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What do you get when you combine three friends with musical instruments and some amps? In one instance, The Midnight Charm was born. What began as a fun project, and an outlet for creativity, has grown into much more. Putting in hours of time to practice and prepare, three young men from Wylie, TX work hard to hone their stage act and sound. The Midnight Charm came about from another band. Vocalist/Guitarist Justin Wooley and Bassist Sean Enfield were members of a small, local band "Razors, Rockets, and Dynamite" just prior to the forming of TMC. When members of "Razors..." decided to go their own ways and pursue their own interests, Sean and Justin mulled ideas over for some time; even considering being a two-man band at one point, with no drums. The acquisition of Wahl as a drummer was an accident who no one really remembers how it happened. After a few practices, it was decided to keep Wahl as the drummer full-time. The three now work together, with Enfield doing most lyrical work. All three write their own instrumental parts, along with Wooley deciding how the song will be sung. All these parts working together make for one hell of a ghost in the machine. The machine known as "The Midnight Charm".