, for you Watch our other Video Travel Reviews and Postcards
22 Jul 2007
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This is the "Pineta della Feniglia", the 6-miles long trail that crosses the Feniglia peninsula, in Orbetello, Tuscany (Italy). The road runs across pine trees, and you can reach the sea on a side, and the internal lagoon on the other side. This is also part of the Argentario complex, a must-see in Tuscany, especially in summertime.
24 Sep 2007
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The park is one of the jewels of Cyprus nature. A nature lovers paradise. More than 200 square kilometers for hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, nature study, photography, swimming, sea kayaking and snorkeling. There are 4 official nature trails (Aphrodite, Adonis, Smigies, Pissouromoutti) offering breathtaking views of the coast, as well as the extraordinary trail in the Avacas gorge and the long trail along the Lara coast. In Lara there are breeding beaches for sea turtles and it is not very rare to spot one while snorkeling in June. Baths of Aphrodite is an interesting spot to visit. It is a caved pool where the goddess regularly took her bath according to legend, while Blue Lagoon offers fantastic blue waters for swimming. The Lara coast in the west offers a big collection of coves over 20 kms where one can have the sea all to herself. Caution is needed as usually there are big waves off the west coast. Parts of the park can be accessed on easy dirt roads, but others give a hard time even to off road vehicles. Smiyies is a lovely picnic area in the woods near Neo Chorio village and it is adjacent to a small church, (Ayios Minas). One could spend many days exploring the park, and a visit of at least 3-4 days is perfect.
23 May 2008
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4 May 2011
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