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lost control
19 Jul 2009
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The trailer for The Seed's first single from their upcoming FREE mixtape, BREAKING GROUND.. The song is called "Never Lost Control" and it's available for download now at www.310Music**** // Video and Mixtape coming April 2010
11 Mar 2010
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This rally car driver lost control of his car in the middle of the road. However, he immediately pulled his sh*t together and got back on the race.
12 Apr 2018
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Car Drift
16 Aug 2007
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might have a had a little to drink Straight lines are a mystery to him
9 Nov 2007
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Watch this full video, where everything goes right in the beginning but at the end how the driver gets out of track and clutches onto the LampPost.
16 Feb 2018
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The Seed ft. Blame One - Never Lost Control Prod by: Demyo The 1st single from The Seed's upcoming, free mixtape entitled, "Breaking Ground." Mixed by The Seed's in house producer, Adikt 1 & DJ Demon Get this song and other free tracks at www.310Music****
11 Feb 2010
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Eurovision 2009 Final 24 Finland Waldo's People lost control
11 Apr 2017
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13 Jan 2008
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Too fast for street driving
28 Aug 2008
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Over the last several decades, auto manufacturers have moved their technologies towards what can only be considered more efficient systems of vehicle operation, or X by Wire. What that means is throttle, brakes, traction control, etc., these systems involve computers or more appropriate electronic control units to take over functions that in the past were mechanical in nature. Here's the inherent problem, when you introduce electronics to control steering, fuel delivery, etc. as Toyota, Lexus, and Mercedes have, the risk is increased to run into malfunctions that seem to have no trail to follow. Unfortunately these systems have become so complex that they no longer leave a trail to follow. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Sep 2010
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BY: SAMUEL JOSEPH You're watching multisource global video analysis from Newsy. Hamas forces found Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni dead this morning in the Gaza strip, just hours after being kidnapped by a radical Islamist group with links to al-Qaeda. Al-Jazeera has a statement from Hamas officials. EHAB AL-GHSSAIN: “One of the group confessed about the rest of the group. This led us to the place where the activist was kept. We moved very quickly and we found the body. It was killed in a brutal way. The doctor confirms it was killed hours before our arrival.” The group that kidnapped Arrigoni had demanded Hamas release several of its high-ranking members. Arrigoni was killed well before the given deadline. Hamas quickly condemned the incident. Arrigoni was a pro-Palestine activist in the Gaza strip for ten years. Euronews speaks with one woman who knew him. WOMAN: “Vik... It kind of feels that this is his home. Like, he wanted to go home to see his father, but at the same time he just didn’t want to leave here. Now, with the recent escalation, he just wanted to be here in case something would happen.” Arrigoni’s death has also raised questions about Hamas’ control over the region, which has analysts from CNN wondering how long they can maintain order. PHIL BLACK: “Hamas prides itself on taking a pretty strict approach to law and order, so in that sense it’s not going to be happy about this.... Hamas had already outlawed these sorts of hostage takings, so this action was very much in open defiance of Hamas and its control...” A writer for Haaretz agrees, saying Hamas’ lack of a unified goal is adding to its failing control. “It is not a monolithic organization; some of its wings are in favor of long-term truces with Israel, others even speak about actual peace. Some are in favor of reconciliation with Fatah; others believe that only the establishment of a Palestinian state under Shariah law west of the Jordan is an acceptable long-term goal.” Hamas says it has detained two men suspected of involvement in Arrigoni’s death. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for video news updates in your stream. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
16 Apr 2011
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